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  1. silverguide

    Silver Bullion Guide

    Just a friendly reminder ... if you downloaded the book and found it useful, I would very much appreciate an Amazon review. Thanks, Michael.
  2. silverguide

    Silver Bullion Guide

    Assuming that there is interest, the intent was to make this guide an annual release. It would be updated, ideally with the help of forum members, and then released annually. Good catch with the 2015 release. I was unaware of the limited eBay release. The next release will definitely include this information.
  3. silverguide

    Silver Bullion Guide

    You can read the physical book. You just have to pay to do so. Sorry.
  4. silverguide

    Silver Bullion Guide

    Great - hope you find it useful.
  5. silverguide

    Silver Bullion Guide

    Yes, there is a print version currently available on Amazon. However, Amazon does not let you give the print version away. :-)
  6. silverguide

    Silver Bullion Guide

    Greetings all, I recently finished writing a book on silver bullion - The Definitive Guide to Collecting, Investing & Stacking Silver Bullion by Michael Allaway. Since I have benefited from a great many of the discussions on the Silver Forum I thought that I would make the guide available to the members here. It is currently available at no charge on Amazon kindle. Hopefully you find the guide useful. All I ask is that if you do find the guide useful please take the time to write a review. Feedback is also welcome. All the best, Michael