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    Beano reacted to Alun in Announcement 10oz Queens beast boxes   
    Hi All, 
    This is not a sales post , but since @BackyardBullion YouTube video asking if I was doing a 10oz box I'm getting a lot of enquiries.  Which is great but taking a lot of time answering the same questions 😉
    So the good news is I will be making a box for the 10ozers, the first of these will be ready before Christmas (early December 🤞)
    It's a much bigger box than my others, and will be available in both Walnut finish with a gold coloured Motif, and in black with a silver coloured Motif...like my 2oz version 
    It will be layed out as a 3 coins over 2 , on 2 layers, with a solid wood removable colour coded tray with felt lined holes (similar to what I did with the Marvel)
    In terms of Quality, this will be without doubt the best box available for your 10oz set.. 
    So it's worth waiting a little while before rushing off to order one from Europe. 
    It will be £65 plus postage
    Please NO sales enquiries at this point this is purely for information but fell free to keep this post moving 
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    Beano reacted to StackerNoob in Uneven edges on 10oz Griffins - poor quality   
    In the long run I dont think it matters to much. Unless you plan on getting it graded it is just bullion at the end of the day. I still think these ones will hold a premium as the series comes to a close.
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    Beano got a reaction from BackyardBullion in **July/August 2018** Group order from The European Mint   
    Received my package 😀 the beasts look amazing 🤩 thank you very much Mr & Mrs BYB. A* 👍🏼
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    Beano reacted to BackyardBullion in **July/August 2018** Group order from The European Mint   
    Apologies to all for my inane rambling. 
    Filming a big unboxing is hard - especially one like this! You have to concentrate on opening boxes whilst talking! 
    Don't feel like this is my best work as an unboxing video, but nevertheless it is a fun unboxing!
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    Beano reacted to BackyardBullion in **July/August 2018** Group order from The European Mint   
    1pm today.....
    Be there, or be square!

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    Beano reacted to lubi29 in Royal Mint Year of Pig 2019   
    Just found new RM Year of Pig silver coin and lost my words. 

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    Beano reacted to BackyardBullion in I have been rumbled...FBI Most Wanted List   
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    Beano reacted to BackyardBullion in Silver   
    If you joined my group order then you could get 20x 1 oz Random year Philharmonics for:
    Coins: £264.12
    International Postage: £2.64
    Packaging: 75p
    Onwards Postage (Regular): £2.95
    Or Special Delivery: £8.60
    Total: £270.16 or £276.11
    Maybe you give me £1 tip too
    Call that £271 or £277
    £13.55/oz delivered or £13.85/oz delivered
    That is the best I can see at the moment
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    Beano reacted to BackyardBullion in Today I Received.....   
    Just a little bit of table candy delivered today!

