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  1. Thanks buddy 🤝🤝🤝 That was a fluke, but an experiment. I wouldn't be doing another like that. It's a pain, and I prefer the flat surface better. But I wanted to say I made one. PS GET WELL SOON!!! I know you have your package. I hope it brings a smile to you.
  2. @BackyardBullion If this helps, I am set up as you once were. Is there a way you can monitor the sales and I could ship them out? I don't know if other members would want this, or would like this, and I am not trying to start a debate. But as I am home 24/7 apart from hspt appointments, I know I can do this. I would probably need to buy a few varieties of boxes. But I just wanted to throw it out there for our community.
  3. BYB is in my view a GREAT and Honest guy. I know him and his family... (not just his wife) work hard on ensuring quality. He decided to put this video out to my relief and gratefulness, to show and highlight that 1) the Assay office does a heck of a job. 2) that simple mistakes are easy ( we see videos of people using other metals in the same molds for example ) 3) despite ALL his HARD work and efforts, a combination or a single act can cause a failure. As someone who has Just passed my first batch of 22 items sent into the Edinburgh Assay Office ( Thank you BYB ) I can honestly say its a stressful wait. Although I have done everything in my power to ensure the Silver was .999+ And after sterilizing the work area for Silver pouring. I still had concerns. It was only when I received a text, then email and followed by a phone call within minutes of each other to pay the assay office that I was happy. I take my hat off to BYB and to Lr103 whom both worked together on a NEW and exciting venture. I know and have learned ALOT by another's mistake. I have ZERO plans to pour anything but Silver for the foreseeable future. And I am again Grateful that BYB decided to share a mistake. This was painful, A lot of time and effort went into this. Forget costs which are nearly impossible to forget, but think of how deflated you would be. I know if I ever fail a assay test I will be very concerned. BYB is a TOP tier customer of the Edinburgh assay office (EAO) I am at the bottom, and trust is earned. But make a mistake and you will know about it. To @BackyardBullion you know your a inspiration to me, a humble hobbyist who pours silver to try to focus my mind from the my physical pain, as well as making the occasional pens. I would never have dreamed of doing anything without the help of you and others on this forum. I honestly could name loads of people including Chris the site owner. But you and your family have really helped me through tough times. And got me off my back side to either make a pen or to create a website etc. You provided a lot of motivation when I was really down. It doesn't show in my videos a lot, but I am always a supporter and fan of your dedication and assistance. I joked about you being the one to blame... the real message in this was you're the reason I was and am able to be motivated. Thank you. Jon.
  4. My hobby and first sales. But an explanation too.
  5. If I was the buyer, I wouldn't be worried. In time and after some rubbing with my hands over time it would pass.
  6. Thank you bud, and yes on a credit card, and its tricky as I bought it from a Ebay shop in America. They only offer a 30 guarantee. I was as pointed out 53 days. But it was the first time I used it. I have had no issues with any other equipment plugged in with this. So it's working fine. PayPal said thet carry a 100 day protection so I will escalate my claim. If all else fails I will contact my card provider and show them the video.
  7. I called the company and all they would say is how do we know your converter was not faulty.
  8. Thank you bud, I am still humbled by this forum, and community. I ALWAYS have the Silver forum at the end of my videos. I will always keep it. It's Honestly because of Soo many members that my hobby is now legit, legal and archived for decades to come.
  9. Thank you. If you search jonrms on YouTube and read the description you will see I am listed and archived forever in history now.
  10. jonrms

    I broke the Mold!

    I will consider getting a banner made
  11. jonrms

    I broke the Mold!

    YOU @BackyardBullion are responsible for ALL this!!! Success or not I hold you responsible 🤣🤣🤣. No really I could NOT have progressed without your help. Now comes the polishing and a live stream tomorrow. I will also be focusing on photography as well and spread sheets.