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  1. Groundup

    Dealer visit and Interview - Powercoin.it

    I have been buying from powercoin.it for a number of years now. Very trusted dealer. Customer service is second to none. They do a redeemable points system that's a plus. Postage takes about a week which is ok to say it's from Italy. I like CIT (coin investment trust) coins and they have a lot in that range.
  2. Groundup

    Kinesis Gold and Silver currency

    Tom originally wanted the KVT be distributed to the people first. The KVT will be sold at some point. It's just a matter of time. I've got my stake and that's the most important thing to me at this point.
  3. Groundup

    Brexit 4 gold coin challenge

    Interesting... Because if and big if... gold coins were confiscated which coins would be exempt... Collectibles Legal tender foreign coins.
  4. Groundup

    How much over spot is considered normal?

    Can you use this coin and explain how I would apply your equation to find the premium in percentage terms. https://www.powercoin.it/en/royal-australian-mint/3608-pig-lunar-year-1-oz-silver-coin-5-australia-2019.html Thanks.
  5. Groundup

    Brexit 4 gold coin challenge

    Me and the missus would be knocking some kids out like there going out off fashion if this ever happened
  6. Groundup

    How much over spot is considered normal?

    I should have said in percentage
  7. Groundup

    How much over spot is considered normal?

    Anyone got a simple equation to work out premium over spot, without delivery. Thanks.
  8. Groundup

    Royal Mint's laziest coin to date

    Not a good design, but at least it's not over complicated like the RM Lunar Pig... My eyes cannot even make out the writing. Them radial line's make the letters blurred and indistinguishable. Somebody or body's at the RM are totally out of control.
  9. Groundup

    2019 Sovereign

    If I remember correctly a lot of UK coins start to be released around September October November and December.
  10. Groundup

    BRITANNIA 2018 oriental border 100 box?

    Somebody's got some serious mullah to spend. Sorry I thought you mentioned gold ones. Lol
  11. Groundup

    colloidal silver

    We are both Wright. Rain water is pure And it does collect impurities on way down to earth. As far as toxic... that's just what they want you to believe so you carry on buying there poisonous chemical drugs.
  12. Groundup

    New gold delivery

    Bullion by post has a sister site. It's cheaper and more competitive to other bullion dealers as well as bullion by post.
  13. Groundup

    Bullion Dealer Bham?

    Just to add they have a sister store at same address that are cheaper in price. And you can log in using same email and password as by BBP.
  14. Groundup

    Bullion Dealer Bham?

    Bullion by post do a walk in with cash at the counter. AML laws apply. As recently as 1st July 2018 they withdraw there pay cash at the Barclays service, or should I say Barclays withdrew that service from bullion by post.
  15. Groundup

    colloidal silver

    No stopping you now. Best stuff ever. Make your own using a series of batteries and and distilled water. I've never tried it but I think rain water is quite pure, try collecting some in a glass jar and using the battery method, after all it's only for use in boots. I imagine the bought stuff is quite expensive. You can buy pure silver rods from eBay's, just make sure it's from a reputable source.