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  1. I'm in negotiations with her indoors about going to London for the day Saturday and allowing me to visit there and maybe doing something in London afterwards. Although I have to be very restrained and not deviate from my collection strategy.
  2. From Leicester would think train would be easiest in and out of London.
  3. If my other half is anything to go by, then no, as she has no interest in it at all. She doesn't like the look of the sovereigns and doesn't really like gold at all... the only time she has paid any interest was when i dragged her along to a coin show and she saw @AndreasAfeldt and said "oh, he is quite good looking" 🤦‍♂️
  4. For sale, 2017 "Love it or hate it design" Proof 1/4oz Britannia in gold. Comes with original box/coa etc. £400 including postage special delivery
  5. The second video shows the difference right at the start
  6. This video talks about them: and this one talks about the difference between the 2 in question at the very start
  7. Looks like you can, what you need to make sure is that the coin is different in some way from a normal sovereign so they know its a SOTD not just a regular one. I think for these later ones its ok cos they are usually different somehow and as others have done it, should be ok.
  8. I was going to buy this when i saw the die at the mint being made... but im not sure. I dont have the full collection and only buy what I like... I mean, I like it and all... but dunno if its for me. I may ditch the queens beasts I have already and put the money into sovereigns.
  9. Been after one of these for a while. Will go nicely with my hawking 50p
  10. Isn't that wrongly designated as the sotd are bu not proof?
  11. Probably these instead, so not proof but BU or bullion