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  1. not to be a pain or anything, but do you have the spreadsheet with all silver bought ATM, i would love to see what all members are buying. If not no worries
  2. What seems to be the most popular on the group order ATM, bar the standards like Britannias
  3. are the 10oz queen beast still contributing the most to this huge amount of silver
  4. We will definitely find out soon, i thing that is a bit weird as the account selling the silver has a quite reputable ebay account
  5. i might even buy it as the risk vs reward is quite high and it has 60 day returns
  6. 10 oz silver bar for £12.99, surely this cant be real? Or am i just being stupid https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/10-oz-Silver-Bar-9Fine-Mint-SKU-169456/232799673628?hash=item3633f11d1c:g:knkAAOSwruxbG313
  7. am i correct to think that the 2oz queen beast don't come in a capsule?
  8. what been the most popular this group order, because last time it was the 10oz QB dragon (well apart from Britannias and coins like that)
  9. im confusion i know the dragon and tiger design is really nice, but im confused why it is so popular for such a high price 1oz coin
  10. Whats everyone opinion on the new Perth Mint series, they have just released their first in the series with 50,000 mintage 1 oz silver Bird of Paradise Victoria’s Riflebird 2018 https://goldsilver.be/en/perth-mint/1873-1-oz-silver-bird-of-paradise-victorias-riflebird-2018.html
  11. do you know the coins that will come in capsules, as the majority of coins tend to come in a regular plastic bag?