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    SAO, CML and ALBION silver bars, but I want to start branching out and collect other manufacturers bars, 1 of each weight of their whole cast/poured range, Baird & Co is next on the horizon I think.

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  1. Well I have not got any worries then, still waiting for some silver and coin capsules nearly a week and a half later and they are signed for, still I might catch some mould spores from them being kept for so long.
  2. Gorgeous I am saving up for one of those at the moment
  3. Made a bit of a boo boo there on one of the coins, one of them isnt silver (the Irish wolfhound, higher denominations are though), good job I check them all with the excellent Numista site first.
  4. I have practised on some old coins with the baking soda, hot water and silver foil method and had some very good results, I think that would be my first try, I might need to get a different toothbrush, mines like a dog toothbrush.
  5. Here is some more I like the look of, sometimes one side will look uncirculated, but the other (nearly always the face side) looks worn to me, what do any of you make of these, do you think they fall into the uncirculated grade ? this side looks unc to me, but the face side I am not sure about Here is another that I am not to sure of, the harp details look very good, most I see of this type of coin are well used, is there a way I could carefully remove the black mark under the letter i And finally this one, obv looks unc but not sure about the face side
  6. Thanks mate for your input, I dont mind that too much if it has, as long as the coin isnt worn, I see a lot of superb coins out there that are spoiled for me by being dirty.
  7. Inbetween saving for a monster bar I am buying the odd silver world coins from the period 1935 - 1945, so far I have been pretty successful in finding nice coins (except todays) , but some coins are difficult to judge if I either dont have much experience of that type or the pictures are not too helpful, I know quite often photos do not do coins justice, and most I bought have been better than the pictures of them. I am only wanting almost uncirculated / uncirculated coins and sometimes with the picture or scarcer coins its hard to know whether or not a coins been polished, cleaned or should be as it is pictured, I dont want to send coins off for grading, so if they have been cleaned carefully but still have their lustre then that would be fine with me. Just the more eyes and experience will help spot things I might of missed as I learn this new area of collecting. I will start off with this coin I have seen this one that appears to be nice, does it look original or polished to any of you, I usually go on the hair and highspots checking for wear, but this looks ok to me from other examples on the web, it does look a little shiny though, is this normal? Sorry for the photo quality they are not my pics and this is one for sale I am trying to research first that I like the look of.
  8. I am still buying coins online that I really like and touch wood I have only had two problems out of about 10 purchase (one item never arrived and no contact from seller and the other item not as pictured) but everything else was superb.
  9. I suppose I could make a new one in the coins section as there might be a mix of different coins, sometimes I look for the hard to spot problems and miss the obvious and vice versa and more eyes and experience would help me a little.
  10. This is all I got word for word ok return the item to me and I will issue a refund on receipt of it. I dont want to take over what should be a happy topic with doom and gloom so please move this to the correct place if you need to mods, A question for anyone, is there an area on this forum where I can put pics of coins to get other members opinions on them, ones I am not sure about, I am only collecting AUNC/ UNC quality coins, and not sending them for grading or anything like that.
  11. usually they look better after they have been cleaned , or do you mean what ever residue was left on them has reacted with the sealed plastic sleeve it was in as I am starting to think after looking at @daca comparisons I think it is possibly the same coin, but if its been stored after cleaning in one of those PVC sleeves for quite a while after the pics were taken and had silver dip or other residue still on it, then that could make it go black like it has surely ?
  12. Cheers mate they do look very similiar, could these defects be common to all made of that year ?, could the coin been put in the sleeve with greasy hands and the plastic sleeve marked it ? , also there is a mark on the original above the 10pm area above the S, that was absent from the one I recieved ?
  13. Yeah I have mate, I angled that coin every which way, to see if the black marks disappeared, they did not, I have a Nikon microscope which I put it under and they were definitely different coins
  14. I viewed them closer than these pics show and there was major differences, unless there was a bit of photoshoppery, but why bother on a common and not expensive coin, I dont think they are the same coin, sorry guys
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