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  1. Thank you Andy, I appreciate your support. Keep watching as there is a Race to 1K and the prizes will be epic. There will be 3 categories to really show how much I appreciate everyone
  2. I have the same box, and realised that I could squeeze in some in the bottom shelf, but you need to use the right capsules for the top.
  3. https://youtu.be/BEZsCM40YHc
  4. Shhhs you just identified one of my new toys, and OMG is it AMAZING
  5. I theory yes but I personally wouldn't. I can't tell you or anyone else yet but watch this space.
  6. There is no cut off date, none that I am aware of, but I hope to put a large box together and send it off. I am glad your enjoying these bud. I have a secret,ahhh. I can't type it but I have been working on something that no one has done, it's going to be very cool!!!@
  7. I made a rapid fire video for my push to 1k, but have included a few more surprises. I do hope you all enjoy.
  8. It's just soo annoying it's now become funny. I started off not appreciating them for no notice whilst I have a " series subscription" and the look on the website was meh! But then handling it. 😱 Its horrible!
  9. Don't tell me you have the other 2? 😅🤣😂
  10. Yes I am the FIRST again, I am honoured and privileged to show this off to you all. And have a laugh whilst doing it. https://youtu.be/8C974DfjDTI
  11. I am soo pleased to have bought this for my stack/ collection https://youtu.be/dItZilKbRf8