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  1. These are on Coin Connection site £150. hope this helps
  2. Hi there, Was wandering if anyone had heard any news on the release of the 2018 Piedfort Sovereign yet? Thanks, Dazzler
  3. Dazzler


    Hi there, My name is Darren I have only just started out collecting coins but im already hooked (much to the dismay of my wife) I live in the Northwest of England and will be celebrating our Silver Wedding Anniversary at the end of July this year. I have a beautiful daughter who will be 3 on the same day as our Anniversary so really looking forward to celebrating that. I have already bought the 2018 Gold Proof Sovereign and I reserved yesterday the Sapphire "Struck on the day" Coronation 2018 Sovereign which I see is now fully reserved so glad I got in there, I have also started collecting the Queens Beasts 1/4oz Gold Bullion coins I have the Lion & Griffin, the Dragon is next. look forward to reading articles & comments and hopefully make some of my own once I gain the knowledge. best wishes to you all, Darren. PS a big thanks to Numistacker for his help earlier with conservation/grading questions, and also for his comments on here yesterday about the Coronation Sovereign it was his comments that led me to reserve one.