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    Bullionaire reacted to StackSellRepeat in CANADIAN MAPLE LUCKY DIP 1 OZ COINS   
    All coins are classed as bullion condition £16 each - 16 available (PLEASE NOTE YOU WILL RECEIVE A RANDOM COIN, SO EVERYONE HAS A CHANCE TO OBTAIN A DIFFERENT VARIETY). 
    Plus Postage of your choice, Payment through bank transfer only please  

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    Bullionaire reacted to h103efa in Today I Received.....   
    Added to the Yale to my beast 1/4 oz bullion collection. 

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    Bullionaire reacted to BackyardBullion in **MARCH 2019** Group Order from The European Mint   
    Ever fancied owning a silver depiction of a pox ridden goat like creature with rotating boar tusks?
    Today is your lucky day, because The European Mint has just taken physical delivery of their stock and that means we can included them in this (what will no doubt be) a pretty intensive group order. 
    For the avoidance of doubt....
    It's Yale time!!

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    Bullionaire reacted to AndrewSL76 in Stephen Hawking 50p   
    The Peter Rabbit coin is supposed to have a mintage of 1,000 for the silver proof with a household limit of 400. They are making 14 gold proofs with a household limit of 6. They are on sale from 4.15am.
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    Bullionaire got a reaction from FFkook in **MARCH 2019** Group Order from The European Mint   

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    Bullionaire reacted to PansPurse in Ste Hawking 50p   
    OK, so, this is going to be a simplified version (theoretical physics was never my specialism, I was more an astrophysics kinda gal.
    Basically black holes tend to screw with the normal laws of physics. In particular the second law of thermodynamics.
    Most of us learned in school that energy can't really be created or destroyed, only transferred. That's the essence of thermodynamics. But it can also be expressed in terms of entropy (entropy is kinda screwy but basically can be thought of as the amount of disorder in the universe) so you can't really create or destroy entropy, only transfer it (crude example, I can neatly line up some rocks, but it takes energy to do that, so the universe hasn't become overall more or less ordered).
    Anyway, black holes really screw with this because it's basically a hole. Whatever falls into it is basically "lost" which is bad because it messes with the thermodynamic laws that say that the amount of order in a closed system is constant.
    Bekenstein theorised that the only way to explain this contradiction would be if the back holes themselves had some entropy (ie they're not just holes but have some level of order/disorder to them). Hawking's contribution to this was to theorise that black holes actually spit out radiation (Hawking radiation). The formula expresses these quantities mathematically (i.e. the entropy of the black hole is balanced by the radiation it emits).
    It's a bit abstract but it's important because it means that black holes aren't actually breaking the laws of thermodynamics. Which is good because frankly physicists have enough other things to clarify around the fringes of the current standard models, so having this bit make sense is really helpful.
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    Bullionaire reacted to BackyardBullion in Stephen Hawking 50p   
    This is what the do for Wimbledon each year (big match tickets anyway). Works very well, feels very special when you get a centre court finals day ticket!
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    Bullionaire got a reaction from richatthecroft in GOLD DEALS - (UK & Europe) See a deal, post it here   
    I think someone took 'half sovereigns' a bit too literally
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    Bullionaire reacted to Cornishfarmer in Stephen Hawking 50p   
    I think the main thing that annoys me collector is, I couldn’t get a coin yesterday but lot on here buy 2/4/6/8 coins and sell for double price within a few hours, don’t blame poeole for making a profit but the royal mint should think about the end buyers, they should limit it 1 per house hold and should limit what they sell to dealers.     They seem to have forgotten the man on the street and gone all cooperate 
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    Bullionaire got a reaction from CarlosSilver in **MARCH 2019** Group Order from The European Mint   

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    Bullionaire reacted to AuricGoldfinger in Today I Received.....   
    Big fan of the coat of arms coin

