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  1. I will pm you when I wake up, hopefully I will check and it won't have sold, but for your sake I hope it sells. Dang conundrum
  2. Is this the same 16.5 as a Britannia or Maple 1/10th coin??
  3. It was Daca, New video i addressed it.
  4. I am soo sorry, it does look like something on the inside or the coin. So I will open it. Only way to tell.
  5. Thanks, I didn't notice that. I have alot of dust in my workshop but that does not look like dust!!! I will have a peek at it later today. Hmm 😢😢😢
  6. Perhaps, i will email both. Calling either of them at 9pm on a Saturday is not the best. Lol
  7. I did, it was a giveaway from me and The silver trader. Together we decided on giving something back. And have fun.
  8. No luck for me, but I gained 2 oz yo melt. I will keep 1 for historical reasons. Lol Added 0 minutes later... I know dealets with them on stock.
  9. Thanks, its been at least 12 hours since the draw should have happened, where is it???
  10. Fair enough, my training, from legal to medical was a intense course. There are no pathways for medical professionals to come in directly. But completing the course i understand why and no doubt your wife will too. Dr's and surgeons do have pathways set. There is a clear career in the NHS trusts. Location is key, as I personally found that S Yorkshire verse N Yorkshire were completely different. I am glad she is working in a job that she is happy with. I can't say I miss the larger than life pts. Or the legal aspects. I have been here for over 2 decades now, and still don't look back.
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