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  1. It's the banks basically trying to cover themselves and not have to pay any money out in case of any fraud
  2. You're welcome. The 'click to choose files' option only appears when you click in the box to start typing a message. As far as I'm aware it's available to all members
  3. It should say 'click to choose files' at the bottom of the Private message. Click that and it should let you upload the pdf
  4. I've done it with a debit card before. Don't think I needed the iban no though
  5. Not sure about the green for the laferrari. Got to be red or yellow. My sport car ambitions are a bit less pricey at a lotus elise I will get one one day!
  6. I had a spring matress topped with a memory foam layer for a couple of nights (the company delivered the wrong mattress) and I hated it. It's like trying to sleep on quicksand. Definitely try the memory foam before you buy in case you're the same as me. The correct matress got delivered a couple of days after and was way more comfortable. It's a pocket sprung bedstead supreme 1400, topped with a cashmere layer. The cashmere layer is amazing. So comfy. Just writing that makes me want to go to bed!
  7. Best of luck @Madstacks. Scary when you have a health issue and have to wait for diagnosis. You always think the worst. I'll be thinking of you anyway
  8. Not the best design, but I guess Jody was always going to struggle to make it different to the first lion! I'll still get a couple
  9. Indeed. I remember my third ever bet when I was 18 at uni... I landed a 300/1 football bet on a 4 match accumulator. God knows how that came in. I think one of the bets in the accy was 26/1. Completely random picks. No skill involved. I spent the next few years chasing similar wins. Never huge money, but lots of 'it's only a pound's... Fortunately i discovered investing and buying PMs/ coins. This would appear to scratch the same itch as gambling for me, but the odds are stacked in my favour, not the bookies. I'm happily gamble free for over a year now. No urge to return to it either, which is the best thing
  10. They're pretty good from what I've read. Not invested myself in them, but low costs are always good. I would stick to 100% or 80% equity personally (if you have time on your side). Yields aren't very high though
  11. Seemed cheap when I bought in. I'm 30% down currently 😛