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  1. Lucylucy

    Boxed Sets

  2. Lucylucy

    Boxed Sets

    Thanks for your help - it's appreciated
  3. Lucylucy

    Boxed Sets

    When I started collecting I bought several boxed sets of Silver Coins including Solomon Islands Fighting Ships 24 coins Channel Islands History of Royal Navy Gibraltar A Royal Year 12 Channel Islands V C Recipients 18 Channel Islands Golden Age of Steam 18 Gibraltar Trafalgar 24 Gibraltar English History 12 QE II 80th Birthday QE II 80th Birthday 12 I am thinking about selling these and any advice would be appreciated. I do not know the market for these coins - Ebay or auction perhaps? Is there any call for such items on the Forum? They cost me quite a lot but I might have to bite the bullet!
  4. Lucylucy

    wanted Perth Mint Lunar

    Perth Mint 10 oz Lunar Horse Silver or coloured 5 oz Lunar Rooster 1/2 Lunar Rooster Coloured Rabbit Coloured any Mose/Rat Coloured any Thank you
  5. Lucylucy

    Import duty and Vat from Australia

    Thank you everyone for your help. The coin on offer is the 10 oz Perth Lunar horse coloured which I need to complete a set. It is a rare beast(!) and I have not seen another advertised but I don't think I will risk Ebay and the extra costs. Thanks again
  6. Lucylucy

    Import duty and Vat from Australia

    Can anyone help please. I wish to buy a coin from Australia on EBay at a quoted price of about $700 Australian Dollars but I am totally confused about the additional costs that I may incur. Will the vat be 20% on silver? There is a lot of information on the Forum, Google and Ebay which I find a bit confusing. Can anyone help or advise? Thank you
  7. Lucylucy

    wanted Lunar Coloured

  8. Lucylucy

    wanted Lunar Coloured

    Hello TheBeast Thank you for the Monkey King Information. More to spend my money on!
  9. Lucylucy

    wanted Lunar Coloured

    Hi DavePanda Thak you very mich for your help.
  10. Lucylucy

    wanted Lunar Coloured

    Following this post, I have had no replies to my wants. I have since heard from a dealer that at least one or more of the coins were not issued. I realise that they are not popular but any help would be most appreciated. It may be that I will have to complete my sets with uncoloured coins and I would be interested in any for sale, particularly the 5 and 10 oz. Thank you
  11. Lucylucy

    wanted Lunar Coloured

    Perth Mint Lunar Coloured I am looking for the following:- 2008 Mouse all 2009 Ox all 2011 Rabbit all 2014 Horse 1/2,1,10 oz 2016 Monkey 1/2, 5, 10 oz 2017 Rooster 1/2, 5,10 oz 2019 Pig All I know that these issues are not popular but I like them! I can get the 10 oz Rooster and Monkey from Goldsilver be but I have been a bit worried about the adverse publicity on the Forum. The 5 oz appear to be hard to find. Thanks for any help.
  12. Lucylucy

    for sale Coins silver duplicate

    Duplicate coins for sale All BU and encapsulated Canada Maples 2011, 2014, 2015, 2017. £60 plus post Mexican Libertads 2011, 2013, 2015 £60 plus post Payment by Paypal F & F
  13. Lucylucy

    completed Coins silver duplicate

    Thanks Sixgun I'm a bit unsure about what to do - can you talk me through it? Many thanks Frank
  14. Lucylucy

    completed Coins silver duplicate

    Both Sold