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  • What I am collecting / Investing in.
    SAO, CML and ALBION silver bars, but I want to start branching out and collect other manufacturers bars, 1 of each weight of their whole cast/poured range, Baird & Co is next on the horizon I think.

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  1. I know of some plants that have highly flammable oils in their seeds, this is because they will only germinate once they have been exposed to fire and need a high carbon environment to germinate, I suppose this could be a factor, things like a broken discarded beer bottle acting as a magnifying glass when the suns in the right position can also start a fire.
  2. Good point, it might be because they are just overwhelmed, or they are letting them burn out of purpose to stop it happening again in the near future, some areas might be very hard to reach, I think they should ask for international help if its as bad as the media makes out.
  3. Most of the bush fires in Australia occur naturally and due to idiots starting them either accidentally or intentionally, they have occurred naturally for thousands if not millions of years . https://3speak.online/watch?v=ozraeliavi/wukyguij or on yt
  4. Next thing will be they find plastic rubbish on there, send that cabbage patch doll Greta there on a one way trip.
  5. And this is the last of the coins I decided to keep. Was really happy when I found this wartime dated coin and even happier when it turned out to be one of the rarer .350 silver ones they made, these are easy to spot by the P above the Whitehouse. USA 1942 dated 5 Cents .350 silver A nice little wartime Swiss 1943 dated 5 Cents I love the design on the WW1 and WW2 era Italian coins, this one a 1940 dated 20 Centismo And finally possibly the best condition of the lot, what I think is an Egyptian 1938 dated 1 Millieme with King Farouk, the toning is a lovely blue colour. And that's all the coins I decided to keep.
  6. Here's some more keepers, these definitely look better in the hand than in the photos. This is the British & Commonwealth coins A 1941 dated British 1/2p A pair of South African coins, a 1942 dated 1/2p and a 1941 dated 1p And finally a Canadian 1941 dated 1 Cent More tommorow
  7. Totally agree, if they have access to the internet they can take a basic photograph and upload it easily enough, they are either dodgy or lazy, neither I could be arsed with.
  8. Thanks mate, glad you liked them and happy to help, I feel all sticky inside now
  9. Buy off of someone in the UK like Silvertrader, if you order a couple of coins from him he is even cheaper and you won't have half the stress, he is on ebay, also there is a few trusted members that I know of from here on ebay too that I would happily buy from.
  10. Should of put my original coin topic in here but didn't notice it at the time, these are the coins I decided to keep out of that large collection in an old tin I bought, the coins look better in the hand than they do in these pics. I just wanted to keep any really nice condition pre 1945 coins especially wartime dated ones. France 1861 5 Centimes Another 5 Centimes this time a much smaller 1937 dated one Here we have a 50 Centimes 1931 dated and a 2 Francs 1938 dated And finally of the French coins two Vichy French coins, these are made from what looks to be aluminium, from what I have read they were made out of this due to a shortage of metals as the Third Reich had stripped many occupied countrys of 'war' metals and these could be made from crashed aircraft etc. 50 Centimes 1943 dated and 1 Franc 1943 dated
  11. You could polish it up to get rid of scratches, have the tail repaired using some sort of filler, then have the whole thing sprayed to hide it and make it look uniform, or a sand somewhere underneath and use the filings to colour the filler the same as the model to hide it a bit, my mate used to do that on rifle stock repairs where he would get some sawdust from a hidden area of the rifle and mix it with an epoxy for a repair of the same colour of the wood.
  12. Yup I seen them go for quite a bit sometimes especially if you can pin down the model of the aircraft, Not sure about that one, I have a WW2 Swiss helmet but the pics are on my old computer and I need to retrieve stuff from the HDD on it.
  13. If that was mine I would have it polished up and a nice stand made for it.
  14. Yeah I would do it again if the opportunity presented itself its been fun and I have learned so much about coins when I knew very little before, Numista website was a godsend and superb in helping me.