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  1. I like the QB platinum coins and compared to getting hold of a Lion in silver or gold the Pt version is still relatively affordable, particularly if you think the metal itself is going to climb in the long run. The Perth Mint Lunar III Pt coin might also be worth a look as the first in a new series. Personally I also like the old Platypus coins but that's just me - no reason to think they'll gain semi-numismatic value vs QBs or Lunar IIIs.
  2. I believe this just means your order has been stored in their safe pending availability of the complete order.
  3. For smaller gold purchases in Croatia it might be worth looking at older coins from the Austro-Hungarian Empire - 20 corona coins at around 270€, 10 corona coins at ~145€, plus 8 & 4 florin and 1 or 4 ducat coins. These are the local equivalent of old sovereigns in the UK and Napoleonic gold coins in France. You'd need to find a trustworthy dealer to avoid counterfeits though.
  4. Logically I should be happy with the price rises in Au and Ag but I've been unable to pull the trigger on making any purchases at these levels and now have an ever-growing want list of coins. In fact checking my notes I've only bought Pt in the last year. I'm going to have to make some Au/Ag purchases soon even at current levels but it doesn't feel right. My buys over the past few years were based on the overall feeling that gold and silver were both strongly undervalued which I just don't feel now. Unfortunately I'm now addicted to some of the series and new releases 😬... but I guess I'm not the only one with that particular 'problem' in a forum full of stackers.
  5. If you're looking for flexibility, convenience, and low premiums then sovereigns would seem to be the safest bet. Other fractionals tend to have significantly higher premiums that you won't necessarily get back on resale. However, some 1oz semi-numismatic bullion coins have pretty low premiums and offer the possibility of semi-numismatic gains when you sell in the future. Worst case scenario is that you sell at close to spot and 1oz is never going to be difficult to sell to a dealer. Best-case - the early Queen's Beasts are attracting significant premiums these days. That's no guarantee than current releases will do as well in a few years time but they'll never sell for less than melt price.
  6. I use Kitco on my phone for live prices. Gold, Silver, Platinum, Palladium in any combination of currencies and weights... price change or percentage, graphs etc ... I guess they all have the same features but this one works for me.
  7. Last time I checked these had an amazingly low premium on GSBe - lower than sovereigns or Brittanias. Hmmmm... gold!
  8. FoolzGold

    White Lion

    The horse could be good if it's not pumped-up like He-Man, or totally 'chonky' like the unicorn. Would also be nice it the design didn't leave too much exposed background. The greyhound is going to be a real challenge but I live in hope. So far the first three in the series are stand-out winners to me and I would have bought them even if they were one-offs. The unicorn was not too bad. I'm also partial to the falcon, although I realize I'm probably in the minority there. To be honest there hasn't been a really bad coin for me (this isn't the UK lunar series!), but the bull, yale, and white lion I wouldn't buy if they weren't in the series.
  9. I've never really taken to the previous lunar series but I do like this artwork. A crazy range of sizes, but I'm not sure I really understand why the 1oz BU coins are 'limited' when the larger sizes are not. At least I would have thought the 2oz and 10oz gold coins would be limited. Overall I'm tempted by the platinum version now, if only because silver and gold prices are so high currently. Might come back to the gold and silver if prices fall back.
  10. Knuckle-dusters by the looks of it, probably from the same dealer where he got his steroids.
  11. Somehow this makes me think of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe... Definitely not one of my favourites in the series, but that's just my personal taste.
  12. Unless you think the current silver/gold price is the lowest it's going to be for the next year there's no need to rush to pre-order the bullion coins as they're minted in unlimited quantities for an entire year. Plenty for everybody...
  13. The 10oz Lion still seems to command a significantly higher premium than the Griffin. I don't think we ever had the definitive mintage figures for these coins so it's impossible to know how many of each are out there. For the 2oz coins the Griffin generally seems to sell for more than the Lion, probably in part because there are about 40% more Lions out there than Griffins (we had sales figures for these before the RM decided these were state secrets). The Dragon doesn't show signs yet of climbing so high , despite the sales figures being similar. The 1oz gold bullion coins (with 72% more Lions sold than Griffins) show a similar trend to the 2oz silvers, with Griffins fetching the higher premiums.
  14. Always feels like it's worth reviving this thread when gold climbs to a new high. As a reminder : April 2017 - guy joined forum and asked for advice on which coins to buy. Following the excellent advice of the users here he bought: 3 x Britannia (2016, 2017) 1 x Queen's Beasts Lion 2 x Queen's Beasts Dragon 2 x Queen's Beasts Griffin November 2018 - without asking anyone's advice he panicked and sold them at melt price (maybe £930/oz) to Atkinsons, who turned around and sold them on their site for £1300+ each. Value today? Spot price around £1250/oz, roughly 35% above the spot price at the time he panicked. Resale value of those QBs? Probably at least 30% higher still. I'd say he'd have been looking at maybe 75% more today on those QB's than he sold them for 9 months ago. Quote: "I'm just glad I got out of it before I lost even more."
  15. The GSBe site has it as 5,000, but I guess if anyone should know the real mintage it's PerthMint. So that's a "D'Oh!" from GSBe.