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  1. I would like a professional or knowledgeable person to value my collection - as I said - I would be willing to pay for this but it would seem that this service is not available. I an not keen on an Auction House valuation, however I cannot see any way past this. I find valuing the coins very difficult. For instance what is a full date run of encapsulated 1 oz silver kookaburras worth? Or (please don't laugh) a full set of boxed Perth Mint (1/2 to 10 oz) coloured? I do not find Ebay necessarily helpful. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Frank
  2. Hello Does anyone know a reputable company or individual who will give, for a reasonable fee, a valuation of mainly a fairly extensive collection of modern silver coins? Thank you
  3. Thanks RM have now told me that it will be early October. Frank
  4. Thanks -I'm a bit lost with the 2 oz and 10 oz! Frank
  5. Hello Does anyone know when this will be issued - I understand that it could be this month? Thanks Frank
  6. Hello Has anyone got one or both of the above coins for sale? Thank you Frank
  7. Lucylucy

    Koala 10 oz

    Many thanks to everyone who has helped me with the issue details for the 10 oz Koala. You can't beat the Forum for advice and information Thanks again Frank
  8. Lucylucy

    Koala 10 oz

    Hello Can anyne help with a full list of dates when the 10 oz Koalas were issued? I am a bit confused with the Perth Mint website! Thank you - I would be interested in any for sale. Frank
  9. Lucylucy

    closed 10 ounce

    Hello Can I have the Kookaburra please?
  10. Many thanks to everyone who has responded to my question with such sound and honest suggestions. It is really good to have such support from the Forum to the inexperienced. Thanks again and I shall reply individually shortly.
  11. Any help would be most appreciated. I am a silver collector with no experience in buying/selling gold. I have ten sovereigns which I wish to dispose of as follows 1881 Victoria 1887 1899 1909 Edward 1913 George V 1915 George V 1915 George V 1964 Elizabeth 1966 Elizabeth 2005 Elizabeth They are all non capsulated or slabbed and presumably have been handled but there is no apparent damage-does this make them bullion coins? I am having difficulty in establishing a reasonable sale price - I find the numbers on Ebay a little confusing! Can anyone help with a price - would it be better to sell the individually or as a bulk lot and who to? I realise that this is a big ask but any guidance would be most appreciated
  12. Lucylucy

    closed Completed

    Thanks for coin A1 Frank
  13. Thanks that's great! All the best Frank