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  1. I like the 50p design and the £5 design as well. The £2s I can leavel
  2. Happy New decade all. Hope the new year brings sky high gold and silver spot prices. Or incredibly beaten down gold and silver spot prices, depending on what you want
  3. Thanks for organising @Bullionbilly. Great fun. Merry Christmas everyone!
  4. Many thanks to @Imehufc for the beautiful lion and the Christmas card. Very kindly sent by Special Delivery so I got it in time for Christmas.
  5. I had a fun experience at the post office yesterday as well. An older woman (customer) was telling a local pet shop owner that he was never open on time etc. It was a fairly amicable conversation. Pet shop owner paid for his postage for the parcel he was sending and older woman thinks that he leaves the shop. She starts bitching loudly about him to the woman working at the PO, saying "he just doesn't give a flip does he?! Useless man". Pet shop owner walks back up to the counter to pay for the rest of his goods he'd been picking up from the shop. Awkward!
  6. Bit like the people who say "if Brexit doesn't happen by X date, there'll be riots". Will there flip. There'll be elevated levels of whinging at most.
  7. This is exactly my point though. Politicians can't be bothered to sort these problems, so they blame it on immigration. It's a one-size fits all solution to the problem.
  8. I think it says it all that the areas with lowest immigration are the areas that were the most pro brexit, and therefore the most opposed to immigration. A lot of people have an irrational fear of immigration due to the amount the media (because they know it sells) and politicians (because blaming immigrants is a simple solution to some complex problems) push this narrative.
  9. We already have a points based system for immigration from outside the EEA. https://workpermit.com/immigration/united-kingdom/uk-visa-tier-points-based-immigration-system People often laud the Australian system as perfect and think that will stop immigration to the UK, but the Aussies have about 4 times the number of annual immigrants per capita that we do. We need lower skilled immigrants (As well as the high skilled doctors etc) to do the jobs that a lot of British people think they're above (cleaning toilets etc). Plus immigrants as a whole pay more tax than they receive in benefits etc.
  10. The older Britannia coins all had the mirror like background (bullion and proof). Im not 100% sure, but the frosting on britannia itself makes yours look like it might be a proof
  11. We wish! No chance at the minute unfortunately with the dreaded VAT the UK government lumps on
  12. You basically got paid a few quid to take some coffee off their hands. Nice!
  13. I've used keepsake coins before for gifts. Nice guy running it. Really good quality as well. All the best in your new job.