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  1. better than that... but i do like the blue tongue lol
  2. no link im afraid - saw it when i was on a RM tour a few months back.
  3. The White Lion is a nice looking coin, ill pick up a gold one (prob proof 1/4 and bullion) when they come out.
  4. Stunning result, and from the same set with consecutive numbers is a real plus imho. Many people make up sets from various coins (me included) as you cant always get the full set to grade perfect, but its nice when it does. I have a 2012, 4 coin set, with consecutive numbers, but yours is a license to print money pretty much haha.
  5. I have some capsules but not sure if they are big enough. Happy to put some in the post for you to try. Pm me your address.
  6. So looks like all the 200th sovs so far have come out as MS70 which is good. Be interested to see if any of those had those little black spots on or not. Actually looking at the pics, 002 had the black mark on and that still got a 70, so i guess its 70's for everyone
  7. Phew, nothing that interests me so far... gotta stop spending haha
  8. Got some NGC grading results back today, some of the good ones; To continue my 1977 collection, this beauty; and this coin was picked up as a bullion coin and after an ncs clean turned out to be a proof and get a PF69UC Few more Undated 20p's back with a selection of grades, upto an MS63. And another cheap pickup for the 1977 collection, non-ncs graded coin and graded PF69UC so very happy with that.
  9. was a buy it now, up for £750 and offer accepted of £700.
  10. The £686 one was me... I won the auction and the seller cancelled it as soon as the auction was over, i guess they didnt think they got enough for it(!!!) I picked up a second one yesterday for £700 so having an original issue price one and this one balances out at £600 a piece which I am happy with. Both are going for grading and will be kept for a while for my own collection.
  11. I also collect coins from 1977. The sovs do crop up now and again, but they are usually in a proof set unless someone is breaking one up. There are a few other nice coins, as already mentioned the 1 and 2 rand coins are a nice alternative or a p.new guinea 100kino but that may be a little over budget at prob around 350ish for a proof version. Otherwise with the year being the jubilee year there are a few other alternatives and plenty of non gold coins you can pick up. I can post some pics of example coins I have if it would help?
  12. Thanks for the offer but I'm looking for a sale. Cheers, Kris.