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  1. I agree that refund should have been quicker. Maybe Goldsilver withdrew the money too quickly from Paypal and therefore they don't have enough money on Paypal for refund and needed to transfer money back. But I also understand Goldsilver.be to ask for ID for first time user with Paypal. There are so many scam cases with Paypal, where not verified buyer reverse payment or 3rd man fraud... I think Paypal has changed the terms and sellers don't get the fees back for returns. I would stop accepting Paypal because of the fees and risks, good for buyers, but bad for sellers.
  2. I think change to 999 silver was not a good idea, also for the smaller coins. Sad that most US commemorative coins are getting cheaper than issue price on secondary market, even graded.
  3. Don't be misled by face value 5 Mark on it, those are not coins and not legal tender in any country. They are rounds.
  4. before sales numbers get officially published for 2019, I bought and received this US commemorative coin 🙂
  5. my list 🙂 QB 1/4 gold Black Flag Perth Mint Dragon Series (&Tortoise) Perth Mint Big 5 South Africa already available Opal Lunar 2020 Perth Mint Shipwrecks Australia RAM Kookaburra 1oz normal Proof 2020 Ag/Niobium Austria maybe all last US Silver Eagles before change of design in 2021
  6. Depends on the designs and prices of following issues. 😉 But I'm still in love with the first edition. Have the 1 and also 5oz version, but unfortunately not the gold one.
  7. Here an auction of a graded one. 14k USD. Lucky seller.
  8. Thanks for the answers. Update: In my case they charged everything first, but some coins did not get NCS treatment and they did not refund me anything (even no refund credit to my account because I had 2 submissions after). I talked to staff at submission center and wrote NGC an email too. Nobody told me that I got refund credited to my member account after my email. I saw it with my recent submission for which I had to pay less. Strange communication. I just want to remind collectors with this post that they can get NCS fees back if the coin did not get conservation.
  9. Many from outside the USA could not order, but somehow I was lucky to order one and let ship abroad. You can't believe what happened. US Mint simply forgot to add commercial invoice for abroad shipping / customs and UPS returned the coin back to US Mint after 1 week of storage. I called at least 8 times but no luck with UPS and US Mint. US Mint's policy demands to refund the money when the coin comes back. They can't resend / re-order the coin for me. I do have 2x W mint mark version in PCGS and really like the Enhanced Reverse Proof finish. Really bad luck for me with this S mint mark version. Not willing to pay thousands of USD. 😞
  10. today I won an auction for a Queen's Beast White Lion 1/4oz gold NGC MS70 on ebay. Seller still has several of this coin for auction. lowest price for MS70 was below USD 400. shipping only within US. still missing Griffin and Falcon gold MS70 for my collection. I'm patient. ^^
  11. Yes, perhaps the seller mixed it up with the Treasure Shipwrecks Series. Even the price is high, Apmex does not have any of the 5oz version for sale at the moment. I was lucky and bought at initial price, but I don't care about my buy price anymore because it's for my own private collection.
  12. NCS - conservation of coins I'm not sure if it's known regarding these texts: old form: "All uncertified coins 1955 to present, except coins requiring an NGC Oversize Holder (over 45 mm). Fee includes evaluation, conservation and grading / encapsulation by NGC. Maximum value $2,000 per coin. If NCS believes that conservation will not benefit a coin submitted under the NCS Modern + NGC Grading tier, it will be transferred to NGC and the full fee will apply." new form: "All uncertified coins 1955 to present, except coins requiring an NGC Oversize Holder (over 45 mm). NGC grading fees additional. Maximum value $2,000. If NCS believes that conservation will not benefit a coin submitted under the NGC Modern tier, it will be transferred to NGC for grading and only the NGC grading fees will apply." I tried NCS for the first time and not all coins got NCS conservation. They have charged full price (NCS + NGC). I'm not sure if I understood it correctly, but due to explanation that only NGC grading fees would apply, I'm trying to get the NCS fees back.
  13. I received my 5oz coin too. Amazing coin in this size. Look at this ebay auction . The seller mentions 4 coin series, but how does he know that? I'm keen to see which price this auction will achieve after seller took out the coin. 😱
  14. Antal Bachruch (A. Bachruch) was one of the Royal contributor, an important silver and jewelry retailer and importer in Budapest. The Diana head was used in very short period in the 19th century of the Austrian-Hungarian empire (k.u.k. Monarchie). The number tells you the silver content (1: 950 silver, 2: 900, 3: 800...) Did not check the crest yet. Maybe later. Perhaps you can find more with German terms: k.u.k / kuk for Austrian-Hungary empire Silber (silver) Diana Kopf / Dianakopf (Diana head), Punze / Punzierung (hall mark) Bachruch / Antal Bachruch / A. Bachruch Platte / Tablett / Silberplatte / Silbertablett (silver plate)
  15. @g33x0r thanks for the pics. Really nice coin. Cant' wait to get mine. Lucky you, no sales tax to Oregon. 😉