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  1. https://auragentum.de/ found these also, seem reasonable £281 ish landed!
  2. Thanks for that. Yes I have just been looking at Aurinum.de... and yes, they seem cheaper but with £10 delivery that brings it up a little. I may try to put an order together to make it pay! Cheers Bud!
  3. Hi all, After a Yale of Beaufort 1/4oz Gold Coin bullion. Atkinsons have them at £297...anyone know where they may be cheaper? Not seeing much by googling!
  4. I will take the last two if you get no more takers for singles...I would need two...one each for my two g/daughters!
  5. "Silver To Go" have them at £19.88 + delivery!
  6. ....sorry guys, I got them all! 😂
  7. Received mine as well, silver and copper...simply lovely!
  8. Got any silver/copper ones left bud?
  9. I would like two bags of these please...if you have any left? if so, can you hang on to them until new year for me? (i'm away now and cant take delivery until new year)