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  1. The GSBe site has it as 5,000, but I guess if anyone should know the real mintage it's PerthMint. So that's a "D'Oh!" from GSBe.
  2. Mintage 5,000 ... not 500.
  3. Platinum QB Lion has a 49% premium on GSBe currently, vs 12.9% on the latest coin (the Bull). The Griffin, Dragon and Unicorn are all currently available and have premiums of 14.9%, 18.9% and 18.2% respectively. Much of the time when I've looked in the recent past they've had zero availability of these coins apart from the Bull. The Dragon in particular seems to be always out of stock until just this past week or two and I don't know why the Griffin has a lower premium than the later coins but it certainly makes it tempting. The EuropeanMint has a competitive premium on the Bull but currently no availability on any of the older coins. Of course getting your money back when trying to sell any of these in the future could be challenging, but if platinum ever regains its previous value relative to gold the premiums won't make much difference.
  4. You're probably right but psychologically I just find it too painful right now. I'm going to have to take the leap eventually, if only to pick up the QB Yale before the premiums go up on it.
  5. I notice they bottled-out of doing the Queen's head in the same style. Seems like a missed opportunity to me. 😁
  6. With gold running wild and silver seemingly starting to follow, I wonder if platinum is going to show any gains in all this? Personally I haven't come to terms with the new high gold prices so I haven't been able to bring myself to buy at these levels. I had been looking to silver but now that's beginning to climb too I also find it pretty expensive. This all makes Platinum seem relatively affordable right now so instead I've bought another Pt QB. I'll probably regret it but I don't have a lot of platinum so I'm also thinking a little diversification may be wise. Anyone else looking at alternatives at these price levels?
  7. I've got my order in for the Boris Johnson PM commemorative 50p piece... 😁
  8. No, I didn't miss that one. @Pampfan requested mintages figure in May 2017 and received them around a month later, then did so again in April 2018, receiving the results around a month afterward again. However, when I sent in an FOI request for the same figures in November 2018 RM rejected my request on the basis that revealing these figures would be bad for their business and for collectors. Another forum member received the same stock response from the RM to a similar request in May of this year. The question is, whether @Pampfan can work his magic again this time or whether RM have simply changed their policy since his last successful request. If he does manage it, I suspect this is how he does it...
  9. Good luck! As noted in previous posts other people's requests in the past year have been met with a standard reply that releasing sales figures would harm their commercial interests, and somehow the interests of collectors.
  10. Probably down to numbers (supply/demand) as much as anything else. Before the RM went dark with their sales figures they revealed that they sold 22,707 Lions, 13,159 Griffins, and 14,456 Dragons. So there are 72% more Lions than Griffins out there. We don't know how sales of later coins have been but there has probably been an uptick over time as more people started collecting the series. That said I suspect the jump in the gold price has maybe had an impact on sales of the Yale and may impact the remaining coins if prices stay high... Difficult to say how the prices of each coin may vary in the long term.
  11. Schizophrenic? Personally I think I've been clear that I want the price of gold to stay low until September 2020 when the last of the QB series is released, at which point I want it to take off. Is that too much to ask?
  12. Personally I think the "in the NGC holder" part of your comment is superfluous.
  13. If we stick to bullion coins it seems to me there are different categories of hyped coins here: 1) Bullion coins sold at a low premium that pick up extra value once out of production 2) Bullion coins sold with an exceptionally high premium based on limited numbers or other appeal 3) Error coins (I don't follow these so won't comment on them) I'm leaving out proof coins, since in a sense their entire value over intrinsic PM content is based on hype. It seems to me that the Queen's Beasts bullion coins fall firmly into the 1st category as the premiums on launch are only fractionally higher than bog-standard bullion coins (the latest gold QB sells for maybe 0.5% more than the current Britannia for example). Dealers are currently listing some of the earlier gold bullion coins now at a 50% premium, and silver bullion coins at 150%. Will these premiums still be this high (or higher) in 5 years time? Will the later coins in the series reach the same levels? I really wouldn't like to guess. However, my own decision to buy them is based more on the fact that I like the designs (a lot in most cases) and that the overhead is so tiny compared to other options. Worst case they sell as any other bullion coins and my extra 0.5% investment is wasted. No big deal. Best case scenario? They're worth 50%+ over spot. Seems like a win-win to me, regardless of hype. Bullion coins in the 2nd category - sold with much higher premiums based on a limited production run or some other appeal - seem like a much bigger risk in investment terms. Personally I like the bullion silver Rwanda lunar series and nautical ounce but I only buy these for their visual appeal and don't expect them to gain in value. It's quite likely that they won't really hold much (if any) value over spot in the future.