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    Beano reacted to BackyardBullion in **July/August 2018** Group order from The European Mint   
    Could well do - but I fear that even that would be overlooked by some!
    It is what it is - as I said no disrespect intended to anyone that has asked - I understand that not everyone will trawl through the comments on this thread (all 8 pages!) 
    So, putting it here as a reminder will help!
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    Beano reacted to AuricGoldfinger in PM’s and ???   
    Firstly you’ve got your head screwed on so don’t worry so much! Im late 20s and most people under 30 are living champagne lifestyles on lemonade wages.
    My advise would be make the most of having such a high disposable income while living with your parents. Open a help to buy isa and take full advantage of all the incentives offered to first time buyers. 5-10% deposit could be easily attainable by yourself within 12 months. Fix in on the low mortgage rates - they wont get any lower for a long time. Just as a simple example If you have 5% in a 100k property and house prices go up 5% you will double your small stake (equity) in the property. If you had the same in any other investment your £5000 stake will increase by £250. Like anything house prices could also drop by 5% but realistically once your a home owner you will always be and price fluctuations are only relevent when you sell as long as you can afford your mortgage - and even then with property you are usually buying back into the same market if you do sell high or low.
    Your definitely on the right path, saving in PMs is a great way to prevent you wasting money and helps with poor spending habbits but getting yourself on the property ladder is one of the best moves you will ever make in my humble opinion. Good luck whatever you do and keep up the good work ?
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    Beano reacted to BackyardBullion in **July/August 2018** Group order from The European Mint   
    Here is what everyone ordered in week 1!
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    Beano reacted to KDave in Property investment   
    I held a small number shares for a couple of years and did OK from the small investment, selling was easy in the secondary market, dividends were nice. I'm permabear on UK property though, only had some for diversification sake, now I am out completely. 
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    Beano reacted to SilverTanner in Property investment   
    I have also been using Property Partner and add funds every month - happy so far. I think it is probably the best of the UK options.
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    Beano reacted to Roy in Property investment   
    Yes, from its start.
    I shan't recommend it but I will say I'm sticking with it.
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    Beano reacted to Roy in Property investment   
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    Beano reacted to BackyardBullion in **July/August 2018** Group order from The European Mint   
    €5,000 ordered today
    311 oz! 
    Good god forum members - you love your silver don't you!
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    Beano reacted to BackyardBullion in SCAMMER ALERT - Somebody is trying to steal Giveaway Prizes!   
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    Beano reacted to Cornishfarmer in PM’s and ???   
    I don’t want to sound like a teacher or parent but..... saving through silver/gold is a fantastic thing BUT IT CAN ALSO BE ADDICTIVE.       You have enough for 1oz a month but then you see a heal on 1/4oz so buy it then next month have a good deal on 2kg silver and so on.     If you have an addictive personality just be careful because pm’s can also take you down that route.   The good think is if you sell straight away you will only loose a few % but if you drink and gamble you loose 100%.     Good luck and be carful
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    Beano reacted to HawkHybrid in PM’s and ???   
    grow, make, bake is always satisfying. you could put your
    monthly money into sovereigns and spend time creating,
    improving things. eg maybe start by making a sovereign
    holder, or a pirates chest to fill up with junk silver. read
    more explore more the possibilities are endless.
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    Beano reacted to sixgun in PM’s and ???   
    You do not have a lot of cash left over but you have a hell of a lot more than many. You were spending on stuff. Numistacker gives a story of how he was on decent money but he just blew it and at the end of the day had nothing. So he got into gold and no doubt has a smashing collection of gold coins.
    Straight silver stacking will divert your cash into something you can't go to the pub with and p*ss up against to wall, you can't go into Laddy's and lose on the 3 o'clock at Heydock and you can't spend in the many retailers trying to part the public with their hard won cash in return for today's fad. The issue is, it can be boring. Tubes of coins that get put out of the way are not something that will get your pulse racing. You need to develop an interest. You need to morph your stacking into collecting. As Agpanda says Panda coins or sovereigns would be a good place to start. If you are all silver at the moment i would start with some sovereigns. They are reasonably easy to sell, you are not paying big percentages over spot price and there is a huge variety. You can put them in a capsule and you can put them in a case or two so you can look at them. You can learn about all the variations. You might decide on something else that interests you. Then it is not just about spending your loot on something to save you wasting it. It also becomes an interest. i would get something you can put in cases and you can look at. If it is in a capsule you can get it out to examine and you won't damage the coin.
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    Beano reacted to MickD in PM’s and ???   
    Some people like slabbed bullion coins, some people don't .  I like them and there's something aesthetically pleasing about the slab as well.  You can pick up say MS69 eagles relatively cheaply. Don't do what I did though and end up with loads of the same year, which kind of takes the edge off of it.
    I also collect older silver coins going back around 300/400 years.  Got me interested in history again  -  George III dollars got me interested in 8 Reales which got me interested in cobs (of which I only have one but it keeps me interested and looking).  Good luck with whatever you choose.
    PS - steer clear of commemoratives.
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    Beano reacted to jultorsk in PM’s and ???   
    Firstly, well done team England! ?
    Hoping this does not sound too loopey, but maybe check out the Minimalism film (available e.g., on Netflix) https://minimalismfilm.com/watch/
    It's not for the unicorns s*itting rainbows, it's just for the understanding how we're daily being goaded to spend. It may be easier to avoid temptations to spend when you see how we're constantly being manipulated to consume. Minimalism is not about giving up on everything you own and starting to smell like a hippie, it's more about giving up those things that do not bring you happiness.
    Sounds to me you're looking for a purpose in life. Maybe you'll find it in soccer coaching kids, maybe it's in getting more physically active around the house (you know, cleaning the gutters, trimming the hedges, organising the garage... whatever makes your dwelling look smarter and as a bonus, gets a seal of approval from the parents)....? The sad truth is that most of us are not that important for this planet to keep moving on it's orbit. But what can bring purpose to life is having meaningful relationships and contribute positively to those immediately around you.
    Next, check out the vast resources e.g., on Mr Money Moustache, Barefoot Investor etc FIRE's... financially independent, retired early bloggers for ideas to invest your hard earned and saved. FInancial independence is a fantastic goal & purpose to have - once achieved, you can (and probably should) keep working but don't have to. You've got this - good luck!
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    Beano reacted to HelpingHands in PM’s and ???   
    It depends if you were going to stack them or try to trade them.
    My main advice would be this:
    There is bitcoin and the rest are s#@t coins.   Some are just more s#@t than others.  If you ever try to trade just use the other s#@t coins to grow your bitcoin.