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  1. A woman went into a pub and asked the barman for a double entendre. So he gave her one.
  2. Very impressive. the treated coin looks amazing. 👍
  3. Got these attractive silver French Francs in auctions over the past week or so, they are identical in size and silver content (835) as the Swiss Francs from the same period (not the 5 franc coin which is 2g smaller).
  4. Provvidenza


    I'm basically doing the same thing, I have silver 1ozt coins, some bigger bars, and now due to the slight price hike I am mainly buying world coins junk silver. I have some Britannia 1/10 ozt gold coins and Sovereigns, I'm still buying them when I can even with the recent price hike. The premiums don't put me off buying fractional gold, better to have it in hand than the money sitting in the bank imho. In less than two years stacking it's surprising how much precious metal you can put away.
  5. Buying Silver is a gamble, but it is cheap and easy to buy, I think it could get more difficult if cheap silver is no longer available from Europe. I'm hoping to pick more up silver over the next couple of years and then basically wait for a big spike in price to cash in some, but not all of it.
  6. Still picking up the odd bit of silver when I can, these arrived this week.
  7. 1oz Silver Britannias and 1/10oz Gold Britannias for the foundation. I do buy other stuff when I can, I know when pecious metals have a price hike, I will be tempted to sell for quick profit. All the odds and ends will go, but I'll try my best to hold onto the Brittanias.
  8. Monster Box of 500 Silver Britannia 1ozt coins. Vat free via trustworthy European dealer.
  9. Pre-owned (from the pre-owned silver section of the website) but all 2016 and in as new condition (could only see milkspotting on one coin). This is the second time I've ordered these type of coins from them (last time I got all 2013), this time they sent them in a free tube. You have to be quick though as deals like these are soon snapped up.
  10. Another order of cheap silver arrived from Atkinsons Bullion today, just £14.57 per oz delivered.
  11. Atkinsons pre-owned mixed years Austrian Philharmonic 1oz silver, at £14.65 each including p&p has to be some of the cheapest silver I ever bought.
  12. My items from the November Group Order arrived safely, many thanks Mr & Mrs BYB ☺️
  13. The Swiss 1/2, 1, 2 & 5 Franc coins pre 1968 (plus the 1969 5 Franc Coin) were 835 silver and the exact same design coins are still in everyday use today, albeit Cupro Nickel. I collect these along with some pre war French and German silver coins and pre 1947/1920 British coins. I try to buy nice condition coins but I find the 925 British coins as well as some of the 900 US coins are usually very worn or very expensive in good condition. All these coins are a smallish part of my silver stack, I don't really worry about premium on these coins, if they are in my budget I buy them. IF the price of silver ever skyrockets in my lifetime, the relatively small premium I have paid on these coins won't matter anyway as I probably wouldn't be selling them otherwise.
  14. This is what I got from Atkinsons Bullion when I ordered one of their "Bullion 100g Silver Bar" mystery deals. I was hoping for a minted bar but now that I have received this cast one I think its pretty cool and well worth the £60 inclusive price.
  15. Not all of these arrived today but would love to get my hands on more of these lovely Swiss and French Silver coins.