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  1. terakris

    for sale Bullion & Proof Sovereigns

    My boss is after some missing years. I've sent him your list.
  2. terakris

    3 oz silver forum rounds serial number reservation thread

    It's fine, give @kimchiNo 33 and I'll have 8, no worries
  3. terakris

    3 oz silver forum rounds serial number reservation thread

    @kimchi can have 33, I'll have no 8 instead.
  4. terakris

    **NOVEMBER** Group order

    mine, mine, mine!
  5. Every time I've tried to get some change from a PO they say they cant do it without a change card, which i guess is a business thing. My bank has given me change in the past, but not in the volume like that.
  6. terakris

    Brexit 50p Coin

    Just saw this pop up on the RM site https://www.royalmint.com/brexit/
  7. terakris

    Treasure Hunt, X marks the Spot

    Thats it! Childhood memories come flashing back.
  8. terakris

    Treasure Hunt, X marks the Spot

    I'd do it, like the idea. There was a book many years ago when I was a child that had clues in to the location of some necklace... was rabbit/hare themed is all I can remember and I think that was found. I guess we could do the old classic "my first is in @kimchi but not in... err.... imchi?" lol
  9. terakris

    Snowman 50p Proof 2018

    Yeah, for the paddingtons for example, I ordered at midnight and my numbers were not that low. In the 50k i think, so i think they just grab whatever is closest ratehr than say "order no 1 gets cert no 1, order no 2 gets no 2" etc etc
  10. terakris

    Snowman 50p Proof 2018

    The number has nothing todo with the order produced afaik. Mine were in the same range as yours, higher in fact and ordered on the Monday. When i ordered a proof bull it came with no COA so they sent me one out separatly in its own little packaging so they clearly have them separate and just add as they wish. So while a low coa is always "nicer", its only a number, not to do with the order minted from what I can tell.
  11. terakris

    Royal Mint Quality

    My 2019 3 coin set was fine from what I could see. But I have had some coins of less than perfect quality.
  12. terakris


    Spotted late last night... yep, seems the new trend
  13. terakris

    Snowman 50p Proof 2018

    Just to let you know, I've just called and they still have some of the black box available. Max 3 per household, so I was able to get an additional 1 for £75.
  14. Having just received a Pen from @jonrms I can 100% vouch for the quality and service of these items. They are simply stunning. Free Bump as I'd rip his hand off for this pen if I hadn't just received a different design.