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  1. I was expecting it to be lower, compared to recent releases and the fact there have been a lot lately
  2. Choice of coins, both look in very good condition
  3. Hoping to convert this in to silver funds £300 delivered, today only
  4. Juve Man C Man U (very hard pick) Liverpool
  5. The outer box is very loose, looks like it’s just been flung together and the inside of the black flip box is full of tiny black fluff/dust
  6. 2 piedfort hawkings and 1/4 gold lion Not to impressed with packaging of hawking but never mind
  7. Still for sale First and only price drop otherwise I will keep this £310 Thanks
  8. Have two of these so letting one go £320 posted special delivery Picture to follow this evening
  9. Just got a dispatch email with tracking for special delivery Will probably get a red card tomorrow