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    Bullionaire reacted to elliotthuntt in Today I Received.....   
    Just received these absolutely stunning premium coins. Couldn't be happier! Thanks

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    Bullionaire reacted to 5huggy in Today I Received.....   
    I am the VERY PROUD owner of YET another @BackyardBullion MASTERPIECE -work of art!
    It is damned awesomely "cathartic" and "mesmerizing" - - - and just "AMAZING" !!!!!!!!


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    Bullionaire reacted to Hyunchul in Today I Received.....   
    2019 Fiji Mandala art special edition. 
    Notre dame
    Beautiful coin indeed.
    Mintage of 100 coins. 
    One more on its way. 

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    Bullionaire reacted to ZatStackz in Today I Received.....   
    Won this lovely coin right here on The Silver Forum for selling an item in the USA buy/sell section!  Big thanks to @ChrisSilver and @Lr103.
    All members who are in the US, there is another chance to win more prizes going on right now, so get up and start selling something

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    Bullionaire reacted to mr1030 in Today I Received.....   
    Another Black Friday purchase arrived today.  2019 1 oz platinum Britannia.  My first plat coin, as the rest of my platinum purchases have been in bar form and I rarely find platinum coins on sale for a low premium.

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    Bullionaire reacted to gazer in UK General Election 2019   
    Good morning 
    It is hard to know how to get started and where to start.
    This is my rant for the year my own opinion only, i don't want for anyone to take any offence and sincerely apologise if i do.
    I would like to let you know firstly i voted to leave the EU completely a few years ago, no half in or half out, I'm saying this for people to understand what I'm about to say.
    The conservatives have one by a very large majority and fair to the decent people in the conservative party for I am very sure them people will try and be honest and trustworthy and try extremely hard to do well for their communities.
    The SNP have done very well in Scotland and will i believe look to improve their people future enormously.
    The liberal Democrats are a decent group of people who only want the best for the country.
    The smaller parties have given their best to put over the qualities they believe in.
    As said above i voted to leave the EU. I'm a Labour man through and through I'm just being honest so as you can imagine I'm extremely disappointed that we lost the way we did. There are many reasons but no excuses from me. I absolutely love the way they try to look after the country all the country, but fair is fair we lost easily.
    And as said already I have listened to the conservatives parliament representatives for many  years and liked some policies and noticed many of them as decent people.
    I was brought up with this moral obligation if you have nothing nice to say about someone then do not say anything, I have lived with this for over 60 years, so please understand what i am about to say is very difficult for me.
    We now have a person who is in power who I honesty believe this.
    A compulsive liar 
    A racist 
    A dislike for the working class 
    A adulterer many times over
    A child denier?
    I truly apologise if I have offended anyone.
    If not very careful own Irish people will have a border and the Irish people says no as it might ? cause conflict, I sincerely hope not, god bless Ireland.
    The Scottish people want absolutely nothing more to do with coming out of Europe over 64% says so.
    Now I am Welsh but all my life consider myself British/Welsh and loved the English Scottish Irish for all the variety they have given the UK and the love for our nation.
    I nearly finished thank goodness I can hear.
    Because of the way things are going. Its very possible that Scotland will not be part of the UK in the next 10 years.
    Im unsure about Ireland for they themselves voted to stay in the EU.
    I am British but will from today will become Welsh before being British I am so upset for this I truly am. As already said I voted to leave the EU completely. I must now be true to myself and vote Plaid for now on to get away from Westminster and back into the EU. I have been in the forces voluntary and took our beautiful Queens Shilling, so please do not judge me for I love my country dearly.
    God bless Britain.
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    Bullionaire reacted to MickB in Today I bought (Non PM).....   
    Today I bought this bottle opener as a Christmas present for my dad. He said he'd like a bigger gold bar than the 1 gram bar I bought him for his birthday. That's him sorted then! 

    Added 0 minutes later...
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    Bullionaire reacted to KDave in UK General Election 2019   
    Actually just checked the numbers it was 3.8 million votes for UKIP which translated into 1 seat compared to 1.4 million votes in Scotland for SNP's 55 seats. 
    Compared to Conservatives 36% (11.2 million votes) for 330 seats and Labours 30% (9.3 million) for 232 seats.
    Yet 3.8 million voters got 1 seat of representation.
    Utterly broken system. 
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    Bullionaire reacted to SilverSnake in 🎅 Christmas Prize Draw 🎅   
    Thanks very much to @Penfold I received my gifts today.

    I got a surprise bonus comprising of; a pack of Reindeer Maltesers, a Xmas card, a Paddington Bear 50p coin, and a 50 gram gold bullion half penny (unfortunately made of pure chocolate 😂 )

    Thanks again!

