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  1. In case you haven’t seen this prize draw yet. https://www.royalmint.com/competitions/christmas-prize-draw/?utm_source=bullionlist&utm_medium=email&utm_content=main-image&utm_campaign=2019-christmas-comp-CC1911
  2. An amazing present to give today for my wife’s birthday. Thank you so much @BackyardBullion for making this and all your messages during the process.
  3. Just got to make sure I don’t spend this coin on a grand day out....
  4. Cking83


    I had an order with them the other week with GS and arrived as planned the following week on FedEx no complaints
  5. Many thanks. Yes I suppose also a merry pre Brexit and prices change from Goldsilver.be too lol. I saw the proof was out for the Japanese one on .be so Imagine it will be coming out on there as well. Not looked at the timings though.
  6. They all look good together with the valiants, can’t wait to fill the gaps.
  7. You will need a bigger box to put them in as they take up a bit more space. Lovely box you have there.
  8. Something arrived in today’s post from the deep dark wood
  9. Bit slow to get it to load but luckily no long countdown queuing clock this time
  10. Lovely coins, wish I had the funds to help you out by buying them. Sure they will go quickly though.