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  1. Never knew that. Thanks. Although all the random date ones I have bought have been in decent nick. Like new. Lucky me I guess!
  2. I've just re-read the message and yes, it does look like it's only some reits they have. Below is the message I received: Thank you for your secure message of 20 May, regarding REITs offered on our platform. I have looked and we do not offer the Target Healthcare REIT but we do have the Standard Life Investments Property Income Trust on our platform. You may be able to find this if you search by its ticker code which is SLI or by typing in the full name in the search bar, as I did not find it when using filters on our Investment Finder. Currently we do not have a large number of REITS on the platform but as our brokerage proposition progresses we may look to add more. Part of the reason for this is because our systems are not set up to be able to offer REITs within an ISA and so they are only available to invest in within an Investment Account. We only have one nominee account so we have to receive all of the dividends and PID payments with the tax already deducted so we can apply the payments to Investment Accounts correctly. Unfortunately, we do not have the functionality to receive PID payments without the tax deducted. Therefore, if these payments need to be applied to a tax wrapper (i.e. ISA and SIPP) we physically have to reclaim the tax from HMRC, which takes 6-8 weeks to process. As we do not have any automated process, this would need to be done on a manual basis. Until we have built a way for us to process the sophistication of this, Fidelity has made a business decision to not allow investments into REITs inside of tax wrappers.
  3. I did contact fidelity about REITS a while ago and they said they had made a decision not to offer them (in isas at least, I'm not sure about taxable accounts) due to the taxes / admin associated with them
  4. I see we're getting some dino coins next year. Could be interesting and will be a nice break from children's characters (as fun as they are sometimes) http://www.changechecker.org/Dino50ps I'm going to resist making a joke about there already being a lizard on the 50p obverse...
  5. I can't recommend a specific laptop sadly. I can recommend ebuyer.com to buy from though. You can get cashback there as well. I bought my zoostorm desktop from there for £400 a couple of years ago and it's great for the price.
  6. I know there's been a fair bit of fear mongering about a Passive bubble recently. Mainly just because Michael Burry said so. I got the value from here: https://www.investmentnews.com/article/20191001/BLOG09/191009998/passive-investing-hasnt-taken-over-the-world "add a reasonable estimate of non-U.S. index funds (about $1 trillion by my estimates) to U.S. passive equity funds, and the total of indexed equity capital rises to about $5.3 trillion worldwide. This puts the passive market share of global equity at about 6.4%. (This excludes a variety of unknown holdings, including sovereign investment funds or separately managed accounts that might be passive. Include those, and global passive might be as high as 13%, according to Vanguard.)" I think passive has exploded in the US over the last decade where over half of the money in funds are now in passive funds, but in other countries, not so much. As per the pic below, while passive has increased, it's still dwarfed by active managed funds. Even in the US. I see your point about quasi-trackers, but there's not really an easy way to determine how many of these there are.
  7. He was a legend, but HL were still pushing his funds right to the end. I do not believe price discovery is dead. The global market share of passive funds is ~13% according to Vanguard. Far from the vast majority. There will always be stock pickers/fund managers who are trying to beat the market.
  8. I would never buy a fund just because HL or any other platform pushed it. I had a look through the fidelity select 50 funds - supposedly 50 excellent funds... most were garbage with ~1% fees. Safe to say I stayed away! I do have some actively managed funds, but lower cost ones like scottish mortgage. 0.4% isn't too bad for an actively managed IT with a great track record
  9. Did you enter it after you'd selected the shipping type and updated your total? The code worked for me last night
  10. It will be hilarious if the Tories' beloved first past the post system ends up screwing them up. It's democracy in name only. We need some kind of proportional representation to stop all this daft tactical voting and wasted votes.
  11. I've bought one as I like the design. Nice quick checkout for a change. Don't expect to be able to make money off it though. As you say @h103efa Hopefully the first will be more valuable now. I can start selling the 5 or 6 I got of that one
  12. Good stuff. Another hint - if you are going to use the fidelity platform, go via Cavendish. You get to use the fidelity platform but the platform fees are lower than going fidelity direct
  13. It also says the bunc cost £3.99 last year, so hopefully just sloppy journalism
  14. It'll depend on the platform I suspect. On fidelity international, it let's you choose where you want the money to go for each investment you have.