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  1. Hi @Hotnhigh welcome to TSF. Very true👍
  2. That's the spirit son one more posative question answered. Keep them coming.👍. I trust you checked the kinesis telegram site out.There are many professional people on there, from all professions faithfully scrutinizing kinesis.money.
  3. @passiveaggressive your thoughts on kinesis accepting tether as payment for KVT
  4. I wasted 20 quid and 8 hrs of me life...when I could have watched YouTube. 😫 Your right about it being awful for the most part but I've spent £20 on worse things. 👊
  5. @passiveaggressive if your intention is to burst our bubble about kinesis it's not working. Your questions are valid.. Answers have been given to you. You either accept them or you don't.. your choice. Faith is what we have Trust is what we have Positive is what we are We're adults, we understand the risks... we do due diligence.. we only invest what we can afford to lose. If not kinesis who do you suggest is the best alternative.👊
  6. I started stacking and was doing well until recently (late 2017)... Numismatic coins then caught my eye, fair enough I have some lovely coins and art bars (cabinet pieces). Will I make a profit on this type of silver... I doubt it... this is why I only buy pieces I like or have an affinity too. I've spent a small on fortune on these luxury and high premium items and gald in a way I did because it has reinforced my desire to go back to weight stacking PM's. I feel I'm getting a bargain at a few percent over spot. Highest price so far was £150 per oz of Ag.. it is a nice coin though.
  7. After finishing the richest man in Babylon audio book, I came across this book. It's on a similar thread, it's not really the sort of book I usually go for but there are points that just click and I thought wow that make sense.
  8. @passiveaggressive hi Regarding fee listings, when the kinesis pay e wallet is launched the fee break down will be available... Open and transparency is what kinesis is all about. You can find even more answers on kinesis telegram or kinesis.money live chat. Also there is a kinesis community forum where valuable information can be gained.👊
  9. As the title says investing, why then would you rite off other PM's. I would suggest doing some reading up on Monterey history ect ect and get to know the PM's your Inveting in. Decide a strategy that suits what type of invester you are. Platinum... to risky!!! Silver..... Toy Palladium...I don't know to much. Gold... better respected Investing is about achieving a profit is it not. Good luck 👍
  10. The original joke is a little close to the bone. Let's say If I'd had told that version, all the snow flakes (pun intended) would have been out in force.
  11. A women walks into a pub and says to a man Let's talk about "the weather" The man reply's "The weather!!" The woman comes back with Weather your buying me a drink or not.
  12. That chart looks so boring. Give me the changeable British weather anyday.
  13. Yes I believe this to be true Any unsold KVT's from the current public sale would be locked up for 1 year. If these are then offered after the lockup period, they would be at market prices. Those market prices could be substantially higher than the current offer price of $1,000. My thoughts are that the yields on any unsold KVT's, plus the reserve fund KVT's will fall through to Kinesis to fund future expansion. This would certainly bode well for funding of the project after May. KVT's will have a market price driven by the developing yield track record and expectations of future yield (rate of growth should factor into this). It would be cumbersome to be selling a KVT with accumulated yields at a different price to those that initial buyers might be already trading (selling) in the secondary market. Thoughts from kinesis telegram member.
  14. A few years ago I read the book the richest man in Babylon. One of the many concepts in this book was to make your gold make... "more gold" I believe kinesis forefills and addresses this aspect along with other benefits.
  15. This project is picking up the pace with product development and implementation.