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  1. Provvidenza

    **JUNE 2018** Group order from GoldSilver.be

    Picked up my parcel from the Royal Mail Postal Centre this morning, beautiful coins, expertly packaged, delivered fast and fuss free. Thank you Mr & Mrs Backyard Bullion, your hard work is greatly appreciated.
  2. Provvidenza

    Today I Received

  3. Provvidenza

    What's a fair price for fractional gold coins?

    I've been buying 1/10 Gold Britannias direct from Royal Mint Bullion whenever I can get 2 for under £110 each. I haven't bought any the past few weeks due to the higher price but I am being patient for that to change (and I've been buying Silver instead). Spot price is allover the place so I don't worry about how much I may be paying over at the time of purchase, I definitely want gold in my hand so I just wait for a price I'm happy to pay regardless. Also Royal Mint Bullion 1/10 Britannias come in the screw type plastic capsules which are great.
  4. Provvidenza

    Today I Received

    No it is definitely a proof, I have the cupronickel version already so can compare, the picture is poor and the coin has been handled quite a bit but the coin shows frosting etc, I've already done the magnet test and the weighed the coin. 925 Silver proof vs Cupronickel 925 Silver Proof Cupronickel
  5. Provvidenza

    Today I Received

    925 Silver 50% below spot ☺️
  6. Provvidenza

    Gold/Silver ratio?

    I'm aiming for 1/100, 1 oz of gold to every 100 oz of silver, like you I have a limited budget every month (a combination of earnings and savings), so I have been buying 1/10 Britannias from royal mint bullion. I know this is not the most cost effective way to buy gold, but at this time I'd rather have physical metal in my hand than wait and risk a price spike.
  7. Provvidenza

    Bars Photo Thread...

  8. Provvidenza

    Today I Received

  9. I think people are reading a little too much into this, you can still invest £M into each of the equivalent variable rate bonds, just not the guaranteed rate (which pays higher interest). All banks limit the amount of cash you can place into any particular product, in order to manage demand and achieve net financing targets, so it's no different. Fact is your savings will be guaranteed, they can print as much fiat as they need to, the question is how much will you be able to buy with it after a financial crisis?
  10. Provvidenza

    What was Your First Coin?

    Year 2000 Bullion Full and Half Sovereigns, bought from the Royal Mint for £60/£30 respectively. I managed to double my money when I sold them several years later. 😠
  11. Provvidenza

    Today I Received

  12. Provvidenza

    **April 2018** Group order from European Mint

    My 2017 & 2018 1oz Silver China Pandas arrived safely today, beautifull coins, expertly packaged, I'm delighted with my first Silver Forum group order, many thanks BYB.
  13. Provvidenza

    RM gold up 9%?????

    RMB site notice - Temporarily down for maintenance. We should be back online shortly.
  14. Provvidenza

    1/10th gold coins

    @RoughDog you beat me too it Personally I don't care about the premium, I'm not looking to sell in the short/medium term and in the long term I'll be dead, just ordered another two.