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  1. jonrms

    for sale Route 66

    I can vouch for how awesome these are!!! I always show this in my videos when the new coin comes out.
  2. @StackSellRepeat A MASSIVE thanks bud. My boys love these. Beyond kind and generous my friend
  3. OI Do I get a say who handles my wood???? ok..... I will now retreat to the naught step in hopes this never and I mean NEVER comes back up in conversation of any type..
  4. I will still root and be here ti encourage you all the way. I am super pleased you knew to order new crucibles too!!! PS great glazing. Alot of people struggle!!
  5. @BackyardBullion I wish I could work from my kitchen!! Great Job on 5 attempts!!👍👍👍👍👍 Remember Not to put anything but .925 in that crucible now. awesome
  6. 🖐 one nutcase who bought one for MY personal collection. Thanks bud can't wait to get it. 😊😊😊😊
  7. Thank you @Bullionbilly I am eager to try them both out and see what they weigh and how good the design comes out. I will need to still do some more Pronounced Aces too, as all but one of them has sold.
  8. Hello and welcome to the forum
  9. Thank you for being honest!!! I know you mentioned that smudge, which is from hand polishing, I noticed as you have that @BackyardBullion also had some, so I HUGELY apologise for these. I will put in another step to ensure all residue is removed before the final packaging. And what BYB mentioned, I will be changing the ink to. Also noted as a suggestion is to add the weights on the COA's . I will incorporate this with future sales. I am over the moon. And really pleased you enjoy both. Which do you prefer? And how is my camera to in your hands???
  10. jonrms


    Welcome to our community and forum
  11. Please note, I buy milk spotted coins above spot!!