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  • What I am collecting / Investing in.
    SAO, CML and ALBION silver bars

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  1. We pay our TV licence, BUT I do not agree with it in any way shape or form, if we stopped paying SKY they would just cut it off, our water supply or anything else, yet we are told that we HAVE to pay this, which is wrong, I think if more people refused to pay this then there would have to be a major shakeup, I would be happy not to have any BBC content on my TV and be content in the knowledge that I am no longer paying money towards a company that paid millions towards the salarys of paedophiles, and of the covering up of their crimes.

    100g Bar - does not get much better than this!

    Prepare to see an increase of 0.0089%

    100g Bar - does not get much better than this!

    I thought it was just me that got those when awaiting a new one.

    Storage of your stack

    One reason I started stacking silver is that I lost a serious amount of value from the weapons side of my collection due to the EU bringing in draconian laws, I probably lost £15,000 in value due to the EU punishing law abiding collectors for terrorists actions. Hopefully we wont see laws brought in on the ownership/sales of silver , and my stack wont scare, offend, or try and kill someone who looks at or buys it in the future.
  5. Found this coin in my change today, I had the one with a large rabbit and a duck but not this one before, looks a bit better than it does in the photos.

    100g Bar - does not get much better than this!

    Yeah and so has the price

    Storage of your stack

    Yeah you can see her boobs clapping on the slow mo recoil vid

    Storage of your stack

    Museums can hold historic weapons fully working with a special licence, Its not so much the type of weapon its the calibre of it, on the governments home office site there is a monstrous list of calibres you can own fully working without a licence (as long as you do not have any serious criminal record, firearms related criminal record and are over 18), you can have 2 identical revolvers, same make, model and year, one in .38 S&W you cannot own without a very special licence (ie a historic weapon) unless its deactivated, the other thats in .320 you can own fully working without a licence as part of a collection or display. Its not just flintlocks and stuff like that either, there is quite a few semi auto pistols you can own, I have just bought a Martini Henry rifle from the Zulu wars, which any of you law abiding citizens out there can own as part of a display or collection. I am not interested in just weapons, its all aspects of WW2, WW1 and the Zulu wars, just weapons are the most iconic of items to do with wars in my collection, if any of you want to know more, say you would like to own something from history, either deactivated, or working just pm me and I can put you in the right direction. Here's an example I just found of one for sale in the UK http://www.deactivated-guns.co.uk/obsolete-calibre-firearms/rare-antique-obsolete-calibre-french-model-mas-1874-officers-revolver/prod_6878.html Here's a gun you can own without a licence in the UK fully working, I reckon she is enjoying firing this too much.

    Storage of your stack

    @Big23 @fehk2001 While you two are 'cock jousting' I will raise the stakes with my Bren gun

    Today I Received

    Love that raw silver.

    What to do.

    Its all WW2 or slightly older stuff that I have, My baby anti tank gun only just managed to go through the side of a Panther tank at close range so you will be safe in your Abrams

    World Cup Fantasy League

    I haven't seen Argentina defend like that since the Falklands war.

    Mucha coin series

    They are really nice, I have not seen them for sale over here, I like how there is three different finishes and all look pretty good, I dont mind slightly coloured coins myself if they are made that way and not by a third party.

    What to do.

    Ahh I see, I am at no 30 at the moment, from pistols to anti tank guns.

    Hello from a UK based gold bug