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  1. 10 oz Kookaburra 2014 in BU condition. Mark on bottom right on capsule only. £165 plus SD postage
  2. 1997 Kookaburra Phoenix Gold Privy with Box and COA. £27.50 plus your choice of postage
  3. Wanted as above to complete set if anyone has a spare. Thanks
  4. Hello I am looking for these coins (one of each only) if anyone has any spare Thanks
  5. Lucylucy

    Sovereign sale

    I would like to sell these coins but getting to the PO is difficult for me so I don't want to sell them one by one I have looked at the prices on Bullion by Post, Ebay and Chards, and the 2005 has a premium, I think. Could anyone give me a fair price to ask? Thanks Frank
  6. Lucylucy

    Sovereign sale

    Hello I am about to sell 10 bullion sovereigns to a dealer and I expect to get about £260 each less post costs. Included is a 2005 Sovereign which I believe commands a bit of a premium over the bullion costs. Am I mistaken? Thanks
  7. Thank you everyone for your help and advice
  8. I recently sent a boxed set of coins to a buyer. The weight was marginally over 2Kg and I was charged £26+ for special delivery with cover up to £250. This is quite an expense - about 10% of the value. Are there any alternatives - I cannot find a courier who will give this level of cover? Thanks
  9. Thanks Frenchie- that was very helpful. Unfortunately they sold out of the coin I was looking for! Ah well! Fr ank
  10. Hello Frenchie The web address is https://numismatique-or-argent.eu/en/ The postal address is numismatique-or-argent 3 rue Roland GARROS 41000 BLOIS, France Call us: 33234460243 Email us: numixpert@gmail.com
  11. Hello Has anyone used this dealer based in France? Any feedback would be appreciated Thanks
  12. Lucylucy


    Hello Has anyone used Numistmatique-or-argent which is based in France? Any information would be appreciated Thanks