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    SILVERFINGER reacted to Bumble in NON-PM - YouTube videos worth a watch - funny? dangerous? wierd? a cat that looks like Hitler ANYTHING!   
    Just a wild guess, but it may be some kind of ritual whereby the chief of the community proves that he deserves to be chief by demonstrating that he has the strongest penis. Or if he is not the chief, then maybe his role is that of a shaman and the demonstration is to show that he can dispense virility.
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    SILVERFINGER reacted to EdNug in Brexit status ...   
    So true. 90% of Tory party members belong to a group called Conservative Friends of Israel and the most significant part of their mission statement reads something like "We believe that Israel's interests are our interests"; meaning 90% of our ruling party have completely capitulated to serving the interests of those whom we must be very wary about naming.
    As for the perverted stuff - that pedo-island owning Epstein character in the states is another Mossad asset; mission being to sexually corrupt and compromise powerful and influential people in order that they may be silenced or co-opted for the Zionist cause. Prince Andrew and Dickie Branson are two Brits that immediately spring to mind. 
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    SILVERFINGER reacted to sixgun in Brexit status ...   
    Westminster MP Fiona Onasanya was the first politician in UK history to vote in Parliament with an electronic ankle tag - she voted to block a Brexit deal.
    There are several criminals in the Commons and Lords.
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    SILVERFINGER got a reaction from Derv in Brexit status ...   
    No worse than some of the mp's in parliment at the moment, one of the current MEP's is wearing a tag from what I heard, then you got many of them being done for fraud and other perverted stuff.
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    SILVERFINGER reacted to sixgun in Brexit status ...   
    Tommy Robinson is a well known Zionist supporter - i do not know if he is a Mossad agent - i wonder if anyone really does know. He is not the brightest star in the sky.
    Tommy Robinson is not a member of UKIP - he is not allowed to be as he was a member of the EDL - the UKIP membership would have to vote to decide on him being allowed in. He is one man and allowing him in, if it happened, would not necessarily mean the party was onboard with the Zionist agenda. The other parties are full to the gunnels with Zionists. One has to go to the BNP to escape the clutches of the Zionist cabal and then if you ask those in the National Front, the few that remain, they will say the BNP is infiltrated. There is no escape.
    If your envisaged happy medium is a trading alliance of European nations with a NATO type agreement - (quite who the aggressor you are defending us from i am not sure) then steps need to be taken to destroy the EU. It will not go quietly - it is a tyranny and too many snouts are in the trough. A first step would be for the UK to get out clean - this weakens the EU and acts as encouragement for other rogue nations - before we know it there would be a cascade. So you should have voted to leave the EU. This is perhaps one of the few times when a vote counted. As i said earlier - we do not select the candidates in elections and 95% of them sit on the backbenches with next to no influence. So you have simply voted to give someone an expense account at your expense.The referendum was a different case as it was a binary decision for action.
    Legally Mrs May should have immediately written to the EU mandarins to tell them she was triggering Article 50 and the UK was leaving the EU in 2 years. That should have been done the day after the referendum. We should have been out in the summer of 2018. However the minute the referendum vote came out the combined ruling class worked to cancel it. In any case when Article 50 was triggered that was it, the clock was ticking and we left on March 29th. Article 50 is part of an International Treaty. That sits above UK law. The UK left the EU on March 29th 2019. All the many votes in Parliament we saw were simply a distraction. They were totally meaningless. Mrs May went to Brussels for an extension but she did not get permission from Parliament before hand. So she went behind Parliament's back to negotiate with a foreign power to subvert the European Union (Withdrawal) Act 2018 and UK obligations under International Treaty. To do so is High Treason and the penalty is death. She has committed High Treason. The establishment is not pointing this out but those involved have committed High Treason. There is no rule of law and there is no democracy. - Under Clause 61 Magna Carta the people should enter lawful rebellion until this is rectified.
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    SILVERFINGER reacted to Goldflinger in NON-PM - YouTube videos worth a watch - funny? dangerous? wierd? a cat that looks like Hitler ANYTHING!   
    Can't beat the original and Roy Batty/Rutger Hauer
    Even his Guinness ads were out on their own
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    SILVERFINGER got a reaction from Goldflinger in NON-PM - YouTube videos worth a watch - funny? dangerous? wierd? a cat that looks like Hitler ANYTHING!   
