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  1. Recent purchase, any info regarding MFG, date etc?
  2. Can anyone provide information on this vintage bar?
  3. My suspicions were correct. Confirmed elsewhere with a few sources that this is 100% fake. Be diligent and go with your gut.
  4. Can anyone tell me if this seems authentic? It’s for sale locally and I’m tempted but not sure about what looks to be double stamped? thoughts?
  5. You are 100% correct. It has been sheared, that is why the top edge is shiny, it has been cut the bottom half has been essentially torn apart. No Material has been lost as the weight is exactly 10oz.
  6. Looks like it was sheared as it has a shiny, smooth section at the top and more course area below. I had it x-rayed so I know 100% it’s .999 Silver.
  7. I use a spreadsheet (see attached example. This also gives me a per/oz average overall.
  8. Owe man! This was product of a divorce in which the wife was adamant about getting 1/2 of everything! was able to purchase it for spot price.
  9. For me it's a few reasons. 1-It is a fun daily reminder to keep stacking. 2-I find it interesting to see the toing take its natural course. 3-The ASE I carry is 28yrs old. I was 14 when it was minted, that's the same age (14) when my oldest son started stacking. Cool comparison as to where both he and I were in life at the age of 14. He makes me proud each day!
  10. Just curious if anyone carry's a silver coin or silver piece each day? Myself, I carry a 1990 American silver eagle each day in my pant pocket.
  11. In 2011 when Silver was at it’s peak. Can anyone recal what Bullion dealers were paying? Was it spot price? Slightly under spot? OR was it’s substantially under spot due to many people selling?