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  • What I am collecting / Investing in.
    SAO, CML and ALBION silver bars, but I want to start branching out and collect other manufacturers bars, 1 of each weight of their whole cast/poured range, Baird & Co is next on the horizon I think.

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    Ooh I aint seen that one yet, thanks I will check their site out, even though I dont use them because they are all the way away in the USA, I love looking at their excellent website.
  2. To keep costs down if you could buy something commercially available EG the trays themselves and have him make a case/box to hold them in it and look externally superb.

    Today I Received

    The ocean liner the QE2 Or it could mean Queen Elizabeth the 2nd

    Today I Received

    This is for @caloundracats , this also arrived today, the wife bought me as a present to read while I am incapacitated, I am really pleased with it, to say its this years, A4 sized, 220 pages and full of photographs and all this for only £7 from Amazon, infact it says in the back 'published by Amazon' which I wasnt aware they did, it shows many coins and their mintage if known some older ones too, he goes into all aspects of collecting and stacking, he briefly covers silver bars but this is more coin orientated, he talks about all the naughtys that JP Morgan have done and others connected with silver. It might not be for the more advanced collecter/stackers out there, but is superb reading for the new to experienced stackers like me. Wonder if the author is on this forum Pictured below is one of the first ever automatic pistols designed and made, the Belgian FN Browning model 1900, in .32 ACP / 7.65mm, this gun the 1st pattern and made in 1906 (later guns just had FN on the grips). Another one of John Brownings designs it was his first ever automatic pistol that he designed and sold to Fabrique National, he also designed the .32 ACP cartridge to go with this gun and this was the first to use it. The gun had some quite unique features for its time and still today, despite being a large gun the ammo capacity is only 7 rounds, this is due to the recoil spring being on top of the barrel instead of below or around the barrel itself, also worthy of note is the sights, unless the gun is cocked and ready to fire a small bar pops up blocking your ability to aim, this can also be felt in the dark as an indication of whether or not your gun was ready to fire. The gun was used by many countrys by their police and later by the military as trench sweepers during WW1, females were catered for again, being able to defend themselves when travelling the wild areas of the world like Africa and Australia was important, there was two grades of purse holsters available, one was sequinned and the other (shown here) which I think was made of nubuck. A woman called Fanny Kaplin used one of these guns to try and assasinate Lenin, one of the bullets remained lodged in his body and it wasnt possible to remove it and it was said that this was what made him increasingly ill until his death. The gun was produced from 1900 - 1911.
  5. Talk with @Alun and see if he can custom make something for you but cheaper or better.


    One sentence, scorpions, red back spiders, giant huntsman spider, western brown snakes, poisonous cane toads, crocodiles, invisible microscopic deadly irukandji jellyfish, box jellyfish, great white sharks (though I love sharks) stingrays, dingos, feral people, neighbours and other stuff I cant think of that wants to eat, sting, bite, claw, rob you. Would love to go and study the wildlife, but not live there.

    Today I Received

    I dont post in this area often (well this is the first time since being a member). 1st up, I ordered one of the lovely wooden boxes from @Alun for my daughters Marvel coins set , Here is some of the specs before the pictures (which were rushed as I my back went last week and I am still suffering). Packaging - Royal Mail proof, would even go to say 'Yodel throwing over back gate proof' Dispatch time - Dispatched next day, informed via PM, came within 2 days, 2nd class signed for Box construction - Solid ash, high quality construction, smaller than expected (which is a good thing) Price - Classified, but when has quality been cheap, not cheap, not expensive, just right. Other notes - Element of future proof added into it, there is 'alleged' to be only 6 coin in the set, but he has a secret compartment (which would suit a tiny pistol) for any future releases and to save you money and space. Below is the box with a tiny Belgian FN Browning model 1906 .25 calibre, made in 1914 for size comparison (gun measures only 4" long), these pistols were used for concealed carry, by agents, females being large customers of them and them even coming with sequinned purse holsters, the gun was manufactured from 1906 until 1952 production only stopping during both world wars, the gun and its ammuntion was designed by John Browning and was the first pistol to fire the .25 ACP (or 6.35mm), this gun sparked 100's of clones that are still being manufactured to this day.


    Does Oz hold a special meaning to you though, as buying them for an investment and later trying to sell them in the UK you might not get as much as if they were for sale in Australia themselves, they are lovely items though.


    I think the one that represents Oz best, has the best quality and detailed figures, and looks shiney and blingy would be my favourite, yeah possibly the second looking at it.


    Whats the weight, need to figure that, plus the box, plus the fact the work and design gone into it.


    Oh wow that is fantastic, that has got to be the best thing I seen all this week, I would be tempted to buy something like that of the UK.

    Where to begin?

    Hello Steve I love Casio G Shock and Casio Edifice watches (yeah not at top make but I love there build quality and reliability) , I got one or two of each then realised that I can only wear one at a time and if I collected them that would be a lot of batteries to buy over the years to keep them all running. Welcome to the forum, its a great place with some great people.

    Fake Kew Gardens

    I got a feeling that the royal mint will be purchasing one to see how they manage to make them with better quality control than their own.

    Royal Dutch Mint - English Speaking version

    I follow you

    Grading Beasts

    I suppose if you can spot an imperfection they will, and use that as a guideline, is there anything on their website about what will achieve what grades ?