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  1. Lion, Griffin, Dragon and Unicorn All in good condition, usual marks on capsules Selling as one lot, available for a few hours before eBay £725 delivered - probably the best price in town!
  2. No milking. All will be in good condition, can post pics later
  3. OFFER - include a set of 2oz queens beast £500 delivered - 10oz dragon and Phoenix plus 7 x 2oz queens beast
  4. These are still available. No contact from buyer.
  5. I also won a amazon kindle unlimited pass but this has been snapped up by a family member. Nice of Mac Donald’s
  6. I have one of the now tv entertainment passes which last for 3 months. Over 300 box sets and I’m pretty sure game of thrones is on. Won from the monopoly competition at Mac Donald’s. Drop me a pm if anyone wants this as I already have all these box sets. Please note you must cancel after 3 months free is up! Added 0 minutes later...
  7. Sand from the Sahara also blows across the Atlantic. Has done forever. It is what provides the nutrients for the rainforests in South American to blossom. Nothing to do with global warming.
  8. They will most likely have their own insurance policy incase anything went walk about
  9. These have been reserved until Thursday
  10. No milk on any of them. Some very light marks on queen on the unicorn, falcon and bull noticed on inspection