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  1. Have you seen the prices of these surgical mask's... Sod that I'll buy a few more Oz of Ag.
  2. Nah then Only one thing tighter than a duck's arse..... it's a Yorkshireman who stacks PM's.
  3. You weasel. Owt to come between me and half
  4. You imported Cling film and a label. Don't tell me you didn't because the picture is there for all to see.🤪👆
  5. I think the 'attempt' refers to the fact that they cannot guarantee that someone will answer the door - and that 'attempt' indicates they will either hand over the parcel or leave a 'while you were out card'. That is my reading of this. AHH.. yes that does make sense.
  6. I get the same royal mail delivery person @ the same-ish time every day 1130-1230...have done for years. They tend to bring the next day before 1pm packages. No complaints on my side. Our service guarantee is to attempt delivery by 1.00pm the next working day - exceptions apply to some addresses. 👆 The use of " attempt ' to me is maybe a get out clause.
  7. Err...I don't want to see any pictures of you shiting thanks.
  8. Good for you for listening to you body and actually doing something about it. Like you say health is by far one of life's true treasure's.👍
  9. Beef dripping lard and fresh batter mix with fresh cod/haddock (not frozen) and new season potatoes June/July makes best fish and chips..
  10. Groundup

    Found Silver Coins

    I'd keep the brick in me living room and every time I looked at it... It would be a reminder of good fortune.
  11. Wickham is part of UK Gold Bullion. I have never used either company.
  12. I've all to-date New Zealand 2 Oz ultra high relief silver coins. I personally think this is the best of the series, most are done well and others not so. There's even a Darth Vader miniature statue. Quite pricey but looks Good.
  13. Groundup

    China's Gold

    Just watched this. Very interesting Never heard of this guy. Then he plugged a book called Daylight Robbery, I bought this audio book months ago. Hopefully I learn something 😳
  14. I'm a domestic in the events industry.. I know something more irritating than those wet floor signs. It's the kn**heads that report a wet spillage for a teaspoon amount of liquid on the floor,
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