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  1. Haha no, i mean for instance I have a 4 coin 2012 set at PF70UC... lets say i put it on ebay for £5k, knowing it would never sell but never paying any fees. If it did sell then I could live with that, if it didnt then all good as i didnt want to sell it anyway. Now it sounds like I overcharge for anything I sell, I really dont - I only sell what I have duplicates of and at what I think are reasonable prices. What I'm saying is i guess everyone has a point where if the money is crazy enough I'd part with it.
  2. New coins added... please note items in ***** that I cant ship until next weekend, or are available for inspection/purchase at the London Coin Show next weekend.
  3. For anyone going that might want to meet up or bump into other silver forum members, with permissions from @ChrisSIlver I've created a sheet of stickers members can wear to show they are members of the forum... and thus hopefully meaning you are approachable to other member to say hello. The sticker can be printed on an Avery 3613 sheet, however I have pre-printed a bunch off already. Anyone that is going to the show and would like a few sent (totally free of charge) drop me a PM with your address and I'll get a strip of 4 sent out to you. If you can let me know by Wednesday via PM to give me time to pack and post them. You can download the template yourself here to produce your own (using other labels should be fine, just cut around them). Silver-Forum-Stickers.pdf I'll have 1 on when at the show, so feel free to come and say hi, I'll bring some spares with me should anyone want some. Hopefully if others decide to wear them we can easily spot each other and introduce ourselves.
  4. I guess if it never sells at that price but you don't pay any fees then don't really coat anything. And on the off chance it does sell then it's a huge win. I thought about listing some of my coins I don't want to sell for crazy prices and if they sell then for the crazy price I can live with it
  5. Yeah insured which Is much nicer to know.
  6. If you do it yourself yes. If you submit via someone else then you can share out the tier cost. Those are uk prices btw which I now always do as you get coins back much faster.
  7. Basic coat will be £18. Then will depend if you submit with other coins as there is a £12 tier fee. Speak to @Numistacker and he can help you out.
  8. Wow I'm rich! Lol There are only a few out there, a few were sold as promotional items many years back. The remaining items are with 2 people, hence I know the mintage figures. Can't say for sure if any more will be minted but the design may change. Thses are the original first mintage ones.
  9. I do. They are rare as hens teeth with a mintage of 100. Some will potentially become available shortly, but I cant sell any right now.
  10. Added some new sovereigns - 2016 PF70 and 1989 half PF69
  11. When i ordered it said nothing about 1 per household so didnt even read it when it came online today. was only after the fact i noticed it. And clearly im a bloke... there are no women on the internet!
  12. No i mean expecting my call cos i also ordered 2 lol
  13. expecting my call soon lol
  14. Now showing as sold out. noticed they had a 1 per household limit so i expect my order my get cancelled.
  15. Sounds good - I'll let you know when it arrives.