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  1. Lol but there are 10 to 15 new subscribers almost 20 minutes apart, all the same. And it just started again.
  2. Cheers bud, I appreciate your support
  3. If you look you will see lots of the same type of messages, ( the likes) dont rise, and there is 3 I am guessing fakes because of their grammar. 1 is very broken English. 1 keeps mentioning prizes. 1 is always overly polite
  4. Are you open to a offer? I would like to buy these to send them off to a charity auction. So I am prepared to make a offer
  5. Interested in the Maple boxes. I have a need. PM me for 4 please hope we can strike a deal.
  6. @kimchi I am not only in pain but I am LMAO! Felt bottom!😂😂😂😂😂 If you look at ALL the comments I have yet to tick the heart and thumbs up button on my video, you will get a idea, all brand new channels and started about 20 minutes apart, each day around the same time new channels same situation etc.
  7. I just noticed that Chards has it bud https://www.chards.co.uk/2012-silver-year-of-the-dragon-two-ounce-bullion-coin/516 £51.48 ( looks like total is £54.98 Then I would have to ship it to you bud.
  8. Well, I am not doing it. Those Copyright laws are far too much for me. I will stick to my own Bullion when I make things, never copy anyone, and try to keep gathering and buying from awesome artists.
  9. Paulo is looking to buy the above coin, he has done buisness with me in the past. Genuine wanted request.
  10. I am happy to share and show some of my collection of poured silver that I bought from all these great pourers.
  11. See the links in the comments section to enter in the 1K #R21K giveaway!!!! And to watch the pouring live see the link pinned. Thank you for supporting me Ace Bullion in a small but growing venture.
  12. Enjoy the show, I hope this gives you as a buyer, or a pourer some more information https://youtu.be/TZZd5vmVR-w
  13. I really want a panda and Koala, but I just spent a fortune. I hope you have 1 of each next month.