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  1. 100g scottsdale round £54 100g 9 fine mint £52 Buyer to add postage
  2. 3 × 100g scottsdale bars £53 each Plus post Buyer to add postage Ppff
  3. Scottsdale 5oz bar £80 Buyer to add postage Ppff
  4. Still available give us a message mate Added 0 minutes later... Yours if you want it mate, drop us a message
  5. 2014 sovereign £240 SOLD 1/10 krug £107 SOLD 1/10 brit £107 SOLD Buyer to add postage
  6. 100g bars Scottsdale bar x3 £54 Scottsdale round £56 Old Geiger type £58 SOLD Baird and co £54 SOLD Metalor with cert £54 SOLD 9 fine mint £54 YPS £54 SOLD SAO £54 SOLD Beaver bullion 2oz bar £29 SOLD Geiger 1oz square x5 bundle £80 SOLD Silvertowne 1oz bars ×5 bundle £75 SOLD Scottsdale 5oz bar £80 Pamp 250g bar £130 SOLD Brittania 10oz £155 SOLD Buyer to add postage
  7. Order what you can afford to, 100g bars suit my budget and nice and easy to sell if needed.