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  1. oliversw5

    Why no love for Landmarks of Britain?

    All about design, they are awful. I don't even offer pre-orders on these coins..
  2. oliversw5

    for sale Gold coins

    That 1906 looks like a chocolate coin **for anyone reading I don't doubt its gold
  3. oliversw5

    Today I bought.....

    Cant say I blame you
  4. oliversw5

    Today I bought.....

    I looked at them but couldn't see any value. fingers crossed they are proofs
  5. oliversw5


    *sigh* I am sodding off back to facebook For what its worth I do sell sovs, they are cheaper and you won't get any lacklustre reason why I fail because I accept accountability.
  6. oliversw5


    Actually, I'd consider paying the extra to sell on here if here was a safe space
  7. oliversw5

    Fake Shield Sovereigns? - 1884-M

    Its off. I read somewhere that they used to fake with platinum before the metal was useful. Id get it scanned.
  8. oliversw5


    I wasn't going to add to this because I am ambivalent about this forum at best but I think I will. I personally think its not good enough in chards case, I am only small I fight for scraps at the bottom to make money doing what I love but regardless of terms and conditions they've dropped the ball on this case. If I couldn't source in 6 weeks Id quit because Id be embarrassed, Chards is possibly the benchmark for the UK market. It is indeed the company people like myself aspire to be like and I have blacklist of contacts that is a fraction of a fraction of a percent of theirs. Its not good enough, that customer is lost for life now and quite rightly so. Doesn't matter about terms and conditions if you can't do something in adequate timeframes then you shouldn't be offering the service. Just my humble opinion, I wait for people to jump down my throat. PS i actually think Chards does a very good job, they are one of the benchmarks but they need to sort out those T and Cs or other people will happily take their market share.
  9. oliversw5


    For what its worth my sovs are also sourced to order and cheaper and you would get up to date feedback on the order. Just saying..
  10. oliversw5

    wanted Looking for a South Africa 1 pond coin

    I really with I had known this, I recently just sold 2 :/
  11. oliversw5

    completed Stuff

    Ill take the 1/20s
  12. oliversw5

    completed Quarter gold sovereigns

  13. oliversw5

    London Mint Office

    Its a weird coin. Im undecided if at 375 its an expensive flop or a great investment. I actually picked it up in a pawn shop hence why I can sell it so cheap.