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  1. zeusss4

    Today I Received

    Somalian elephant dog privy. Super service from @kneehow2018 Added 0 minutes later... Somalian elephant dog privy. Super service from @kneehow2018
  2. zeusss4

    withdrawn 10g Perth mint bar

    Available with an extra 10% off on eBay for a forum member
  3. zeusss4

    withdrawn 10g Perth mint bar

    Listed on eBay. Will accept an offer of £320 before lunchtime time and I can cancel the listing in reasonable time
  4. zeusss4

    withdrawn 10g Perth mint bar

    Unfortunately I removed this from its packaging as you can see. This was my first bar and had it tested at jewellers. All good Priced at £335 which includes special delivery All payments accepted, add fees for g/s
  5. @kneehow2018 Might still have some lions available. Top guy
  6. zeusss4

    Today I Received

    Some halves
  7. zeusss4

    Yodel joy

    Most Hermes and yodel driver are employed on a pay as you deliver rate. The rate, I believe is around 70p per parcel. Pretty poor rate. From personal experience of having this same thing happen to me before, the driver will mark his deliveries as delivered for either payment or will wait for a few deliveries in same area to save fuel. I wouldn't be surprised if it turned up in a day or two These companies can easily rectify these issues however they choose to pay there drivers shockingly low rates.
  8. zeusss4

    Royal Mint 10 oz and 100 oz Silver Bars!

    Will this be available in the uk? Might take a 10oz if the premium isn't huge
  9. zeusss4

    wanted 1/10 gold coins

    I would also be interested, if possible of a 1/10 lunar series 2, except the tiger or rabbit Looking to continue the set on, however some of the premiums are scaring me off Thanks
  10. zeusss4

    Age of a stacker

    Just turned 30.....started approx 6 month ago
  11. zeusss4

    for sale 1985 gold proof sovereign

    Listing on eBay £1 fee, last chance if anyone wants it
  12. zeusss4

    for sale 1985 gold proof sovereign

    Reduced to £310 including special delivery
  13. zeusss4

    1 tallar gold coin

    Yea that's what I found. Modern restrike. Thanks
  14. zeusss4

    withdrawn Beasts

    Bump 10oz and griffin still available. Will take £180 posted for the both
  15. zeusss4

    1 tallar gold coin

    Added 2 now, they aren't great though