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    Lucylucy got a reaction from Gildeon in Lunar Coloured   
    Perth Mint Lunar Coloured
    I am looking for the following:-
    2008 Mouse  all
    2009 Ox     all
    2011 Rabbit  all
    2014 Horse 1/2,1,10 oz
    2016 Monkey 1/2, 5, 10 oz
    2017 Rooster 1/2, 5,10 oz
    2019 Pig All
    I know that these issues are not popular but I like them!
    I can get the 10 oz Rooster  and Monkey from Goldsilver be but I have been a bit worried about the adverse publicity on the Forum. The 5 oz appear to be hard to find.
    Thanks for any help.
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    Lucylucy reacted to fehk2001 in EBAY 15% OFF   
    10AM TIL 23.59PM
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    Lucylucy got a reaction from StackSellRepeat in Coins silver duplicate   
    Both Sold
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    Lucylucy reacted to AlphaBeast in FREE SILVER - DRAW NOW CLOSED   
    Nice one!
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    Lucylucy got a reaction from MickD in Perth Mint Lunar Box   
    Thanks Mick
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    Lucylucy got a reaction from JohnA in Lunar 2 w/Privy   
    I have six of these Lunar 2 Lion Privy as follows
    Dragon    2012
    Snake    2013
    Horse    2014
    Goat     2015
    Monkey    2016
    Rooster    2017