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  1. Groundup

    Michael H

    How did you here about kinesis. Just curious to know.
  2. Nobody wants the type of grapes up my arse😝
  3. Is there anyone selling these on this forum. Please PM me. Thanks 👌
  4. Don't stop buying gold... Just buy fractional gold that suits your budget.
  5. To make matters worse I'm going to blackmail you for 50 quid. Pay up or I drop a dime and grass you up to the missus.😆😆😆
  6. Up ere in da Norf the delivery drivers no Betta than to be abusive. Try going t door wi tats on show and devil dog barking in background.
  7. So KVT will be accessed by all American citizens. Not just accredited investors.
  8. Go down to the rescue center. Give a dog a loving home.
  9. I tend not to let my imagination rule investment decisions. May I suggest reading the documents at kinesis.money website or head over to kinesis telegram and ask questions. Maybe you just might change your decision.
  10. If your first name and last name are the same it's easy to share documents.
  11. I was told to make sure the overpayment was applied to the balance and not just the interest.
  12. As I thought an irreverent comment by the poster. Thanks
  13. One guy on here, has said in his opinion, Veritas are not trustworthy auditors. He gave no more details. Should I be concerned about his opinion.