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    Bullionaire reacted to sgcoins in 🎅 Christmas Prize Draw 🎅   
    Box with Christmas goodies (and coin) is ready for shipping!!! Now I have to wait 3 days, for an address☺

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    Bullionaire got a reaction from Notafront4adragon in UK General Election 2019   
    I think it says it all that the areas with lowest immigration are the areas that were the most pro brexit, and therefore the most opposed to immigration. A lot of people have an irrational fear of immigration due to the amount the media (because they know it sells) and politicians (because blaming immigrants is a simple solution to some complex problems) push this narrative.
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    Bullionaire reacted to mustynewb in 🎅 Christmas Prize Draw 🎅   
    Grabbed my Parcel this afternoon. Big thanks to @Bullionaire only gold i've managed to get my hands on in 2019!

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    Bullionaire reacted to Bullionbilly in 🎅 Christmas Prize Draw 🎅   
    DRAW 9.
    WINNER 1, @Kookaburracollector
    PRIZE FROM @TheGeneral
    WINNER 78, @OllieClem
    WINNER IS 16, @jonrms
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    Bullionaire got a reaction from StackSellRepeat in Early Christmas Special Premium coin lucky dip 1 oz silver coins   
    Can't believe I missed this one. Love your lucky dips. If there are any left I'll take a couple!
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    Bullionaire reacted to Martlet in UK General Election 2019   
    This is hopelessly naive,  there are significant numbers of the native population that do see many jobs beneath them. They dont want to do that work, get up early, or work late, move across country for work, or must earn what they consider enough (which is unrealistic starting pay).  Meanwhile the immigrant wanting to get on will take what ever they find.  I'm the first person to say those not working, on the state hand outs should be shipped out, imo that applies to the native population too.  They can do one and be replaced by those wanting to work hard and take opportunities. 
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    Bullionaire reacted to Murph in Children as young as SIX are to be given compulsory self-touching lessons   
    Funny how the OP is always harping on about everything the media tells us being lies and yet swallows this hook, line and sinker with no skepticism at all.
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    Bullionaire reacted to tallyhojim in It's a hard life being a dog!   
    Say hello to Benji.

    A brain like a jellyfish, and nuts like a pair of pendulums!


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    Bullionaire reacted to Troy77 in It's a hard life being a dog!   
    Here are our Greyhounds Quentin & Lawrence which are now retired racing dogs.
    It's such a shame that these dogs are used for financial gain and then discarded when not profitable.
    They are from Ireland and we gave them a home after our visit to the RSPCA in the UK.
    We went to pick up 1 but couldn't leave the other so here they are.

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    Bullionaire reacted to Bullionbilly in 🎅 Christmas Prize Draw 🎅   
    DRAW 8.
    PRIZE FROM @5huggy
    WINNER IS 11, @fehk2001
    PRIZE FROM @GrahamDiamond
    WINNER IS 57 @Scuzzle
    PRIZE FROM @TheBeast
    WINNER IS 69 @Imehufc
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    Bullionaire got a reaction from BackyardBullion in Something big is coming, watch this space   
    Like the orbiting idea. Very cool!
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    Bullionaire reacted to jacksj1 in UK General Election 2019   
    Good post, agreed on all points.
    The bottom line is it has been within the power of the Government to drastically reduce immigration at any time over the last decade. It has been a choice not to.
    But they are deceiving many people into thinking they don't have control over immigration numbers because of the EU. The fact is Brexit will change nothing in this regard.
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    Bullionaire got a reaction from jacksj1 in UK General Election 2019   
    We already have a points based system for immigration from outside the EEA.
    People often laud the Australian system as perfect and think that will stop immigration to the UK, but the Aussies have about 4 times the number of annual immigrants per capita that we do.
    We need lower skilled immigrants (As well as the high skilled doctors etc) to do the jobs that a lot of British people think they're above (cleaning toilets etc). Plus immigrants as a whole pay more tax than they receive in benefits etc.
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    Bullionaire got a reaction from Melon in Full Stack / Full Collection Photos   
    Couldn't be bothered laying them all out, but here's the monster box with most of my silver and gold in. 

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    Bullionaire got a reaction from Sliopjbsail in A little bit of luck (or should I say Duck) with my coffee   
    You basically got paid a few quid to take some coffee off their hands. Nice!
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    Bullionaire got a reaction from h103efa in Coin Gift   
    I've used keepsake coins before for gifts. Nice guy running it. Really good quality as well. All the best in your new job.