    I got both the Bladerunner movie music cd's they are great.
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    SILVERFINGER got a reaction from KDave in Brexit status ...   
    You obviously have not seen 99% of the other stuff they do and what context they do it in and just listen to the garbage the mainstream media feeds people.
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    SILVERFINGER got a reaction from sixgun in Brexit status ...   
    You obviously have not seen 99% of the other stuff they do and what context they do it in and just listen to the garbage the mainstream media feeds people.
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    SILVERFINGER reacted to Goldflinger in NON-PM - YouTube videos worth a watch - funny? dangerous? wierd? a cat that looks like Hitler ANYTHING!   
    Beautiful piece of music from Blade Runner, played as well as I've heard
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    SILVERFINGER reacted to KDave in Brexit status ...   
    How many times was that question asked in the interview. Would you keep answering the same question multiple times when the only reason it's being asked is to use it as a stick?
    I think the newcomers are an asset. They bring a new demographic and audience. They have three years to establish and get their ideas into the mainstream. Despite and perhaps because of the media smear campaign, many people will listen to what is said, rather than making superficial judgements about ultra-alt-right hooliganism or believing what they are told to think. 
    Happy Easter brother 
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    SILVERFINGER reacted to sixgun in Brexit status ...   
    These are the two Carl Benjamin and Mark Meechan in the above video Count Dankula and Sargon of Akkad at the UKIP Press Conference.
    I see in the Daily Express piece on this it says Sky News reporter Kate McCann asked this question THREE times - Batten finally had had enough and walks out. We hear in the video he makes his case - so where did you get the information he "he stormed off the interview, without making his case heard."?
    We hear in the press conference video the first question comes from Channel 4 News and again they return to the 'rape tweet' - Carl Benjamin goes on the attack. You hear a little of the full context of the Tweet - A discussion had occurred about Men's issues - that Men's issues do not get a proportionate airing - We see the actually completed suicide rates in men are very high - there is indeed a long list of issues which desperately require more attention. Jess Phillips shows her colours as a rabid Feminist - she scoffs at this - as an MP allegedly representing her constituents this should have had consequences for her. Some others did not like this and she got a backlash - some allegedly threatened rape. She complains and Carl Benjamin responds by saying he wouldn't rape her. The way men's issues are dismissed is a national outrage and typical of the Left who attack men at every opportunity. Men need to stand up to this en masse - so although it was a little inadvised i applaud Carl for a stout response. i have seen the video of the Pug dog doing the Roman salute - it is clearly a joke and very funny. i have followed the legal case - Mark Meechan was treated appallingly.
    UKIP goes up in my estimation that there are people invited to be candidates who have balls and will not stand for the tyranny of the Leftist controlled propaganda outlets and a legal system which has become weaponised against freedom. i am so glad they will likely be going to Brussels to kick some ass.
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    SILVERFINGER reacted to Xander in Brexit status ...   
    Speaks for itself.

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    SILVERFINGER reacted to KDave in Brexit status ...   
    Immigration was the biggest reason for voting leave according to polls, not everyone but it's the main reason. The UK population has always been against mass immigration according to every opinion poll since forever, they have always been for controlled immigration. They didn't vote for it but got it anyway and are still getting unlimited numbers. Last year was the highest immigration figures in the last 15 years.
    Freedom of movement isn't even the biggest source, but leaving the EU was the only option people were given to express their long held opinion. Voting for the 'tough against migrant' Tories has resulted in record levels of immigration, the whole democratic system is a joke. So people voted to break it. The leave vote was and still is a symptom of the problem imo. It's not going away. 
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    SILVERFINGER reacted to Silversaving in Bars Photo Thread...   
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    SILVERFINGER reacted to KDave in Brexit status ...   
    Old news but the EU has agreed 31st October as a new deadline.
    I think the plan being that if May can get the surrender treaty through parliament by 23rd May, we will become a vassal state of the EU on the 1st of June. Fourth time lucky. It depends on her cross party talks with labour now I guess? If Corbyn gets his lot to support the deal on the fourth attempt then its over and everyone is to blame (tory/labour), but it will have to be in exchange for something big. Can she offer to call a general election in exchange for support from labour? She has betrayed the country why not her party too? Can she do this? 
