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  1. jonrms

    My son co stars with me

    SmalltownVape I am already subscribed to you. You asked if it would work. I said yes, but to consider putting it on a ceramic tile. I have been subbed to you for a whole. Lol
  2. jonrms

    My son co stars with me

    I will sub you back, awesome. KIDS are too funny.
  3. I am gutted, I stayed online for over a hour, I wanted the Silver proof. But then hope. Gutted.
  4. jonrms

    taste in music

  5. I am only finding time to catch up now, I am Soo sorry to hear this about your dog/family member. That guy should be stripped of owning animals
  6. jonrms

    February 2019 Premium Membership Prize Draw

    It's working perfectly
  7. jonrms

    Goal Achieved.

    I am not usually a fan either, the Germania coins are great, and with 500 mintage, I can sell now and triple my money. But I wanted a FULL collection. The Simpsons are also cool, but that appeals to my childhood. Lol
  8. jonrms

    Goal Achieved.

    Thank you, last MAJOR personal purchace. Despite a HUGE discount from what they are being sold for!! I got them slightly over cost. 😎😎😎😎😎😎😎
  9. My Jeep is soo over priced for insurance.... Go figure... My Jaguar, Mustang, 300zx, Last 2 heavily modified and declared.. ie the Mustang and Nissan...….. ALL cost less FAR LESS than me owning a freaken Jeep! My insurance went up too... but I quickly phoned another company.... Direct line... Guess what... they were the same company who I was with but under a different name... and I got it for far less. Insurance companies are a JOKE.
  10. Keep me posted.... I was slightly annoyed... I thought it somehow got past the tax man.... but nope. 3 hours after I received it and posted the video I received a text message from FedEx saying I owed them tax and a handling fee.. DOH!!!! I knew it was coming but at least they didn't do what the Royal Mail does and hijack your item until you pay. Needless to say I paid and sorted that out straight away. PS WATCH OUT for Wednesdays VIDEO … its another Monster Video. And Yes a Personal one that's why I went dark.
  11. Thanks bud, I am happy to own these guys, but a little bit unhappy with the DONUT who packed my donut COA.
  12. 😂😂😂😂😂 Dang you I don't have those figures!!! doh Added 0 minutes later... Stupidly high premiums. Thankfully this is for myself