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    Interested in modern sovereigns including the Strike on the Day versions and any coins from the year 1977

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  1. You will get lots of advice here on real world price. Many here are collectors with lots of experience... and while every one wants a bargain it will be clear posting here if anyone was pulling a fast one. I would worry about some less reputable or unknown companies coming to give you a price on the coins. There are plenty of professional sellers here that would probably look at photos of them all and help offer a bulk price and identify any higher value ones like the 2017 sov for you. You have done a good thing coming here for advice and many here will bend over backwards to help you get the best price for the collection.
  2. 1924m Full Sovereign MS64 - £500 including Special Delivery - High grade, only 1 graded higher Payment by Paypal F&F or Bank Transfer
  3. terakris

    Sovereign Guide

    ^^ that for sure and also these are my go to reference;
  4. Royal Mint Two Dragon 1oz Silver Coin x 7 - £140 posted Special Delivery All come in the original unopened Royal Mint capsule Payment Paypal F&F or Bank Transfer Please
  5. Soooooo many times. I have some items I should probably get rid of but I do find it hard sometimes to sell. Even today, I have something I was going to list and am not sure I will.. think its about the 3rd time ive considered it.
  6. Received some coins today from @SILVERFINGER - great service, picked all the coins out i wanted for a specific year to add to my collection and cheap as chips... total bargain.
  7. 2002 Bullion Graded 2002 Half Sovereign MS69 DPL - Top Pop! - £200 posted special delivery Something a bit different, I have a 2002 bullion sovereign that was in the carded design as below. Sent for NCS and grading and got an M69 DPL. There is only 1 other graded this high with NGC and none higher. Loads of proof ones out there, but not many bullion ones in this condition. Carded sleeve is vacuum sealed for that minty freshness! https://www.ngccoin.com/census/world/great-britain-decimal-1968-to-date/sc-350/1-2sov/?c=461342 Payment Paypal F&F or Bank Transfer please.
  8. 10oz Britannia Bar, vacuum sealed with Anti-Tarnish strip - Slight "ding" on one side (pictured) - £165 + postage Happened due to the plastic bag its in inside the vacuum pack crushed it when it was sealed. 12 x 2018 Double Dragon Niue coins - all great condition but sold as bullion. Selling as 1 bulk lot - £195 + postage Payment Paypal F&F or Bank Transfer, thanks!
  9. Yeah £365, just checked my receipt.
  10. Hey bud, my other half is a commercial solicitor if you need some advice, WhatsApp me.