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    James901012 got a reaction from StackSellRepeat in SILVER .999 BARS 1 OZ,100G & 250G   
    £58 posted on the hearaeus ?
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    James901012 got a reaction from shanny09 in X mas sale gold and silver   
    1/10 gold britannia £101
    1/10 gold eagle £103 SOLD
    100g silver bar SOLD 
    Buyer to add postage 

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    James901012 got a reaction from MickD in Cheap Gold and silver bits   
    1/10 Gold brittania £101
    1/10 Gold eagle £103
    100g silver stan bar £45

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    James901012 reacted to ilovesilverireallydo in Pay day , who's got the cheapest silver ???   
    Find a decent junk store over deal on eBay they have 10% off
    i just scored 50% British Silver under spot with the 10% 
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    James901012 reacted to arcglide in 1/4oz gold proof lion & dragon beasties   
    As new coins, boxed with coa.
     * 1/4oz gold proof lion of england £525
     * 1/4oz gold proof dragon of wales £525 SOLD
    Price includes special delivery within uk
    Payment via PayPal f&f or bank transfer please