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  1. I have had an enquiry and am awaiting payment. I shall let you know if it falls through. Thanks Frank
  2. Perth Mint Kangaroos 2016 2018 £27 plus post for both Paypal F & F Added 0 minutes later... For both!
  3. Four 1oz Kangaroos 1995 1998 1999 2000 I understand that the cut capsules are Screw type. £100 plus postage of your choice, PP F & F
  4. Lucylucy


    Thanks Motorbikez You are quite right - I live and learn! Frank Added 0 minutes later... Thanks everyone for your helpful and constructive answers. Frank
  5. Lucylucy


    Thanks Motorbikez You are quite right - I live and learn! Frank
  6. Lucylucy


    Photos attached
  7. Lucylucy


    Hello, some help required please I have three RAM Kangaroos which I wish to sell. They appear to have beentaken from the original cards and the capsules cut round leaving a ragged edgeon the capsules. I think they are still sealed as from the Mint. Would it be better to put them in new capsules or leave them to sell as is? The dates are 1995,1999 and 2000 I believe the are worth a little more than bllion value - can anyone suggest a fair price? Thank you
  8. I recently bought cheaply a few silver britannias which completed my date run. Included in these was a 1997 Britannia - is there something different about this coin - is it included in a complete run? Thanks
  9. Has anyone got a 10 oz Perth Lunar Horse for sale? Thanks
  10. Ian This was my mistake - I did not realise that Perth Mint coins were always capsulated but the forum sorted me out! I bought a 5 oz Rooster from you a few days ago and at the checkout I saw the following:- NB: We only supply coin capsules when you buy a graded coin or when the coin is supplied with one. If you wish to purchase a coin capsule please visit our coin capsule page. As I did not realise it was encapsulated I tried to find one! Thanks for your concern
  11. The Perth Mint tell me that there isn't a 5oz coloured Rooster (nor a 5 oz pig) - I don't know why!