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  1. Not sure why this deserves a £10 premium and 25-30000 higher mintage than Mr Hawking
  2. I'm going to leave it as well. I would get a couple of the BU's if it wasn't for the postage
  3. 30000 in the silver Ltd edition presentation and 500 gold proof
  4. Bit high a mintage that. Might not bother, but I'm committed to staying up now so might as well see what it looks like!
  5. The kids?! I'm off work tomorrow, So I'll stay up to see what mintage is like!
  6. Do we know what time tomorrow it'll be available?
  7. Just loosen all the wheel nuts when you leave the car so of someone tries to drive off with it, all the wheels peel off the car and go their own way like some kind of slapstick comedy sketch...
  8. I've got a 2018 brit that I'm trying to tone up by handling as much as possible and leaving exposed to the air at all times. No blooming change in it after 5 months... whereas other coins that have been encapsulated all their life are spotted beyond recognition... Goldfinger!
  9. They should have a ballot system I think so everyone gets an equal chance to buy, rather than whoever can get to a computer/phone at the RRT (random release time) that they seem to like.
  10. Yeah, thank, but I'm not going to pay silly money for it. £55 is silly enough imo. I feel another whingy email to the mint coming on!
  11. Buggering hell. During the time it took me to drive to work they all got sold out. Stupid time 7am. And such a tiny mintage
  12. Got to go to work now. Great timing again RM!