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  1. I'm on the radar now, didn't realize there was a limit per year, ordered and paid for a coin then could not get it delivered until I sent my passport details. They said they would only ever share my details if HRMC specifically asked about me personally.
  2. Hi all, Gold has been confiscated in the USA before but I don't think it ever has in the UK. Could it happen in the UK if the global markets crash and financial carnage ensues, do you think they could confiscate your gold in the UK ? I'm a bit gutted I spent over 10k £ in one year on gold because I was asked to then provide my passport details to get my next coin.
  3. Thanks for taking the time to do the calculation, I should have thought of that myself! I'm hoping for $500usd silver though !!!! Of course the other issue is that it will probably spike so might not hold it's price over two years. I should have only bought legal tender from the EU. Never mind, live and learn, thanks again for taking the time to respond and to everyone else too!
  4. Bit late for me now I have only 150oz of legal tender and 250oz of other silver !
  5. I think the GTC free coins are the Britannia's and only 1oz. I've bought all my Silver from the EU to avoid tax buying it.
  6. HI all, If Silver shoots to the moon someday if we have a global meltdown. How can Silver be sold avoiding paying tax on it ?
  7. To be honest it is zero interest to me too, I bought it as just silver.
  8. Great, I have bought a couple of 1kg coins from GSB and one of them had already been opened, on closer inspection I can see it has a coupe of milk spots. So it will not affect the value of it in any way ?
  9. Thanks for that but does a few little milk spots mean that it is worth less than spot ?
  10. Thanks everyone, regarding spotting, I bought a 1kg coin from an EU dealer. Perth mint, and it has a couple of tiny spots on it. What should I do ?
  11. I have £70 K liquid, how much would you spend on PM ?
  12. HI all, SO I have started stacking. I have 2 * 1 Kg 15* 10 oz 20* 1 oz What is the optimum size to hold ? for resale etc ? I want to get some more Silver but want to get the right size.
  13. HI all, Typically how long does it take for a bank transfer to go through with Revolut ? Last week I made a transfer to GSB and it was done within around three hours. Today I made a transfer and it was not done even six hours later. Then I read online that some people send money and it goes missing and it takes weeks to go through and sometimes it does not. This does not appear to be an issue with transferwise. I think transferwise are more expensive but seems to be more reliable. I'd be interested to here peoples experiences.
  14. scubajunky

    Gold Bubble ?

    Thanks for that, interesting. Guess it depends on where you define as the start of the bubble.