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  • What I am collecting / Investing in.
    SAO, CML and ALBION silver bars, but I want to start branching out and collect other manufacturers bars, 1 of each weight of their whole cast/poured range, Baird & Co is next on the horizon I think.

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  1. If somebody tries to run me over in a car I will treat them the same as if they tried to shoot me with a gun and had missed, anything can be classed and used as a weapon.
  2. The news was economic with the truth as per usual, reading between the lines it sounds like it was a Caravan Utilising Nomad Traveller camp and its occupants that did it.
  3. Yeah I totally agree, I was forgetting that in this country the criminal has more rights than the victim, it will have to be a hypothetical dream of living in a different country.
  4. I think you can own it but have to be licensed/registered to keep it, and only if its not pure breed, I may be slightly wrong.
  5. But would he if she couldn't of got in
  6. Its real mate, but she still gets into it. Click on it and it will play.
  7. A bit off topic but this made me laugh
  8. Mate did you see his Ben & Jerrys ice cream tub lock that his missus managed to get into, that had me and the missus in stitches.
  9. Ok I get notification that you made a post about Prince Alberts and when I get here its a different kind to what I thought. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Prince_Albert_(genital_piercing)
  10. Well if there is ever any militaria you are after let me know I have loads spare, you might want to do a WW2 box and set an inert WW2 era bullet into it etc I can help you out there or if there is anything you would like for yourself. I didnt realise at the time that most coins come without capsules in tubes, and most dealers just get large capsules to fit all sizes of coins before dispatching them to customers.
  11. I remember watching one of those crime and investigation documentarys on TV and some disabled bloke had been robbed and killed and his large green parrot killed also, there was blood absolutely everywhere, when forensics entered they discovered most of the blood spread throughout the flat was not the owners, nor the parrots, and when they checked the parrot it had blood all around its beak and someones eyeball in its claws, the robber was caught after admitting himself to hospital with a missing eye and a face ripped to shreds, turns out he had broken into the disabled mans house, and attacked and killed the man, the mans parrot then went to town on the thief before it was also killed, that's impressive, wish I could find the article.
  12. I would be so proud of my dog having done that to some scumbag thief.
  13. Use some of these, I could probably supply some free once a year, though the finish may differ from advertised.
  14. Well let me know how much I owe you for them, you have done nothing wrong, and I am happy and able to pay for these