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  1. Sold, thanks Sorry to the member that missed out
  2. Reduced to £515 for the pair. Delivered via special delivery. Believe this to be below spot price
  3. 2 full sovereigns. In capsules from h&b £270 plus post each or both delivered via special delivery for £530 Bank transfer please Thanks
  4. I was scammed on gumtree buying coins. Paypal refused to do anything. Luckily I used my Barclaycard who refunded me within 7 days. Just had to print out the transaction details and send it to them.
  5. There will be another snowman coming. Might be worth hanging onto as no doubt the newer release will be a higher mintage
  6. It could easily be filled in? Would it be noticeable once done?
  7. There not real 50p are they? I read they were an official Disney commemorative coin Edit - just realised Isle of Man
  8. Would split into pairs. £140 delivered for a piedfort and regular silver proof
  9. Expensive paper! They must be making a killing with these offers they keep posting out. I believe it is the “gsm” paper quality. They higher the better.
  10. It’s working for me on iPhone. £249 on main page but the £224 link is still there if you search for it.
  11. Check your junk folder, that’s where mine ended up
  12. I used the £224 link today and ordered 3 My order confirmation turned out to be in the junk folder I haven’t ordered sovereigns off them but got some falcons a few month back and been hounded by them ever since
  13. Swap for a bullion 2002, 2005 or 2012 sovereign in decent condition or any shield sovereign?