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  1. jonrms

    February 2019 Premium Membership Prize Draw

    It's working perfectly
  2. jonrms

    Goal Achieved.

    I am not usually a fan either, the Germania coins are great, and with 500 mintage, I can sell now and triple my money. But I wanted a FULL collection. The Simpsons are also cool, but that appeals to my childhood. Lol
  3. jonrms

    Goal Achieved.

    Thank you, last MAJOR personal purchace. Despite a HUGE discount from what they are being sold for!! I got them slightly over cost. 😎😎😎😎😎😎😎
  4. My Jeep is soo over priced for insurance.... Go figure... My Jaguar, Mustang, 300zx, Last 2 heavily modified and declared.. ie the Mustang and Nissan...….. ALL cost less FAR LESS than me owning a freaken Jeep! My insurance went up too... but I quickly phoned another company.... Direct line... Guess what... they were the same company who I was with but under a different name... and I got it for far less. Insurance companies are a JOKE.
  5. Keep me posted.... I was slightly annoyed... I thought it somehow got past the tax man.... but nope. 3 hours after I received it and posted the video I received a text message from FedEx saying I owed them tax and a handling fee.. DOH!!!! I knew it was coming but at least they didn't do what the Royal Mail does and hijack your item until you pay. Needless to say I paid and sorted that out straight away. PS WATCH OUT for Wednesdays VIDEO … its another Monster Video. And Yes a Personal one that's why I went dark.
  6. Thanks bud, I am happy to own these guys, but a little bit unhappy with the DONUT who packed my donut COA.
  7. 😂😂😂😂😂 Dang you I don't have those figures!!! doh Added 0 minutes later... Stupidly high premiums. Thankfully this is for myself
  8. Yes oh yes I am the FIRST to show off physical ownership of the collection.
  9. jonrms

    taste in music

    This is one of my favourites
  10. F+F is not free, sometimes there are costs tgat the person sending the money has to pay. I typed it 3 times and I didn't notice it auto corrected but called immediately. No more F+F ever from me. It's not unfair to blame it. There is no recourse and a ton of risk to the person sending the money. When my pieces get assayed, I won't ask for F+F. I will just use normal PayPal and pay the 1.20 fee or what ever
  11. Thank you all, I think my biggest issue is the friends and family. I have bought and paid for goods from MANY MEMBERS on here. They will agree I never had a issue. But leaving out 1 letter, then contacting them immediately, which wasn't touched or seen at the time, and PayPal doing nothing about it hurts. My bank said despite a goodwill gesture of £25 ( half) was welcomed and unexpected. They still advise me to contact the financial ombudsmen. I doubt there is anything that can be done, so I accept my loss. I will now on ask for a invoice or money request to my email. But as far as me typing for F+ F that's gone.
  12. Well a partial result. My bank gave me £25 As a good will gesture. So I lost £25. Oh well. I won't cry. I hate PayPal though. Really HATE!!
  13. Thank you both, I am in the UK as MOST of you know...… LOL But I plan on selling my poured silver as and when both in the UK and abroad to the USA. No major advertising, I wont be a big business like BYB … heck My kids will get the profits... I will get the money back to buy more silver. And this will be for another subject.. and when I am ready.. But How do I register to donate to a Charity apart from the online cause...… Perhaps contact a specific charity in person?