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    Bullionaire reacted to Xander in Brexit status ...   
    Total farce! The problem we have in this country is the regular changes in government with the same irresponsible windbags concerned only to gratify their own ambitions during their brief interval in power, at the same time sucking up to Billionaire newspaper moguls in order to manipulate and control public opinion. The whole debacle is one giant sham.
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    Bullionaire reacted to PansPurse in Brexit status ...   
    52% (37% of those eligible to vote, 26% of the country's population), on vague promises, two and a half years ago.
    Not saying that it wasn't a majority, just that the rest of the people don't cease to exist.
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    Bullionaire got a reaction from Sal in Stephen Hawking 50p   
    Yeah, thank, but I'm not going to pay silly money for it. £55 is silly enough imo.
    I feel another whingy email to the mint coming on!
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    Bullionaire reacted to Shinus73 in Stephen Hawking 50p   
    The 7 am start makes it really awkward for anybody travelling to work/ school drop off. I joined the queue 30 mins before setting off and completed my order in a pub car park.
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    Bullionaire reacted to Frenchie in QB Bull 10 oz on the way   
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    Bullionaire reacted to kimchi in Stephen Hawking 50p   
    Hawking was one of the giants of the last 100 years! Whether or not you agree with his theoretical works (and he was the first to admit when he was proved wrong) he taught us about the chance of the existence of God, global warming, the AI threat, about the creation of the universe, the nature of time (e.g. the arrow of time), the importance of exploring the universe so that humans can endure the possibility of an extinction event such as a meteor. He was our link with NASA, with CERN, he inspired Richard Branson and others to aim for the stars.
    Through him Britain once again had one of the most famous scientists in the world, charting the direction for much research and popular opinion. It's only fitting imo that his ashes are interred in Westminster Abbey between Newton and Darwin, and that he died on the birthdate of Einstein.
    There was quite a lot of talk that he had died and been replaced, it even made it into the Mail a few months before his passing. Had he died, a cynic would suggest there was every reason to replace him. I've had a look this morning for the article, I actually read it a short while back so no doubt it's still online, but I got distracted by other interesting stories. One about how his appearance on The Simpsons may have predicted one of his later theories (don't get that one, how bizarre!). An article about how he visited Stringfellows, and Stringfellow himself wanted to discuss the nature of the universe, but Hawking said he was only there for the girls
    I think my favourite story though (for those who say he died in the 80s!) was in 1992 when he disproved the possibility of time travel by throwing a party and only sending out invites afterwards. No-one turned up. Genius! He even invited time travellers to his service, again none turned up (not openly at least)!
    I'm very interested in this coin both for the subject matter and to see how the market reacts to the next gold proof 50p, though thinking more about it the interest in the scientific community, even among his peers and students alone, surely makes the mintage of this look absolutely tiny (?).
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    Bullionaire got a reaction from boon in **MARCH 2019** Group Order from The European Mint   

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    Bullionaire reacted to augur in Today I Received.....   
    Had to look twice to realise that the mintmarks are in fact platinum Brits 
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    Bullionaire got a reaction from Ansel in **MARCH 2019** Group Order from The European Mint   

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    Bullionaire got a reaction from argentmajor in **MARCH 2019** Group Order from The European Mint   

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    Bullionaire got a reaction from augur in **MARCH 2019** Group Order from The European Mint   

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    Bullionaire reacted to lightjaw in Today I bought.....   
    Got a 2016 1/4 proof krugerrand with box and cert for £250 from the Midland coin fair.....chuffed
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    Bullionaire got a reaction from TheProspector in **MARCH 2019** Group Order from The European Mint   

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    Bullionaire reacted to Wackattak924 in Silver giveaway! - Children With Cancer UK   
    Hi guys
    Quick update and some photos 😀
    Currently my target is £700 and with your help we have raised £400 of this already, Thank you. 
    Only 18 days left to get in on this so if you fancy a chance to win make a donation Here
    The prizes up for grabs are,
    3rd prize - Britannia
    2x 2019 1oz Britannia
    I will provide new capsules for these.

    2nd prize - Perth Mint trio
    1x 2019 1oz koala
    1x 2019 1oz kookaburra
    1x 2019 1oz dragon bar

    1st place - 5 continents 5oz
    1x 2011 1oz Chinese Panda
    1x 2014 1oz Somalian Elephant with Horse Privy
    1x 2014 1oz Britannia
    1x 2017 1oz Niue Darth Vader 
    1x 2016 1oz Canadian Superman

    This is an exciting giveaway and I have to thank everyone who has donated this coins for this cause. Also thank you @BackyardBullion for your fine photography skills and for keeping these prizes safe. 
    Thank you all for your support and your kind donations