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  1. I have a run of 5 (2013 - 2017) of these coins and I wonder if there are any more issued or to come? Any help with a sale valuation would be appreciated as well as I would like to sell them. Thank you
  2. Hello Has anyone any spare Monkey King Coins for sale? Thank you Frank
  3. Is there any reason why the 10 oz Queens Beasts are not issued with the 2oz? I'm confused
  4. Thanks very much - I thought I had missed the Falcon!
  5. Can anyone bring me up to date with the Queens Beasts 10 oz. coins? I have the first five but what is the position with the Falcon and the Yale? Thank you
  6. I am looking to downsize my collection a bit and wish to offer some items for sale on the Forum. I am very unsure about valuations and dubious about Ebay prices. Chrissilver has suggested I ask for help with the valuations and any advice would be appreciated. The coins are as follows:- CANADA Wildlife 2011/13 (Grizzly,Wolf,Puma,Elk,Bison,Antelope) 6 coins Birds of Prey 2014/2015 4 Coins Predator 2016/18 3 Coins Bison 2015 Arctic (1 1/4 oz) 2013/2017 5 Coins AUSTRALIA Funnel web Spider Crocodile Stock Horse Set 5 coins I would prefer to sell them in bulk or sets rather than individually. They are all BU Encapsulated Thank you
  7. I am on the list for a walnut box, but I wnder if you still have a black one? Frank
  8. Hello. I am looking for 10 oz Queens Beasts apart from the Lion Any offers - thank you
  9. Thank you to everybody for advice
  10. Thanks for your help - just what I needed Frank
  11. Thanks - That is an idea but I would prefer not to split the coins from the box if at all possible.
  12. Hello, I am wondering if anyone can help. I am selling a bulky set of silver coins in a wooden box - the weight is 2/3 kg and the value about £400. As far as I can see the Parcelforce charge is in the order of £40 for a pickup from my home, and I uunderstand that eg Hermes will not cover the coins in transit. Can anyone help with this? Is the RM charge reasonable? Thank you