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  1. Thanks again trp. I am at this stage with the account opening Sorry, your application has not yet been approved. We will require additional information in order to approve your account and this make take several days to complete. One of our customer service representatives will be in touch with you shortly. No contact from the "customer service representative" after 4 days! I'll take your advice and wait as I am a bit fed up
  2. Following trp's suggestion (thanks) I tried to buy one 10 oz coin from the Royal Mint. To do this I had to open account which I have found impossible - the website would not accept any of the three identification document and I could receive no help from RM. I have been held on the phone for 30+ minutes and gave up.Am I just unlucky? Anyway, does any one know if the 10oz Royal Arms is available elsewhere? Any help on either of these matters would be appreciated. Thanks
  3. 10 Oz Koala to complete my date run. He has been an elusive little beast(s) but I've finally tracked him down although I had to pay a bit over the odds!
  4. Sorry about that - I was looking for the original request. I shall post a photo and price. Frank
  5. I seem to recall that a member was looking for this coin but I cannot track the request down. I have one for sale if anyone is still interested.
  6. Not GeigerEdelmetalle - I have dealt with this firm in the past with no problems. Frank
  7. Hello I am trying to make a payment via Transferwise to a company in Germany, but have received a message saying that "they are not accepting payments to this recipient" I have not dealt with this company before - could it mean they are a bit dodgy? Any comments would be appreciated Frank
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