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  1. Received this 1909 half sovereign from @Pete today, fairly new to stacking gold and I'm really happy with this pick up 😁
  2. Hi guys, looking to pick up a 10oz bar in OMP my preferred option would be sunshine mint or NTR metals bar but open to see what people have. Thanks 😁
  3. @BackyardBullion any news on the order being delivered yet ? 😁
  4. Today I recieved the 1st edition to the Queen's beast series and i couldn't be happier with it, 2 more to get and I'm up to date, thank you @rob6
  5. Just out of curiosity for anyone who has used transferwise how long usually does it take for a transaction to go through because I sent mine at 12 and it's still not completed 😢
  6. Got my order in just waiting confirmation from the EU mint that they received payment 😁
  7. Thanks guys i will try and keep a eye out on here / put up a wanted ad, I just can't seem to find any at a decent price even on a secondary market
  8. I really fancy picking up some sunshine mint bars is it a good idea to pick them up from a UK dealer ?
  9. Does anyone know where I could pick up some cheap 5oz or 10oz bars in the UK?
  10. I was more looking to get 5+ to be honest thanks for the offer though ?
  11. Looking for fairly nice quality not anything to beaten up
  12. Been looking for a while now to see if I can pick up some buffalo rounds or sunshine mint rounds, can anybody help me ?
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