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  1. I personally would consider it but I need to let my wife see what she can get locally. Thanks for your interest.
  2. Thanks for your help and advice guys. I thought around £300-400 but it is the best place to sell it. Like a lot of guys on here, I don't particularly like Ebay. Not sure what size it is, my wife is going to take to a local jeweller to see what they say! But just trying to raise some money for the girl, so can't keep it! Thanks again.
  3. ...i know, I have just realised that i've put this in the wrong place...sorry 🙄
  4. Not sure if anyone can help but here goes. Trying to get an idea of a second hand price for the following engagement ring. (recent marriage breakdown of close family member, not mine). I could take it to a local jewellers but not sure that I would get the best price for my the owner from a jeweller/cash converter! I know that they paid around £2000 for it new! I have uploaded the certificate that came with it and a picture of the ring! Would appreciate any help or advice that anyone could offer. Thanks.
  5. Thanks for that Dicker....going that way myself a little 🧐
  6. I have one of these. I served as a Special and in my basic training I was given one of these to use until they issued me with my ASP. When I retired, I handed all of my kit in except my wooden truncheon...it now sleeps close to me in my bedroom 😏
  7. Hi guys, Time for me to catch up now. Because of circumstances, I have got behind with these. I now need 1/4 oz bullion The Yale of Beaufort and 1/4 oz bullion The Falcon of the Plantagenets. Has anyone got any of these for a sensible price? (and condition because they are going into my QB display case...purchased here and lovely it is too!) I know Atkinsons have them but I thought that I would ask here first.
  8. https://auragentum.de/ found these also, seem reasonable £281 ish landed!
  9. Thanks for that. Yes I have just been looking at Aurinum.de... and yes, they seem cheaper but with £10 delivery that brings it up a little. I may try to put an order together to make it pay! Cheers Bud!
  10. Hi all, After a Yale of Beaufort 1/4oz Gold Coin bullion. Atkinsons have them at £297...anyone know where they may be cheaper? Not seeing much by googling!
  11. ....sorry guys, I got them all! 😂
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