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  1. I'll have a free isaac if theres one left please
  2. I emailed Daniel Sedwick from https://www.sedwickcoins.com/about.htm He emailed back within an hour (very good of him to give his opinions/expertise for free) and said: "Impossible to tell for sure without examining it in person, but at least I can tell you the details are correct, and given the amount of corrosion I would expect the weight to be about 25 grams (if not, then more likely it is fake). It has the look of a coin from the Rooswijk shipwreck of 1739/40."
  3. Imo it should be compulsory to vote. There should be a box for 'none of the above' if you want to abstain, but I don't like the lazy apathetic reasons people give for not voting.
  4. I've just done a magnet test, which it passed. Slow slide down
  5. Thanks for your reply. It's a 1735 date though I think, it's just a weird 5. I will start looking up wrecks that might fit the date! Probably a lot around that time though
  6. They ignored my physical letter. Email them threatening ICO complaints and tell them not to contact you or pass your details on to anyone. I did this and haven't recieved any junk letters in months. Even after I bought 2 more sovereigns.
  7. Bullionaire

    Pieces of 8

    Stumbled across this Mexican 'ship-wreck' 8 reales a few days ago and after a bit of research, had to take a punt on it. If anyone knows more about them, it would be great to hear from you. Main questions: 1. Is it genuine? It weighs 26.45g, So within the weight range I would expect from my research. It also looks like the pics I've seen online. I can't spot any errors that would indicate a fake to me. 2. What grade do you think it would get if I graded it? Rough guesses welcome, I won't hold you to them I'm useless at predicting grades! 3. Is there any way to determine what ship it may have been wrecked on? I have no info from the seller regarding this
  8. I ordered three 3 coin set last year, so should have the second coin coming soon
  9. Bullionaire

    Striking gold!

    Lucky bugger!
  10. When they did the indicative votes, they really should have organised them so they actually came to a consensus at the end. I.e. the first round of votes, all the options are on the table, 1 vote per MP. The option with the least votes gets dumped out and they have another round. Then continue till only one option is left and agree that they would all do that. The way they did it was destined to fail as it didn't force any compromise
  11. Its more the FPTP system that stops smaller parties getting a look in. It completely ignored millions of people who want the greens, UKIP etc to have more of a say
  12. They've sent me 4 under the same account. Spread over a few months
  13. I'll take germania please