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  1. Bullionaire


    I'm after the following 50ps if anyone has them: 50p coins - The representation of the people act - Peter rabbit 2018 - flopsy bunny - the tailor of gloucester - Mrs tittlemouse - Mr jeremy Fisher - tom kitten - Benjamin bunny - jemima puddle duck - Kew gardens (I'm sure you've all got loads spare of this one... 😛 ) Olympic 50p coins - Aquatics - Athletics - Boccia - Boxing - Cycling - Equestrian - Football - Handball - Hockey - Judo - Pentathlon - Sailing - Shooting - Tennis - Triathlon - Volleyball - Wrestling - Weightlifting - Wheelchair rugby
  2. Bullionaire

    Today I Received

    Any chance I could jump in on that offer as well?
  3. Bullionaire

    RM 2018 Paddington Bear 50p Spotted

    They should have had some writing around the edge saying "Please look after this coin"
  4. Bullionaire

    **JUNE 2018** Group order from GoldSilver.be

    Will be good to have a look at all the different ones on the video. Although I think I've ordered about 10-15 different coins
  5. Bullionaire

    RM 2018 Paddington Bear 50p Spotted

    Bought the silver captain cook coin, so I've just gone for the bu Paddington one myself. Not a huge fan of colourised coins anyway. Paddington wasn't Danish 😛
  6. Bullionaire

    2008 Silver Britannia

    Yes, I like the 2003 design. It is in pretty good nick, although the previous owners obviously handled it as it's a bit grubby. Doesn't seem to have spotted or toned though. Of course grading has its place, I just don't think I'll be doing it anytime soon. I like to hold my coins once in a while (with cotton gloves on)
  7. Bullionaire

    Royal Mints Sapphire Coronation 5 Oz Silver Proof Coin

    I wouldn't buy that coin. Pretty dull design and I don't think the royal anniversary coins usually do very well in the long run. As for how to spot coins to invest in, it's hard, but I think looking at series of coins that are mid run and seeing if the prices on the earlier coins have gone up a decent amount. It's not a guarantee of course, but the best way of predicting I know. For example, the 2oz queen's beast series. They aren't a huge amount over spot value at launch, but the first coin's (lion) premium rose quite a bit in the couple of years after release. The new beasts (black Bull and unicorn) might go the same way. Plus they are gorgeous!
  8. Bullionaire

    **JUNE 2018** Group order from GoldSilver.be

    Is there any way way to check their stock level out of interest? The only way I could figure it out was by putting it in my basket and trying to increase the number I wanted until it said 'not enough stock'. Is that all you do? Only 24 left as gs.be according to my method....
  9. Bullionaire

    Hello from the USA

  10. Bullionaire

    2008 Silver Britannia

    Thanks for that. I don't really have much of a clue about grading. So no chance I'd be able to estimate what it would get! Plus I don't really like the look of slabbed coins. I did buy a 2007 britt around the same time for £20. Hardly any toning on that one
  11. Bullionaire

    Hello from Devon, UK

    My first silver was the Tower Bridge coin from the royal mint! Check out BackyardBullion's group orders for vat-free silver https://thesilverforum.com/topic/14248-june-2018-group-order-from-goldsilverbe/
  12. Bullionaire

    Hello from Devon, UK

    Welcome. What coin was it?
  13. Bullionaire

    2008 Silver Britannia

    Thanks for all your replies. It certainly won't grind away at me and I never really believed it was a proof, despite the fact it said it. It was mainly the tarnishing that annoyed me, but looking at more examples of carded coins on the web it seems like a common occurrence. Think I'll just leave it as is for now, and do better research in future!
  14. Bullionaire

    Why no love for Landmarks of Britain?

    Only picked London landmarks and the big Ben design looks rubbish. I have got the tower Bridge one though and the finish is pretty nice