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  1. Lucylucy

    Sovereign sale

    I would like to sell these coins but getting to the PO is difficult for me so I don't want to sell them one by one I have looked at the prices on Bullion by Post, Ebay and Chards, and the 2005 has a premium, I think. Could anyone give me a fair price to ask? Thanks Frank
  2. Lucylucy

    Sovereign sale

    Hello I am about to sell 10 bullion sovereigns to a dealer and I expect to get about £260 each less post costs. Included is a 2005 Sovereign which I believe commands a bit of a premium over the bullion costs. Am I mistaken? Thanks
  3. Thank you everyone for your help and advice
  4. I recently sent a boxed set of coins to a buyer. The weight was marginally over 2Kg and I was charged £26+ for special delivery with cover up to £250. This is quite an expense - about 10% of the value. Are there any alternatives - I cannot find a courier who will give this level of cover? Thanks
  5. Thanks Frenchie- that was very helpful. Unfortunately they sold out of the coin I was looking for! Ah well! Fr ank
  6. Hello Frenchie The web address is https://numismatique-or-argent.eu/en/ The postal address is numismatique-or-argent 3 rue Roland GARROS 41000 BLOIS, France Call us: 33234460243 Email us: numixpert@gmail.com
  7. Hello Has anyone used this dealer based in France? Any feedback would be appreciated Thanks
  8. Lucylucy


    Hello Has anyone used Numistmatique-or-argent which is based in France? Any information would be appreciated Thanks
  9. Has anyone got one or both of these Kookaburras for sale? Thanks
  10. Thanks Coolsmp Sorry that I missed your post Frank
  11. Hello I have read this thread with interest bt I am confused about my holding of Britannias which, apart from a date run are as follows:- Snake Edge 2013 Horse Edge 2014 Sheep Edge 2015 Monkey Edge 2016 Rooster Edge 2017 Dog Edge 2018 Fleur de Lys 2017 Oriental Border 2018 Oriental Border 2019 Can anyone tell me what I am missing and whether I should get them? Many thanks as usual Frank
  12. Goldsilverbe offered 199.89 + 29 = 228.89 Euros Auragentum offered 208 + 19 = 227 Euros (includes optional Buyer Protection at .98 Euros) Not a lot to choose! Frank
  13. Thanks again everyone. I have 5 boxedfull sets of Perth Mint Coloured Lunar coins (1/2 to 10 oz) which I cannot find on the Eay sold listings.I have no idea if they are worth any more than Bullion although I paid a lot more in the past. Frank
  14. Thanks for the advice I was primarly concerned with avaluation for insurance. I was disappointed to learn that my date run of Kookaburras (and presumably Philharomic, Eagles Koalas and Noah's Ark ) together with my Lunar coloured sets are only worth bullion value! Frank