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  1. zeusss4

    Alphabet 10p pieces

    I got a few today from the post office. I think they are being mixed up now as a full sealed bag had 12 of the alphabet coins in
  2. zeusss4

    Lackdales gold pandas

    My last auction I picked up 3 half sovereigns for £240 plus 24% Full sovereigns go for £180 - £200 However they also charge the seller 24% commission so they are getting quite a bit less
  3. zeusss4

    Lackdales gold pandas

    I don't understand why people put gold coins in auction. The fees are so high usual bullion sovereigns regularly sell below spot price
  4. zeusss4

    Nectar points

    Don't make me feel worse! Just had to buy a new Tv as the little one smashed our screen! Currys tv price was the same on eBay than there own store
  5. zeusss4

    Nectar points

    I forgot to use my double points voucher yesterday. I was wounded once I got to the checkout and realised I'd left it in the car.
  6. zeusss4

    Birthday wishes.

    I got a 1/4 oz beast of the missus for my 30th 🙏
  7. zeusss4

    Birthday wishes.

    Instead of socks lol
  8. zeusss4

    withdrawn 2017 Pf70 gold piedfort sovereign

    Offers considered
  9. zeusss4

    Snowman 50p Proof 2018

    I rang them order, order is still going ahead. They will take the payment when they are ready to dispatch. She said could be 1 week or could be 2 weeks. I don't think they know
  10. zeusss4

    Snowman 50p Proof 2018

    Just checked two different accounts and the royal mint has cancelled both orders for 3 black boxes on each. Is this normal and will they take the money back out when they are ready to dispatch or have they cancelled the orders? Cheers
  11. zeusss4

    Snowman 50p Proof 2018

    I think I got 01610 and 01612. Picked these almost a week after release date Shame I didn't get three might have had a nice run lol
  12. zeusss4

    2018 India Gold Sovereign

    Anyone know the 2018 mintage?
  13. zeusss4

    withdrawn 2017 Pf70 gold piedfort sovereign

    Sorry, yes it's a 2017
  14. Ngc pf70 piedfort with box and coa Double gold content to a regular sovereign £1000 including special delivery Thanks