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  1. Then he needs to wear a 'condom' before handling
  2. All the ones I inherited were 1st class stamps so they are 1st class still however old they are and dont lose value but gain it, might be worth stacking those lol.
  3. Yeah I inherited a load of stamps which I think were from the 1980's, I went to post a parcel and I showed them to the postal worker and she said I could still use them and that I had enough to send the parcel with, so that ended up being sent with a load on it.
  4. That is gorgeous, is it on wood or a rock, it looks a bit like some of the Yew furniture I have in my house.
  5. Ahh these are the bigger ones then, my dodgy eyes letting me down lol
  6. Yeah when I was a kid they were used as 5p's if I remember.
  7. Its surprising that coins containing precious metals were still being made at these times of the war, lots of countrys were buying/forcing the return of precious metal content coins, bars and even peoples personal jewelry, a beautiful condition piece of the war there.
  8. It might be worth offering it for sale back to the royal mint so they can use it to know what their coins should look like before they are sold, my daughters had some shockers from there in the past.
  9. I was being sarcastic against the royal mint lol, nice coin.
  10. I would check that that Falcon is genuine being an MS70 a very rare item in that grade.
  11. I would send anyone you seriously suspect of shill bidding against you the link to that news article
  12. Just got to the bottom of my emails and I had one from my stepdaughter too lol.
  13. There is another more sinister scenario mate, its a con, and all the other bids are to try and make his listing look legit, seen this many a time.
  14. I have had it done to me dozens of times by these scumbags, report it to ebay, I have gambled in the past and bid them up and then just stopped, only to be contacted as soon as the auction finished to be informed that one of the other bidders was a time waster, I just said, why dont you block them then, they obviously only bid on your items , never got a reply lol. Only bid what its worth to you and only go up to that amount in small increments, if you get outbid quickly then leave it to a minute or two before the end, if you lose and they offer you the item say only with a certain % off as they were shill bidding against you.
  15. There is a livestream about it and it sounds superb https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n2D28gvSv90&feature=push-lbss&attr_tag=AsxPdhcK0KgEfNlx%3A6
  16. A new platform is here to rival youtube, but this one wont let the leftys, governments, mainstream media and others to censor and ban people. https://3speak.online/
  17. From left to right, USA Springfield 1903A3 British Pattern 1914 British Lee Enfield No4 Mk1 Italian Mannlicher Carcano M1938 German Mauser K98K Swiss K31 Persian Mauser 98/29 Soviet Mosin Nagant 1891/30 Soviet Mosin Nagant M1944 Soviet PPsH1941 If ever you want help looking for a decent deact gun let me know, I can either try and find all the arms fairs in your area or depending on what you like tell me your budget and I will send you links to all the stuff out there that seems ok, there is fakes stuff a plenty you have to be careful the same way as with precious metals, there is fully working guns you can own without a licence not just deactivated.
  18. And he could do a spin off show with all the ridiculous ones, loons, and ones totally out of touch with the majority of the population, there would probably be enough for an hour long special.
  19. Ahh my 1934 dated Persian Mauser, yeah its a beauty, sadly not for sale yet, came with its matching number bayonet.
  20. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Kangaroo-Scrotum-Bags-Blank-Large/283482009643?hash=item4200d8302b:g:pZYAAOSwUctc17dT
  21. He is a gold tart, cheating on his silver, though I suppose if you are going to cheat it might as well be with something better or worthwhile