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  1. zeusss4

    for sale 1oz 2018 Perth Mint Tiger and Dragon

    5 please ash. Can you send postage amount
  2. Hello. I'm also quite new and haven't seen this product. I wouldn't however buy this as I believe this will demand a hefty premium. I try to stick to close to spot as possible and stuff like this is a no go for me.
  3. zeusss4

    Fake silver eagle from eBay.

    Lots of fakes but you can also find some good bargains. I picked up a Canada wood bison for £10.50 free post in an auction and sold it last week for £25
  4. zeusss4

    Renting out a home?

    Be wary of the likely tennants in a 40-50k property. It can be very difficult, tiresome and costly.
  5. zeusss4

    Fake silver eagle from eBay.

    There is a tab at the top of purchased items where it is something like cases opened or something. You can click this and see the listing, and you can leave negative feedback. Happened to me recently, you won't find it on mobile either.
  6. zeusss4

    completed Cheap swans

    I have 2016 pandas. A tray of 15. What kind of exchange would interest you?
  7. zeusss4

    for sale Gold Sovereign

    Sold, thanks
  8. zeusss4

    for sale Gold Sovereign

    Have to fund a forum purchase so i have to sell. Looking for £240 and i will pay the delivery. Payment PayPal or Bank transfer. If not takers i will have to take it to jewelers monday morning and sell
  9. zeusss4

    Today I Received

    Nice beast with eBay 20% off
  10. eBay take the hit. The make a bomb in commission, should do it more often.
  11. zeusss4

    End game / why stack / why collect

    My reason is very simple. I'm a waster lol. I've spent all my money on nothing including a lot gambling. I haven't gambled in 2 month and have bought precious metal instead. Short term I think I've done quite well apart from a couple of over priced common sovs at the start. For example two 10oz bars I've picked up, I've turned down £40 and £45 profit on each. I've also picked up a 10g gold bar from this forum for below spot if you shop about and spend some research time (ask my missus about this lol) investment increase, in my opinion can be very good
  12. Interesting topic. I received a 2013 maple weighing a whooping 3.61g. Been through lots of images and it looks very geniuene. But the weight was bothering me. Funnily enough I also have a 2013 bison. These coins placed together are a exact match in thickness and diameter. Checked the specs and they are supposed to be the same according to jm bullion so I think I have an extra 0.5 gram in 1 coin
  13. Had just done that, picked up a 10oz queens beast dragon for £150. Not bad
  14. I'm struggling to find anything that isn't listed under the coin category except a proof £2 coin which is slightly over priced anyway
  15. Oh I see, I didn't go that far down lol. I was also on .co.uk