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  1. Hi guys, I have been going through my coin collection from when I was a kid and I have come acrosss some coins that have caught my eye. The first one being the 1 shilling coin dated 1842. It is in amazing condition but I noticed the head is the 'wrong way' round. I do not know anything about these coins so I am not sure if it is common with these coins. The second is the bigger coin dated 1887. I am not sure what it is as I cannot see anything saying how much it would we worth. Could it be commemerative? Any infomation would be greatly appreciated as I am completly clueless and very curious! Thanks for reading
  2. Hey guys, I am just begining my precious metals journey and I am wondering if anyone can recommend any good books on gold and silver... I have already bought and read The Gold Sovereign by Micheal A Marsh but I want to try and expand my knowledge a bit more before making any more investments Thanks in advance, Ieuan
  3. No worries, I’m a bit confused as to why they have put the cupro nickel coin as the display piece
  4. That’s for the coin on the top of the case... the rest of the COA’s say they are sterling silver
  5. Yep each coin is sterling sliver... I didn’t think it would have a significant value I was just looking for a rough price
  6. Hi guys this is my first post to the forum I was hoping for a rough valuation on a 2002 golden jubilee coin set I have inherited... all the coins have COA’s. Each coin is 925 and the one has the queens head plated in 24crt gold. I have included some photos of the set but if you require anymore just let me know