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  1. Lucylucy

    wanted Lunar Goat Coloured

  2. Lucylucy

    wanted Lunar Goat Coloured

    Hello Has anyone got a 1/2,1, 2, or 5 oz Perth Mint coloured Goat for sale? Thank you Frank
  3. Lucylucy

    Perth Mint Lunar Box

    Thanks Mick
  4. Lucylucy

    Perth Mint Lunar Box

    Hello Can anyone tell me where to find a box for a Perth Mint Lunar Dog Set (5-2-1-1/2 oz)? Thank you
  5. Has anyone got a 5 or 10 oz Perth Mint Lunar for sale? Thank you
  6. Lucylucy

    5oz or 10oz Perth Mint Lunar

  7. Lucylucy

    5oz or 10oz Perth Mint Lunar

    I have a full set of 1oz Series 1 & 2 Australian lunar coins, and I am considering starting collecting the 5/10 oz series. I have made a lot of mistakes in the past on prices and would like some advice. Do you think this is a good idea and where should I look for them? I cannot afford more than one or two purchases a month. Are there any members with coins to sell? Thank you very much
  8. Lucylucy

    1 oz Silver 20th Anniversary Britannia

    Have you still got the edge lettered britannia for sale?
  9. Lucylucy

    for sale 1oz 2016 silver Britannia monkey rim privy

    Hello Do you have any Monkey Privy left? Are they badly marked? Thanks
  10. Lucylucy

    Perth Mint Lunar 2 coloured

    Thank you Zeusss4 Iwas really after the colourised set but after the post from onlyroadisheaven I am thinking again!
  11. Lucylucy

    Perth Mint Lunar 2 coloured

    Thank you. Just one problem - can you direct me to the Sales section on the Forum. I'm a bit of a beginner!
  12. Lucylucy

    Perth Mint Lunar 2 coloured

    Any help would be appreciated. My wife would like to buy me a set of the Lunar 2 coloured series (2008 - 2017?) - either the 1/2 oz or the 1 oz. To buy these on EBay is confusing particularly with the Postage costs for individual items. Could anyone give me a very rough estimate for either of these sets and where they can be found? Thank you
  13. Lucylucy

    Royal Mint Proof Coins

    I recently sold a silver lot at a well known Auction House as follows:- 5 1oz Britannias 3 1 oz other silver 23 Silver .925 Commonwealth coins A 4 piece boxed set of QE II 1977 Jubilee with coas 10 pre 1926 GB silver including a Gothic Florin About 59 silver threepenny bits After commissions I got £193 with which I was a bit disappointed! Was I a fool to sell them like this - would it have been better with seperate lots?
  14. Lucylucy

    Lunar 2 w/Privy

    I have six of these Lunar 2 Lion Privy as follows Dragon 2012 Snake 2013 Horse 2014 Goat 2015 Monkey 2016 Rooster 2017
  15. Lucylucy

    1oz American Silver Eagle Exclusive to the UK

    Marko, As a newish member I have just picked up your comments about the Britannia Edge Privies. I also have been drawn into collecting the Britannia Edge Privy coins, much to my subsequent dismay. I agree that it is totally unethical to stop bona fide UK collectors from obtaining the couns without a massive premium. I contacted Goldco.com who I believe are the sole benificiaries of the Dog (2018) coin to be told curtly that they do not ship to the UK. I felt strongly about this matter so I wrote a complaint to the CEO of the Royal Mint and received the following reply: I am currently out of the office on annual leave returning Thursday 12th October and then shortly thereafter will be leaving the business for pastures new. If anything urgent is required please leave me a message on my mobile and I'll get back to you as quickly as I can. Alternatively I will forward your email onto the most relevant person to respond.Regards, Adam. Good annual leave until October! I feel that this is an old and standard reply. I have followed it up and await a further reply. Frank Eyles