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  • What I am collecting / Investing in.
    Interested in modern sovereigns including the Strike on the Day versions and any coins from the year 1977

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  1. Not from just today, but over the last few weeks or so I've been adding to my 1977 collection, so here are the following (all being sent to NGC/NCS for grading and conservation) 1 Chervonetz (Moscow and Leningrad mints) Thanks to @augur 200G Netherlands (Proof) Thanks to @Numistacker Krugerrand (Proof) 150 Rupees Keeling Cocos Islands (Proof & BU) Most came with original packaging which is always a bonus
  2. You have a decent varied amount there. Some of them like the kooks. pandas and the wildlife ones can demand a bit more of a premium, but as already mentioned its worth checking places like ebay for recent sales to get a ball park as you have a varied amount it could take a while to price them all (and then im sure eveyrone here will have a different opinion). At a bare minimum youre looking at £16+ per coin EASY with some of them being much closer to £20 each, and perhaps higher for some of the older ones that may be needed for gap fillers in collections etc.
  3. If you just put mine down as a "Gold, Silver & Collectables Mystery Box" as it will have a good selection of bits in it.
  4. The more important question is did you?
  5. Once again I will be in this and have a nice selection of both Gold and Silver to donate as a single prize. Thanks for organising @Bullionbilly
  6. Landmarks sold, just the Two Dragons coins left!
  7. I may have some of these, but there are so many dragon coins its hard to tell... got pics of what ones youre after and ill see if i have some spare.
  8. Bulk silver bullion 1oz coins from £16 per/oz Clearing some of my random silver so wanting to sell these in bulk rather than individually so its a bulk price. All coins are Bullion, so expect some may have milk, scratches or whatever. Most are pretty good, all are in original capsules, but expect them not to be perfect. 15 x Landmarks of Britain (5 Tower Bridge, 5 Big Ben, 5 Trafalgar Square) £240 (comes to £16 each) - SOLD ==================== 7 x 2018 Kookaburra (part sealed roll) - From the coins I've removed and sold previously, they have all been spotless. £116 (comes to £16.57 each) - SOLD ==================== 10 x 2018 Oriental Britannia - SOLD £165 (comes to £16.50 each) - SOLD ==================== 7 x 2018 Two Dragons (Royal Mint) £130 (comes to £18.57 each) All items are excluding postage, so for these I would suggest special delivery. Will happily combine to save money should you want more than 1 lot of coins. Payment Paypal F&F or Bank Transfer Please.
  9. Last price reduction before being withdrawn.
  10. I dont think id go for a plastic style container (the pvc, although it may not actually be but the soft plastic). I would hope they are coin safe but personally I like to have coins either in capsules, flips for short term storage or ideally slabbed. With a slab you can handle as much as you like and the coin will stay perfect. Added to that a plastic cover on the slab and your good to go and handle as much as you like. They take up more space, but are great for showing other people and not being worried about damage.