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  1. Carrera

    Sov set - real or fake?

    I wouldn't bid if I was you. I'm sure the coins in the picture are likely OK. Same for the other listings. But, let's be honest, it doesn't take long to find images of sovereign sets, or many other sovereigns, on Google. There are a few other clues to the nature of this 'sale'.
  2. Carrera

    Hello all

    Thank you all for the welcome. @Stu, started off just for weight I suppose. But now would like to get an example of each monarch's head.
  3. Carrera

    Hello all

    Hello all, Thought I'd better briefly introduce myself to the Forum, having just joined. Slight difficulty joining for some reason, so thank you to the admin for, I assume, manually sending an email I've been lurking on the forum for a few years now, and have been picking up the occasional Sovereign, or half, over the same time period.