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  1. Groundup


    Post office ATM tend to do £5 note withdrawal irespective of social area.
  2. Groundup

    Pricing Gold Britannia's for sale

    Brexit.. i say brexit... it's definitely Brexits fault that these Britannias have not sold yet.
  3. Groundup

    Fractional gold

    The ratio aspect is a personal one due to many factors... storage...income...long or short term hold...ect. Silver I think is a long hold and the fractionals are not a bad buy if that's all you can afford currently. I buy fractionals when I'm skint... I buy ounces when I'm flush.... I buy silver because I love Ag.
  4. The PM's sector is full of Muppets and shrills. I don't think it's harsh to call them such when they get it wildly wrong.
  5. Wealth Watchmen was a good truth teller. He doesn't post much these days. Max keiser mad as bag of frogs, but Stacey keeps him on the meds. They opened my eyes to both PM's and crypto/Blockchain. Some of the people max and Stacey have interviewed over the years have been a wealth of valuable information.
  6. From the hubby😂😂😂
  7. Which came first the chicken or the !!!
  8. Groundup


    Revolut app Currency fair Sorry misunderstood this is for money transfers
  9. Groundup

    Stacking till the Floor Boards Crack

    Welcome EdNug Surprisingly we have followed a similar path in terms of when started and whom we first purchaced from. PM's is a very twisted road and takes one to some strange areas, especially on this forum.👍
  10. Groundup

    vol au vant !

    Vol au vants... Wow, you must be at least upper middle class. Goats Cheese and Asparagus.. double wow.. FERRERO ROCHER anyone. 😂😂😂
  11. Groundup

    big brother parking

    I use public transport, this area of transportation in quickly moving to tracking your movements pre paid cards (with detailed information on who the card holder is) Pay by phone The retired and disabled folk have chipped passes. What next compulsory sat Nav on bicycle's.
  12. Groundup


    October--- 48 You sound older than i look.....coinster 😛
  13. Groundup

    Hook a Floater

    Sh*t must be this year's in-toy theme.
  14. Groundup

    Kinesis Gold and Silver currency

    A lot of attention is being brought to the stable coin concept, especially with the recent volatility and downside in the crypto currencies. I read more and more about the term stable coins. A lot of positive moves and deals are happening at the right time for kinesis.money
  15. I love my country... F*** Brexit. Got friends, Got family, Got a stack of metals. Got land. Ect Life's what you make of it. There are opportunities in every situation.. bring it on..