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  1. terakris

    Grading costs

    Yeah ballpark around £30 or so.
  2. terakris

    Grading costs

    Check out this thread
  3. terakris

    Is there a coin worse than this ?

    you dont like the pig.... hahaah , shocking aint it
  4. terakris

    In Focus Friday Series!

    I have the standard and proof ones... they are really nice coins imho.
  5. terakris

    Is there a coin worse than this ?

    Touche! I tip my hat to you good sir....
  6. terakris

    Is there a coin worse than this ?

    2 words.... "zombie dog"
  7. terakris

    anybody having a bid or two

    Couple of items I like the look of, depends how mad bidding is I guess but I might have a bid or 2.... Just need to make sure I WFH that day so I can bid
  8. terakris

    Today I Received

    Last one for a while I think... unless anything else catches my eye; 2005 Proof Full Sovereign This one is being sent along with the rest for grading to @Numistacker but I'll have this one conserved as i think it needs a little clean to get the best result.
  9. terakris

    Gold Proof Sovereigns

    If youre not bothered about them being proof's then the bullion versions can be had for close to spot price usually. I have 2018 bullion sovs and they look nice and shiney. You could always put a wanted post up in the for sale section and see if you get anyone wanting to sell those years there.
  10. Zombie dog is coming for you... Free bump.
  11. terakris

    Gold Proof Sovereigns

    With the proof sov's there will be lower mintages generally or they will mark an anniversary of some sort. They are pricey, usually double the price of a bullion sovereign.. but they are just sooo nice. Stay away... you will get hooked on them! Ones like Stamp on the Day (SOTD) will be quite popular as there will be a limited mintage and you know it was from a key date of some sort, they usually sell out fast but RM are starting to flood the market with a sovereign for every occasion. They will probably have a SOTD for "Its a wednesday, why not" next.
  12. terakris

    Today I Received

    Few more little bits and bobs today; 2002 Shield Proof Half Sovereign 2017 Proof Half Sovereign (Love this design, dunno why, my favourite... just need to get the full sov now!) And a 2001 and 2003 1/10 brits thanks to @richatthecroft I blame everyone on here for getting me hooked on sovs... its all you're damn fault!!!!
  13. terakris

    Today I Received

    2 New bits today. 2005 Proof Half Sov 2012 Proof Half Sov
  14. terakris

    Gold Brits vs Gold Sovs

    I have one of these... its lovely!