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  • What I am collecting / Investing in.
    Long term for future investment for my children.

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  1. Please 2atch it to the end, I appreciate it is long. But there is information about my next video, or giveaway. Thank you.
  2. jonrms

    In Focus Friday Series!

    I voted for the BYB bars
  3. jonrms

    Wedding Rings ???

    Very interested. Can we move this to a priviate discussion now so that I can provide you all the details. Thank you. Jon
  4. jonrms

    Fractionals and fakes

    When I first decided to invest in bullion. I bought my first gold coin. Like soo many I fell foul of a fake. I knew it was going to be a small coin, because of size, I was assuming it was similar to a Brittiania , oops. I bought a fake Krugerrand. Well it's a copper Krugerrand not what I bought was advertised at the time. It stayed in my stack for a year. It only came to light when I had my bullion picked up and the storage company I used called me with the alert. As they check everything, I had it mailed back to me. I long forgotten about it until I seen this post. I will dig it out of my FAKE box of coins bars etc. And post a picture.
  5. jonrms


  6. jonrms

    GOLD, & SILVER before refining

    I treat all silver the same, Acids, then Lye, etc. I am also setting up on my new workshop a Silver cell. This should save on chemicals like HCL, etc. I must WARN everyone DONT TRY THIS AT HOME!! This can kill and cause serious injuries to yourself, others, and wildlife if not done properly!!!
  7. jonrms

    GOLD, & SILVER before refining

    All the Silver and gold are hallmarked as .925 but as you can see there is 100g of shot and a few pieces of gold there as well. The shot is confirmed. 999 The gold is a mix of 18, 14 and 9 CT gold. Those will be refined to .999 I am just finishing up my new workshop, for bullion recovery.
  8. Here are some pictures of some gold and silver before refining and you might spot some shot already refined.
  9. jonrms

    Wedding Rings ???

    Thank you everyone. We don't want to mess around with our rings, we are going to frame them and add one of our photos to it. We can have them engraved with our anniversary date and personal subscriptions on the inside locally.
  10. Not sure where to put this but I know since we are all on we collect bullion. I do know some members are skilled at different things. I am looking for someone to make me a wedding band or 2? Or can at least point me in the best direction for excellent quality, but obviously not wallet breaking. I need to replace my wedding band. Nothing special but I might replace my wife's too. Over 20 years of marriage, and my band has already been stretched as much as I want it.
  11. jonrms

    **JUNE 2018** Group order from GoldSilver.be

    Does ANYONE else just want 10 of the 2017 1oz Weiner Philhomoniker coins? They are sold in 20s???? If not BYB , I want 10 1 oz silver KANGAROO 2018 please.
  12. Thanks bud. I sent the remainder money for my Eagle bar. Let me know when they come back. I will work on how many 2017 bars I want.
  13. I thought all these were sold. I have the 2018 I think. If any are left pm me bud. Ps Friday I am sending you the rest for my other bar so I don't need to wait or hold up anything when the other bars come back from hallmarking