    If labour do not agree to support her and the majority of MP's manage to resist the strong desire to just give in and surrender, then there will be EU elections for us all to vote in next month. The result I expect will many new anti-EU MEP's heading into the EU in June, to cause as much chaos as possible. Though this is a side show. We would ultimately be back to the previous options between now and October - May resigning, general election, second referendum or wait until 31st October for a third attempt to leave no deal. 
    We have been remaining in the EU for the past two years under Article 50, its just been status quo with some background noise about Brexit on the news. Now we have another 6 months of the status quo with more background noise. Then who knows, probably more status quo? What do you reckon?
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    SILVERFINGER reacted to FFkook in Show me your historical silver.   
    Horrific years, but it's still a piece of history...
    .900 Silver 5 Reichsmarken.

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    SILVERFINGER reacted to HighlandTiger in Brexit status ...   
    Sorry but that's absolute rubbish. Brexiteers had a myriad of reasons for wanting out. For myself it was the uncontrolled EU immigration, that has led to a low wage culture. Along with the fact that we have to pay billions of pounds for what is essentially two countries saying to each other, "if you follow my rules and I follow your rules, I won't put tariffs on your goods and you won't put them on our goods" That shouldn't cost a penny for two nations to do that, but the EU like their gravy train.
    The only people moving  goalposts are remainers coming up with ways to disrupt and reverse the will of the majority. 
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    SILVERFINGER got a reaction from Oldun in Brexit status ...   
    The problem is not with Labour itself in my opinion, the problem is having people like Corbyn, Abbot and Stoddard at the helm.
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    SILVERFINGER reacted to CoinStruck in Today I Received.....   
    Just bought five of the new Perth Mint 1oz silver Dragaon & Dragon billion coins (mintage 50,000). This is the third of this type of Perth Mint coin the first being the "Phoenix & Dragon", the second the "Tiger & Dragon" and now the "Dragon & Dragon". Not sure what they will do for the forth coin, perhaps an Australian theme - Emu & Dragon or Koala & Dragon??
    Also bought the second of their Birds of Paradice 1oz solver bullion coin. 

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    SILVERFINGER reacted to Pipers in Brexit status ...   
    This is correct, both main parties cannot be trusted.  
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    SILVERFINGER reacted to KDave in Brexit status ...   
    I respectfully disagree its not that simple. Jacob Rees Mogg was the tory poster boy for Brexit and at the last minute he put party first and supported May's deal. Tories will put party before country it is how the party reward/motivation culture works, and the function of the party whip structure. To put your trust in them again after the last few years is just trying the same thing again and expecting a different result. Insanity. Nothing will change if you vote for the same party that led us here regardless of what they promise.
    Agree on Labour, they ran on a platform of respecting the referendum yet look at the indicative votes in parliament, they are staunch remain almost across the board. Many of them are now sat in parliament holding their personal remain position after being elected on Brexiteer votes. Liars and traitors all. 
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    SILVERFINGER reacted to Blockhead in Today I Received.....   
    Belated birthday presents from my dad

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    SILVERFINGER reacted to FrozenMojito in Today I Received.....   
    Today I received some silver building blocks from forum member @OlliesSilverBars.
    Recently I posted that I had bought some blocks made by Monarch, but was a bit disappointed that they don't interconnect with real Lego bricks. In another thread someone mentioned that Ollie's bricks do, so I bought some to test that out for myself.
    As the pictures below show, the bricks arrived nicely packed in little black bags, and are the same size as standard 2x4 Lego bricks. They even have the tubes underneath that give Lego bricks their "clutch power" but on the silver bricks they aren't full size. But they do indeed stack with real Lego bricks so it's possible to make a structure mixing up the silver and actual Lego. Being hollow, the bricks are lighter than the solid 1oz Monarch blocks. 
    Of course, the presence of such treasure inevitably draws attention from the criminal fraternity, although small-time criminals are likely to make blunders when in pursuit of their nefarious activities that are likely to bring them to the attention of the law. Better hope the king is feeling merciful...