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  1. sorry about that. As I know Apmex started for their VIP clients with USD 230, later for 360, down to 284 and now about 400. First price at LPM I spotted was HKD 2050 (USD 260). I was also late although on the first day. But the coin looks really beautiful and I like the new effigy of the Queen.
  2. Apmex back again to starting price USD 360 after down to 284. LPM around USD 411. Hope that volatility stops soon. 😉
  3. And up again at Apmex, but less. LPM has stock again and dropped the price as well (still more expensive). I only spotted two European Dealers and they started with between 257-269 Euro.
  4. Lpm out of stock at the moment. Apmex has it now for USD 360. Will see if they will increase price too.
  5. don't forget the first Krugerrand silver proof. 😉 But I agree. Very pricey proof set. EMK is asking 375 Euro now. More than triple of mint issue price and just released. 😱
  6. from the South African Mint site. as a normal person it’s nearly not possible to order from them.
  7. I observed it. LPM started with about 128 USD. Then was unavailable several times and increased price with each new stock. It should be 1000 sets with 2-coin "puzzle" effect and there will be another set with a Krugerrand silver privy coin.
  8. Thanks. It seems that's the price range. Waiting for Apmex's price.
  9. I just spotted the new series from the South African Mint - The Big Five series (AgAu News). I like the idea and design of the series, especially the two-coin-proof set with a nice effect, but I don't like the prices. Unfortunately, I could only find few dealers but they want high premium, about 40 Euro for the first 1oz bullion silver elephant and 245 Euro for the first proof set. Any other sources in Europe? thanks
  10. Bought the dragon & phoenix high relief silver coin. I like the new motive dragon & tiger 2018.
  11. Bought the new Kookaburra 2018 BU and Proof set, before unavailable on the first issue date (March 6)