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  1. Did you purchase it from a dealer? Link?
  2. Where did you get all those 50 francs/commemorative guldens? Struggling to find them at a good price.
  3. Because the integrity of the coin I spent money on is being questioned?
  4. Hmm, do you know anybody here you can tag that would be able to tell me definitively?
  5. Is there something specific that looks wrong? Don't have calipers at the moment, will have a look.
  6. Nooooo. Met up with the guy and paid with cash. He has real feedback with an actual history of selling coinage. Do you see anything suspect with the pictures I uploaded?
  7. I've purchased tons of silver from him in the past, has 1000+ feedback on a variety of coin sales. Its weight matches up approximately. It was sold at a discount because of the bad scratchings on the face.
  8. I purchased it for 105 pounds which at the moment is around spot. I know the gold-silver ratio is heavily favoured in silver but I saw the price and jumped on it.
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