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  1. Sold only as a lot. 10oz: 1 x uniqorn 1x bull 1x Lunar 2 pig and, The full Ec8-series Total 655€, shipping included! loc. Sweden
  2. 3x HMS Endeavour 245€ 2x Year of the pig 160€ 1x Dragon & Phoenix -18 55€ I prefer to sell them all in one bundle. They are spot-free with certificates and box for the dragon & Phoenix. Capsules have been replaced. The velvet on the dragon and Phoenix box is a bit poor in colour and the coin does not come with original capsule, hence the low price. Pictures on request loc. SWE
  3. Thanks for help Chris! Just to clarify, I didn’t mean to complain about the matter by starting this thread. My hope was that maybe someone knows about the business culture and how they work with these issues. Going to be very nice and concise and maybe contact them threw their WhatsApp info.
  4. Well, thats what I have been doing but no response at all from those emails. Can still order stuff though
  5. There are a lot of threads about GS.be but I am still trying a new topic for this issue. I bought a handfull of proofs from GS and returned three of them due to spots. They were ok with me returning them. When the coin arrived to GS, I got an email that one of the coin capsules was broken with no further instructions, just a short sentence. I have replied with a list of solutions that includes a deduction for a replacement capsule, me sending a new capsule, they sending back the replaced coin in the broken capsule. Thing is, its almost three months with no replies and the proofs has gained some premium with a total value of 320€. Since I do not want to be banned from future orders, which has happened to others due to complaints, I dont really know what button to push to make them want to make an effort to solve it. One Idea is to just send the capsule to their returns with a short note about the issue considered to be resolved from my end and my adress provided. Any thoughts on what makes GS tic?
  6. Dunno what to do, I returned proofs with spots after agreement bur its been a month give or take and GS stoped answering and thus hold the coins I own. I have tried several ways to contact them but nothing. The proofs where going to be graded but I cant send the box with the rest of the coins since I am waiting for the replacements. push it or waiting for them to come back from work? Dont wanna burn my opportunitues to buy buillon from them in the future
  7. Great points and how one can think about bad designs.
  8. Thanks for feedback!, ill probably go with QB for now and late Elizabeth sovereigns for cheap buillon in pursuit of some bigger plays on 1oz coins later on. 50-50 QB/sovs
  9. From what I can see, modern 1oz gold coins can be flipped for a great premium in > six months. That is if you pick the right one of course. However, I have yet to see such plays in the 1/4 oz market when it comes to BU. I have seen some 1/4 oz proof sovereigns doing great things short term but they are often very expensive to start with and one might just want to keep it close to spot and saving for a BU 1oz. What are your experience? To me, silver is very easy to play out, however gold seem to require more funds to be invested in a 1oz piece and with that, leaving the investment very vulnerable to potential lack of interest. Any inputs on how to think on investing in modern gold coins short term?
  10. shadowstack made a piece on this, something about increasing the price for each coin relative to their stock. If one would want to take advantage of that, I suppose sell when the price is just too high at apmex. Sooner then later. In this case the mintage is a thing that I didn't know about
  11. Yes - interest is a huge thing for many. I believe a diversified stack is important for those who only buy to hold. All my pieces that are not strictly buillon is bought With the intent to sell, the buy/sell/trade is the interest to me but if only bought to hold, 10oz and perhaps even nice kilos would be a big deal.
  12. I would go for the 10oz queens beasts coin for that timeline. Reason? Buillon coin that will attract a great deal of premium relative to the risk. Why not the 2oz? Well the series are in the mid of the cycle but you can get griffins/dragons which are early in the series to a low premium but with the potential to attract great premium later on. A play could be to buy some 10z QB and then sell them or trade them for britanias during that timeline if you are situated in the UK. A hard brexit would probably enhance the value even more. Ps. You might wanna diversify with something more but keep it simple
  13. Thanks, looking at the youtube clips from the markets it seems to be a closed market where trades are mainly done from a top-down perspective.
  14. All i know about china and silver is the panda series. However, I do not know what status silver has in the general population in the country. What, if any, do people collect? Is silver valued as a preservation of wealth and if so, in what form?
  15. Might just keep them in the coa. I am not a collector so its all about the flip and i suppose the value from a collectors point of view, the coa is in Itself a quality control.