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  • What I am collecting / Investing in.
    Long term for future investment for my children.

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  1. jonrms

    PM's in freefall??

    If it gets to 10 dollars a ounce, I will be happy and very upset at the same time. But I would move or divert funds into buying gold and silver more rapidly and then stop and evaluate from there because it might crash further. But I would have X amount in my possession.
  2. Another good video from a cool Cat. Lol
  3. jonrms

    New to The Siver Forum

    Your going to fit in just fine!!
  4. jonrms

    First purchace

    @arshimo2012 Thank you soo much for a great and easy transaction. @Chris Thank you for allowing me to use the opening title
  5. jonrms


    Ammo safes are great. Perfect size for you until you get in the 5k plus mark on silver.
  6. jonrms

    A new Tetris record has been set!

    🤣🤣🤣 it is Zebrano but Zebra wood is something I wouldn't want to show LOL.
  7. jonrms

    A new Tetris record has been set!

    Loved it. Yes sending you a PM now. I have to add these to my collection... I know I said it before that I need to invest in other things atm. But I cant pass this by. So expect a PM very soon. Jon.
  8. I would say we would need a 2/12 run at one company. This could be epic but s Epic pain for BYB and Mrs BYB. Just think of how much. 3-4k ounces. Aaahhhh
  9. Thank you. I knew he would like it.
  10. LOL Thanks for the advice and Great write up. Much shorter than you could have done. And there is by far a lot to consider. As I stated before I hate pricing but the £25 p oz seems a idea start. All expenses must be considered from packaging, postage. your Time as stated with the bar and Electricity and or Gas. Also lighting, Time to promote etc. Business cards, Branding stickers, etc. Yes A lot of work indeed. But thank you again.
  11. jonrms


    I started off using https://www.safe.co.uk/Categories/ammo-safes/1.html I wont say which one because I still use a Ammo safe for smalls. But I also have larger Firearms Safes at my house IE 3 of these. https://www.safe.co.uk/products/9-gun-vault.html But good luck getting in..... LOL.... I Cant go into details...….
  12. Here is 2 bags I pulled out to show you which is just over 100g of gold bullion.
  13. Never go outside of what Ebay have set for guidelines. STICK TO THEM. I would infact call them and report that the seller has done this. I would be very suspicious and DO NOT … send the item back without the appropriate Ebay procedures. Because you will loose out.