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  1. Does anyone know if old british silver coins are CGT exempt? It's surprisingly hard to find this information. Since they are demonitised I suppose they're no longer UK legal tender, so I would assume they're not exempt.
  2. https://www.europeanmint.com/uk-silver-britannia-empty-tube/ It says this tube holds 20 coins. Is that an error or a smaller tube? I'm sure it should be 25.
  3. If the orders keep growing BYB may accidentally become a full time bullion broker. ?
  4. Unless the goods are purchased from royal mail, why is VAT payable to royal mail on the value of the goods?
  5. 20% of £8 is definitely not £4.63 What am I missing?
  6. Got my silver through today. I'm very very happy with it. Many thanks to the Backyard bullion household!
  7. Hi, I'm gonna miss out on this one but I'm keen to get some next time around. When will the next group order be?