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  1. just picked up this lovely coin "Redback Spider" (Royal Australian Mint).
  2. I bought the Oriental Border Britannia 2018, because it's something special for me. I tried my luck and let it graded. Most of my MS (BU) coins rarely get perfect grade. And voila, received result today and it's a MS70 Oriental Border Britannia. Can't wait to get it back from NGC. I'm super happy.
  3. Looking forward to receiving both coins. Each limited edition 100. 😱
  4. First two also came in cards and also raw in tubes.
  5. @RacerCool they advertise it as the first triangular investment bullion coin. I like the idea and design, but still higher premium for a bullion coin and white spots are truly causing a wrecked ship. 😱 it will be my first and last of this series.
  6. I got it last week Monday. Looks good, but unfortunately same bullion quality as Dolphin, Mob of Roos,... All my ship coins already have tiny white spots. Royal Australian Mint should fix the problems. I'm afraid you are right that later it might end up at spot price. I won't buy the other ships of the series unless they are near spot.
  7. For me also not an appealing design. So many better looking dragons and mythical creatures available. Mintage is not a guarantee for good demand, e.g. St. Helena Restrikes of Trade Dollars with 10,000 or 5,000 mintage. No demand.
  8. yes, that's true. but last restocks are not in hundreds anymore but in tens. it seems that Apmex's overall stock comes soon to an end. I can only say for other series, like the Swan. Apmex did it for years already. As you mentioned as long a series sells well, Apmex will issue another version. I guess next motive for Black Flag series will be next year.
  9. over 1 day already and no restock at Apmex. I love this coin. Amazing details and good quality, as usual from the Perth Mint. I have also bought the new bullion ship coin "Batavia" from the Royal Australian Mint. Not so great and already full of milk spots, like the Mob of Roos and Dolphin. Something in common with the British Royal Mint. I won't buy any higher premium bullion from the RAM or Royal Mint again.
  10. News are welcome. 🙂 Just check before if there is already a topic of the coin and post there. 😉 And don't believe Amex if something is sold out or not so easily. After the silver coins were "sold out" they just play the game and make them later available again. Happened several times.
  11. @Chicagodogs you are about 4 weeks too late. Apmex is selling since begin of August. Prices increased several times already. Gold version and graded versions are sold out at the moment. ;-) And there is another topic of this coin already.
  12. European Mint still has plenty in stock. They also offer 6-month free storage for later combined shipping, but not useful for British buyers because nobody knows what Brexit will bring (new customs, tax,...). But Silver Trader offers discount the more you buy.
  13. @morezone thanks a lot for your quick answer. I missed the gold and 1oz silver coins last year. I was also wondering because these coins are selling for much more now. even the 1oz silver for nearly double price. I just bought them. 🙂 (EMK had over 40 gold pieces and was sold out. then now 10 available again at their shop and few on ebay.)
  14. APMEX always plays the game and refill the available quantity. But it has changed the price discount to only one option (no more discount for 10, 20,100... pieces). In Europe it seems the European Mint is the cheapest dealer.
  15. after one year the 1oz silver coin is mostly sold out everywhere. Surprisingly EMK has the 1oz silver version again and also the gold coin. Someone knows the initial price ranges for the raw coins?