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  1. Uwink

    GOLD DEALS - See a deal, post here :)

    +1 for Atkinsons....have my QB on order with them!
  2. Received my Baby Leaf Dragon prize this morning......many thanks BYB
  3. + 1 Well done all....I also won a prize
  4. Put me down for two entries please......great cause!
  5. Uwink

    Today I made.....

    .....I reckon that's silicone
  6. Uwink

    Good Afternoon all

    Good afternoon and welcome to the forum! Certainly some genuine and knowledgeable people here...good luck!
  7. Uwink

    Updated Michael Marsh book

    Tried to order but now "not available" !
  8. Uwink

    GOLD DEALS - See a deal, post here :)

    I see that offer is now over for Sovs at HGM....but 2% over spot for full Krugs!
  9. Uwink

    Queens Beasts boxes

    Am I mis-reading this or do they only deliver within Germany?
  10. Uwink

    Updated Michael Marsh book

    I have just checked the book shops on that page and none have it available1
  11. Uwink

    Updated Michael Marsh book

    Tried £27/£28/£29...all rejected!
  12. Open it anyway......just because i'm nosey
  13. +1 Stopped investing (only small amounts)for same reasons.