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  1. Just picked up a 1kg Umicore for £368 delivered. Well chuffed.
  2. A 0.5g gold note. I think it's from Shanghai Mint and year of the rooster but Google isn't coming up with much. Not usually the sort of thing i purchase but saw it over the weekend at a good price and thought it wouldn't hurt! Anyone have any info on it?
  3. Pretty excited about these... 3 X 5oz "Pucks" from Swiss of America. Properly chunky vintage pieces. You can see how big they are compared to a 1oz monarch!
  4. @backyardBullion, do I need to add it to basket and checkout? Can't seem to find a downloadable link.
  5. Having started a stack and realising I need to keep track of it I started to pull together a fairly basic spreadsheet. Just to keep track of things like spot price at time of purchase, amount paid, Oz owned etc. What does everyone else do? Anyone happy to share their methods or spreadsheets?
  6. What do you have to do to get the eBay voucher?
  7. Small change and very uninteresting to mostly everyone here, but today I received the 1st silver I have ever held and the 1st 5oz of my stack!! [emoji3][emoji3]
  8. Have you got a link to the £8 scales?
  9. hoebag10

    1/10 or Half's?

    Resounding support for the half sovs! Liquidity is definately important. Don't plan on selling soon, but it will be a stack that's dipped into occasionally.
  10. hoebag10

    1/10 or Half's?

    Thanks for the welcome and the quick replies.
  11. hoebag10

    1/10 or Half's?

    Hi Guys. I've just started getting into precious metals - 1st silver bullion order turns up next week and have ordered some bits through the April group buy! Although I will primarily be stacking Silver I will diversify a little with gold. Can I ask if there is a general preference to buying either 1/10th Britannia's or Half Sovs? Any reasons to be looking at one over the other? As you can see I am not on a huge monthly budget for PM allocation, but excited to be part of the community.
  12. No, I'd agree.... Not sure whoever had written the document had found "the silver forum" yet. [emoji23] No, I'd agree.... Not sure whoever had written the document had found "the silver forum" yet. [emoji23]
  13. I would recommend reading "how to own the world" a brilliant book on passive investing and creating a decently diversified portfolio. Not a difficult read and a great intro with some good examples. Everything i have read highlights two things... 1) never try and time the market, you'll get burnt. Little and often is a better way to cost average and see a decent return ( note this is for long term market investments 15 years+) 2) costs really ramp up over a period of time and significantly impact your returns. Especially with managed funds. Personally I put money monthly into an ETF through Charles Stanley - have a look at the Vanguard Lifestrategy funds. The costs are low, they are well diversified across the world markets and have different funds depending on your appetite for risk. I put into the Life strategy 80, so higher balance of equities and lower split of bonds. If your on Reddit its worth getting onto the ukpersonalfinance sub. Lots of good info to trawl through. I've attached the flowchart they recommend everyone to review which gives some pointers.
  14. I can confirm that it is TransferWise exchange rate not European mint. Placed my order this morning.