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  1. Bullionaire

    Dealer visit and Interview - Powercoin.it

    BYB is the 1%...
  2. Bullionaire

    Dealer visit and Interview - Powercoin.it

    Beautiful mosaic coin. I saw it on their website a couple of weeks ago after watching your old powercoin IFF episodes BYB. One for me to enjoy from afar though, far too pricy for me.
  3. Bullionaire

    10oz QB Unicorn

    The falcon has 2019 on and is out now so it could be later this year the unicorn comes out. Hopefully anyway!
  4. Bullionaire


    Congrats. Enjoy your maple!
  5. Bullionaire

    Show your stack.

    Incredible Mr dead. I wouldn't even like to know how much all that is worth!
  6. Not as fit as britannia! Plus she looks like she's got bingo wings...
  7. Bullionaire

    What Should I do About This?

    I would take it out and just use it as a play piece. Or you could try silver Polish if you really want it shiny. Not like there's much numismatic value to destroy!
  8. Bullionaire

    Today I Received

    That's uncannily similar to the dolphin emoticon that shadow!
  9. Bullionaire

    Today I Received

    My group order bits n bobs.
  10. Got my giant package at work this morning and had to wait till just now to open it. Excellently packaged and the coins are all flawless. Can't find a single ding or mark on them. There wasn't anything moving around inside the monster box either with that bubble wrap etc inside. Thank you very much BYB and Mrs BYB. Hope you enjoy your break before the next one! Those 10oz beasts though... Wowzer. They're so heavy. Just a slight shame I haven't got the lion to start the collection off. I'll stick some pics on the "today I recieved" thread.
  11. Bullionaire

    Today I Received

    It looks great. You should partner up with the royal mint byb. Make a back yard britannia!
  12. Bullionaire

    Somalia - 1000 Shillings African Wildlife Leopard 2018

    Got you, no worries
  13. Bullionaire

    Somalia - 1000 Shillings African Wildlife Leopard 2018

    I'm not sure where the 80 usd came from? Are you talking premium for the gold version? I was on about the silver one with a mintage of 30k. Although I've just seen that gs.be are selling for €16.64, which isn't as much as I expected. Still don't think I'll bother.
  14. Bullionaire

    Is it just me, or.....

    It was your table...
  15. Bullionaire

    Somalia - 1000 Shillings African Wildlife Leopard 2018

    Not as nice as the elephants. And will be a high premium with that mintage. It's a no from me