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  1. Groundup

    Found Silver Coins

    I'd keep the brick in me living room and every time I looked at it... It would be a reminder of good fortune.
  2. Wickham is part of UK Gold Bullion. I have never used either company.
  3. I've all to-date New Zealand 2 Oz ultra high relief silver coins. I personally think this is the best of the series, most are done well and others not so. There's even a Darth Vader miniature statue. Quite pricey but looks Good.
  4. Groundup

    China's Gold

    Just watched this. Very interesting Never heard of this guy. Then he plugged a book called Daylight Robbery, I bought this audio book months ago. Hopefully I learn something 😳
  5. I'm a domestic in the events industry.. I know something more irritating than those wet floor signs. It's the kn**heads that report a wet spillage for a teaspoon amount of liquid on the floor,
  6. What do you call a Yugoslavian prostitute...slavadownmecockubitch
  7. Yes I have no watch. I've always wanted a quality watch but sadly never been able to commit to purchasing one due to living a life ruled by Wants and Needs This next year I just might tip the scales to be Want heavy and get myself a Tag Heuer. I've always liked this brand since watching F1 on TV. The lap timer was Tag. I always liked the luxury watchers but chosen to not wear a watch until I could afford a really decent timepiece. I'd have a Tag Heuer for everyday wear I'd have to do some research for a high end bling watch for special occasions.
  8. Full household + pets + OCD = constant workload. Nobody want to leave home yet! Enjoy your dog walk🦴🐕
  9. There are now PM's company's that take crypto currency for bullion. Some are UK based. If you decide to take some profit. This could be an option.
  10. I know it's SAD but I managed to get all the bedding washed and dried in one day. And today I managed 3 loads, and they'll be dry too.🙄😏🌞🌞🌞.
  11. Probably the longest Hollywood marriage there is too.