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  1. A Jewish man died and went to heaven. At the gates St Peter said to the man "yes you have lead a good and frugal life, you can have two villas to live in". So the Jewish man sold one, rented the other one out and went to live with his sister.
  2. I'm really watching what I eat during this lockdown, hope to come out of it in better shape, it's a balance though. Eating enough to stay healthy, but not stuffing myself with comfort food.
  3. Yes, not showing up on Full Sovereigns for me using Firefox with Adblock+.
  4. Hmm that feature is not showing up for me on their website.
  5. Both are good, if you have a 1/10 Britannia already why not start saving for a Half Sovereign? I think its good to have Gold in hand at the moment.
  6. Placed my order with Royal Mint Bullion Monday afternoon, coin arrived today! Things seem to be back to normal there or maybe I'm the only one buying.
  7. 2020 Full Sovereigns now back in stock at Royal Mint Bullion.
  8. Good to know, even with all the current trouble, H&B are still managing to get all their junk mail through to us. Also this lovely 2020 full soveriegn purchased recently for £319.
  9. Is it my imagination or has Royal Mint Bulion sharply increased the premium on its gold coins?
  10. I was given some junk jewellery a few months back, I saved all the halmaked silver items and a small 9ct brooch, all the non magnetic gold coloured items I took to a local jewellers yesterday. Turns out virtually all was gold plated, there were a few broken links of low ct solid gold for which I recieved £12.50p today. Tbh I will sell some silver when prices take a hike, but I fully intend to keep my gold coins for the long haul and only trade directly for items should the need arise
  11. Sobering stuff, if we use Venezuela as a direct example, storing 20% of your cash as gold, gold purchasing power increases by 5x during hyper inflation, using your gold you have the exact amount of buying power you had before the hyper inflation. All this assuming you use gold to buy things and not turn it into cash. The price of silver in Venezuelan Bolivar must have risen in this time too, any figures available?
  12. I have some silver 1ozt Philharmonics, lovely coins, the 45% extra you paid is known as the Premium, you really have to buy from somewhere that has a lower Premium. There are plenty of online European dealers, if you bought larger quantities of coins, you could get the premium way down even including postage costs.
  13. Just recieved some 2019 Sovereigns direct from Royal Mint Bullion and they came in screw top capsules which are a slightly better fit than their previous push fit type.
  14. Approaching 2 years stacking Silver and couple of months less stacking Gold.
  15. Peace, prosperity and friendship with all nations, some people have nothing else to complain about?
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