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  1. Getting rid of some duplicates from my collection over the next few months as I've started to look at older sovereigns... and some of them aint cheap! So firstly - here is a 2012 Proof Sovereign, with Box and COA. Currently on fleabay for £950 (£1 listing offer) but will offer here for £880 including special delivery if anyone is interested. Happy to supply any more photos if needed but should be a good selection here to judge quality. Payment Bank Transfer for Paypal F&F please.
  2. RM are releasing a 1oz version of this too.... https://www.royalmintbullion.com/Products/Valiant/Silver/BUKV190C (10oz) https://www.royalmintbullion.com/Products/Valiant/Silver/BUKV19SC (1oz)
  3. haha i did wonder... 2104 will be my official guess then 😛 Cant argue with the math.
  4. I was about to order and it would have been more than that... just trying to take part without actually taking part
  5. @Numistacker Just to confirm something on the above pricing as it does effect something I wanted to do... I have an 1800's gold coin in a PCGS slab. I'd like to get it cross graded to NGC but also go through NCS to give it a bit of a once over and make it sparkle where possible. This means it has to be broken out of the slab of course... so can they still guarantee a minimum grade when they break it out like a normal cross grade. eg. Its a MS60, they take it out and clean it, then grade it, can i guarantee it will be at least an MS60, cos i know if they dont think it will cross at the same they will not do it if you indicate the same grade, but once its out of its holder for the NCS treatment its kinda the point of no return after that. Especially as potentially the NCS service could boost the grade.
  6. I do this and spots still appear. I've realised it's just a fact of stacking silver so kinda expect some to spot. It may help but I think if it's going to spot it's going to spot... not much you can do.
  7. I have one of those.... stunning looking coin.
  8. Think I'm giving up on the queens beasts... Will just pick up ones I like the look of. New gold standard is cool though, I liked the 2018 version .
  9. terakris

    Stephen Hawking 50p

    If it was that you would think it would be the same on all coins but the missing chunks of polished surface are different on each coin so I think it's a problem. Mine is on its way back already so when it gets changed I'll see what the new one is like. Still have the silver to arrive... hope they are better.
  10. Yeah hahaha. It was quite a nice coin in hand, i still think they could have done a much better design on it but we are all critics. But the quality was just too low, and im not the only one it seems that had a low quality item sent out.
  11. terakris

    Stephen Hawking 50p

    30x although i can see with my eye so its not great. I spoke to them and they said damaged ones would get replaced. So I've sent it back and see what comes back i guess. Although looking in the today i received thread, someone else posted one and it had similar issues to the reverse of mine so maybe they are all like that... but the spot on the queens face isnt good so would have gone back regardless.
  12. Looks like your coin has the same defects as mine... maybe its just a trait of the design. Still, mine is going back for a replacement.
  13. terakris

    Stephen Hawking 50p

    Thats the gold lol. just the photos make it look silver.