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  1. PM me what you are thinking of. I have alot of small cars which I am willing to sell. But it has to be reasonable
  2. Message sent to @CadmiumGreen I just noticed he is back in America, so I am not sure if it will arrive before Christmas, but @Bullionbilly I will keep the receipt if you want a copy shout bud.
  3. Made by OSB, check out this video and pictures I just took. I put it in a lovely display case.
  4. Love that, but it will be a remelt and a closed pour.
  5. Well it happens, hand poured silver is fun but can also be um Challenging at times. Now I need to rethink how to make this work.
  6. Welcome in to the forum my friend
  7. jonrms

    for sale For sale

    It was quick maths, and based on that he could EASILY and quickly sell them without any issues! He clearly wants a quick sale. Putting them at £16, may slow it down. I was trying to help. Plus the exchange rates vary!
  8. jonrms

    for sale For sale

    If you sell the coins at £15 per oz not only will they sell very quickly, but you will make a profit
  9. My prize is a MYSTERY box, over 1oz for sure!!! I never skimp on these!
  10. I can do alot, but juggling. No. Lol
  11. You know me I am a magpie, I like shiny things, but I know there are a lot who enjoy them being antiqued. So Well done. I still prefer the shiny ones.
  12. Mine too, although saying that both of them are currently having a NERF war.... LOL that's fun until I get hit.
  13. I am trying to get my 2 boys to get off their phones, computers etc to do that kinda stuff. Funny they only get out when it benefits them. Ie his scuba diving lol
  14. Because, I have a broken back, yes I have loads of tools, machinery etc. But to make your own bed to what I want would require ALOT of lifting which I can't do anymore Added 0 minutes later... Not even funny,
  15. Happy belated Thanksgiving to all my American friends. Today I celebrate it here in England due to not having the time to put such a amazing meal together.
  16. I broke my Bandsaw too! Not a happy chap atm. But dang. Luckily I bought a cast iron bed as a temporary replacement, but damn.
  17. Wwll I guess I woke up on the wrong side of the bed today because it broke! Now rushing to see if I can buy one today and or trying to make a very strong temp repair. I am soo frustrated!
  18. Call me Suzy, because I have that same coin in the same case, but no paper. I thought it was scrap.