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  1. Provvidenza

    What to stack??

    The Swiss 1/2, 1, 2 & 5 Franc coins pre 1968 (plus the 1969 5 Franc Coin) were 835 silver and the exact same design coins are still in everyday use today, albeit Cupro Nickel. I collect these along with some pre war French and German silver coins and pre 1947/1920 British coins. I try to buy nice condition coins but I find the 925 British coins as well as some of the 900 US coins are usually very worn or very expensive in good condition. All these coins are a smallish part of my silver stack, I don't really worry about premium on these coins, if they are in my budget I buy them. IF the price of silver ever skyrockets in my lifetime, the relatively small premium I have paid on these coins won't matter anyway as I probably wouldn't be selling them otherwise.
  2. Provvidenza

    Today I Received.....

    This is what I got from Atkinsons Bullion when I ordered one of their "Bullion 100g Silver Bar" mystery deals. I was hoping for a minted bar but now that I have received this cast one I think its pretty cool and well worth the £60 inclusive price.
  3. Provvidenza

    Today I Received.....

    Not all of these arrived today but would love to get my hands on more of these lovely Swiss and French Silver coins.
  4. Provvidenza

    Today I bought.....

    Another charity shop find 1977 Sterling Proof Crown, this one in lovely complete condition, £10.
  5. I'm a big Spaghetti Western fan, seen well over 300 of them so far, Provvidenza (Providence) is a character actor Tomas Milian plays in a couple of Italian comedy westerns. I used the name on a Spaghetti Western Forum a while back and decided to keep it on here because it also seemed kind of appropriate. The avatar is from one of those 1960's educational films, telling children not to stick knives into electric sockets, nedless to say we have all done things we were advised not to.
  6. Provvidenza

    Today I bought.....

    A 1930 French 10 Franc coin, hope to pick up more of these very attractive Art Deco design 10 and 20 Franc pre-war 680 silver coins. ☺️
  7. Provvidenza

    What size to buy

    I'd buy 1oz Silver Britannias, maybe a monster box full? Then a tube of 25 Full Gold Sovereigns? You would pretty much be sorted then. The only thing is, the price of precious metals do fluctuate, so think whether you want to go all in now or build up to that amount gradually. All depends on whether you think precious metals are going to go up or down in price? I personally think they will be coming down before we see any significant price hikes, this is why I am accumulating gradually over the next few years.
  8. Provvidenza

    New silver Kruger rand

    I think they're pretty cool, I'm looking forward to getting my hands on some, particularly as 2018 is the first year. Although I will keep buying Britannias for my "foundation" (as Shadow Stack puts it), because of their capital gains tax free status here in the UK.
  9. Provvidenza

    **JUNE 2018** Group order from GoldSilver.be

    Picked up my parcel from the Royal Mail Postal Centre this morning, beautiful coins, expertly packaged, delivered fast and fuss free. Thank you Mr & Mrs Backyard Bullion, your hard work is greatly appreciated.
  10. Provvidenza

    Today I Received.....

  11. Provvidenza

    What's a fair price for fractional gold coins?

    I've been buying 1/10 Gold Britannias direct from Royal Mint Bullion whenever I can get 2 for under £110 each. I haven't bought any the past few weeks due to the higher price but I am being patient for that to change (and I've been buying Silver instead). Spot price is allover the place so I don't worry about how much I may be paying over at the time of purchase, I definitely want gold in my hand so I just wait for a price I'm happy to pay regardless. Also Royal Mint Bullion 1/10 Britannias come in the screw type plastic capsules which are great.
  12. Provvidenza

    Today I Received.....

    No it is definitely a proof, I have the cupronickel version already so can compare, the picture is poor and the coin has been handled quite a bit but the coin shows frosting etc, I've already done the magnet test and the weighed the coin. 925 Silver proof vs Cupronickel 925 Silver Proof Cupronickel