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  1. It's not that easy to measure 0.15mm difference is size. Can I ask how you measured it? My calipers have an accuracy of ¬Ī0.2mm, so I wouldn't lean too much on them when measuring fractions of a mm. Uneven wear patterns on the milling can also result in the diameter of the coin being very slightly different (fractions of a mm) each time you measure it, depending on where you place the calipers. Eric
  2. The edge milling is different between the two issues. PCGS will continue to identify the two issues on the basis of the different edge milling. There was a write-up in the Coin News magazine with images, although I'll have to check up which issue it was. Eric
  3. Looks like the finish on Perth mint bullion issues. Eric
  4. The small/different 3 is scarcer than the normal 3, but not by much. It exists on the London issue as well. Eric
  5. Looks like a die chip. Interesting variety, but not significantly valuable. Would be of interest to a sovereign error collector. Eric
  6. I didn't like the "making money" angle of the article, but as the saying goes any publicity is good publicity. Eric
  7. Does anyone have images of the 1885 over 3 half sovereign mentioned in Spink? I have an 1885 half and am having trouble deciding whether it's the overdate or not, and images on the internet are scarce. I've attached an image of the coin I have. Eric
  8. drakesterling

    Peak Sov

    They are my favourite after the Pistrucci design, as they're the only way to get the standard design that year - no privies, no mint marks, just a good ol' sovereign like how they used to make them. Eric
  9. drakesterling

    Peak Sov

    I like all the Indian issues. They all seem to be quite scarce, except the 2013. Eric
  10. drakesterling

    Peak Sov

    I'm referring to the St George Sapphire Jubilee and Platinum Wedding designs.
  11. drakesterling

    Peak Sov

    Variations of a design that tell you something about how the coins were made (legend errors, overdates, small changes to the shape of the bust, changes to the initials of the designers) are genuinely interesting and collectable. Changes to the design so that the mint can sell more product are less interesting. A recent interesting and genuine variety is the 2017 struck of the day sov. At first blush, the two issues are identical (except for the packaging), but a collector recently discovered that the milling is different between the two issues (meaning the mint must have used different collars). The variations in the milling of the 2002 £2 are also interesting. Eric
  12. I'll contact him and will keep an eye out on the site, as the owner may be listing more articles of interest. Eric
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