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  1. Any idea when the next delivery to you will be BYB? Did they get the valiants in?
  2. Audi cars are 50% gold Otherwise, they'd just be di's...
  3. Some very nice thalers and silver cards for me today...
  4. Nice presents. I got the same pen from my workmates recently! Good luck in the new job.
  5. Well done buddy. 70k more than I could do! 😛
  6. I've just switched mine to the sharia funds. This appears to be the only fund that is 100% equity (I guess bonds aren't allowed for muslims). I'd rather not have 30% of my pension sat in bonds (as it is in their 'high risk fund') when I've still got 30 odd years to retirement.
  7. I've never really paid much attention to this, but I decided to have a look last night. I didn't even realise you can pick what fund you're invested in. Turns out the sharia compliant fund is doing better than all the other funds so far. Go figure! Not a big fan of the fees you pay (1.8% on money going in then .3% annually), but it's the only was for me to claw a bit of extra money from my employer.
  8. Wow, it's like a black hole in the middle
  9. Would love a couple of the cards if available.
  10. 2 please. Preferably the shiny ones 😛
  11. Just agreed the lowball takeover bid on my bonmarche shares. Philip Day has played a blinder there. Managed to spook 25% of the shareholders into selling for 11.45p and has got the company for ~£5m. Delist and possible administration to follow. Just a warning not to pick your divi stocks based on the divi % level only. An early, but costly mistake for me!
  12. Cavendish for me (they use fidelitys platform but are cheaper than fidelity direct) 0.25% annual charge v HL's 0.45%.
  13. Thanks. I can't sell. I can buy though - I guess that is because the payment is just a card transaction facilitated buy PayPal, rather than cash coming from my PayPal account