  14. I half wish that gold prices had stayed low until the last in the QB series was released, as now I'm struggling to get my head around paying the current levels for bullion coins. Still haven't got the Yale... but maybe the current price is going to look cheap by the end of the year. 😟
  15. I can't help but notice that so far all the advice about stacking silver on the silver forum of "The Silver Forum" pages has been to buy gold. Time to re-name the website perhaps?
  16. All true, but in the end they only need to sell for 1.2% more than a sovereign to have been worthwhile, always assuming you bought the QB when it was a new issue. Worst case, you've lost 1.2%.
  17. Checking the pricing on GSBe just now a random QEII sovereign is priced at 2.6% over spot. The QB Yale is at 4.6%. So, okay you're paying 2 points more for the QB, although actually only 1.2% more in real terms. That's a pretty small extra margin for what you can hope will be a much more significant boost when you sell the gold in the future. I would categorize a purely numismatic investment as one where the initial margin is significantly higher than this and where the resale value is based more on the scarcity/desirability/shininess of the coin than its PM content. For me the QB is a semi-numismatic investment, where the initial extra margin is a very small percentage over spot and you expect the resale value will largely follow the value of gold but with the added bonus of an extra margin over spot on resale that should hopefully equal or exceed that initial margin at purchase time. Basically, while the QB series is ongoing I personally believe that investing in the latest 1oz gold QB is going to yield a better return that investing the same sum in sovereigns. I wouldn't argue that for other bullion coins, and I could be wrong about the QBs but that's my personal feeling.
  18. Sovereigns seem to be the logical choice as pure bullion but if you're willing to pay maybe 1% more over spot then the 1oz Queen's Beasts coins must surely be worth considering given their potential semi-numismatic resale value. It's difficult to imagine them not being worth at least 1% more over spot than a sovereign in the years to come, although obviously you'd need to sell them carefully, not just take them to a local dealer as scrap metal.
  19. Given that you've essentially just classified your wife as wildlife you'll likely be finding out one way or another very soon. A brave man indeed. 😀
  20. Wait, there are elements of Australian wildlife that aren't either vicious or lethal or both? I assumed even the butterflies down there are venomous and/or drink your blood. 🦋😨☠️
  21. First image I've seen of the Perth Mint 2019 silver swan (bullion). I liked the first two but I'm not so keen on this one.
  22. People aren't buying/selling those for bullion value so they're worth whatever people are willing to pay. I can say that right now that's about 18% lower than the asking price on GSBe. Also, the buyback price offered by auragentum.de for these is currently the equivalent of £240. I've never tried selling through them but maybe it gives some idea of resale value through a dealer that recognizes semi-numismatic value. So the price is about half way between the going rate at a major dealer and what you could maybe resell it for at another dealer, which sound fairly reasonable to me.
  23. I'm reminded of Obi-Wan Kenobi explaining the Jedi mind trick to Luke: "The Force can have a strong influence on the weak-minded." Just replace "The Force" with "YouTube" and it all becomes clear.
  24. In that case at least you still paid less per coin than you would have through any other source at the time. Your only regret is that you could have had an even better deal. As regrets go that's not so bad. Like you I still don't understand why GSBe have their QB monster boxes listed at higher prices than the individual coins. This doesn't seem to be a one-off thing as I've noticed it before and it's still the case today.