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  1. Bit confused - 🤔 Do you have two grades ? (a) New out of tube with minor blemishes at £22.50, and (b) B-grade if so what price ? I would be interested in 2 or 3 of the best condition, least marked. Also, maybe 1 or 2 of the milk stained coins if significantly cheaper.
  2. Just looked at the bullion coin and I am not happy with it's condition as there are multiple scuff marks on both sides. Sorry to disappoint but it's not what you are looking for.
  3. It used to be quite tough to get into University and maybe only the top 10% made the required grades because the courses demanded this. I can only speak for science and maths and if you hadn't got good A grades then after a month in class you would be falling so far behind that you would never catch up. Able students that wanted more of a vocational course, who would really struggle with university work, could go to a polytechnic and gain certificates and diplomas which for some jobs would be worth just as much as a degree. The government of the day decided that everyone should have the chance to earn a degree ( so what if dilution meant they were useless but that didn't matter to politicians ) so the polytechnics were rebranded universities. When fees were introduced this was a gravy train for universities so they expanded their courses and opened their doors to anyone who could spell their name correctly. Then some universities, in order to suck in more fee paying students started to give higher grades believing this would appeal to many students believing this is the place that has a high success rate and will enhance my life chances, especially gaining a first class degree which was previously really.. really challenging. Unfortunately this experiment has totally backfired as employers know the score. Perhaps that's why so many foreign students are filling the technology vacancies these days and not sweeping the floor in McDonalds with a "degree".
  4. For something nice and maybe a bit special I can let go a boxed proof with CoA silver American Eagle 2008 Asking £40 + postage if interested and if serious I can dig it out and send pictures before committing. Alternatively a standard bullion Eagle 2008 for £24 in a capsule including a free presentation hinged single coin box ( doesn't have a cut-out for the coin ) + postage
  5. Send your complaint directly to the BBC or start one of those petitions that requires 100,000 votes. I too am sickened by our brave troops being hounded because some foreign lawyer, probably living in London, has a chance to earn money bringing a case to court, at our expense, for someone of the same background or nationality - because he can. This should also apply to the f*cking IRA sympathisers. Many of us will not forget what these ba*stards did in UK pubs.
  6. I'll take the Lion with the €4 postage. PM your details please.
  7. There are different grades of clear capsules. The very best are generally scratch resistant ( to a degree ) and the cheap cloned ones are generally scuffed in places even before you get them out of the bag. Regardless of the capsule, your coin will definitely benefit from its protection. When I get new coins I put them in good capsules and then place the cap inside a small ziplock bag just to protect the capsules from rubbing as they are just stored loose in a box. One problem with this approach is the poly bags tend to be a bit slippery together, so if you try to pick up a few coins they tend to scatter in all directions.
  8. Can you reserve the Lion for me please pending answers - thanks. What is least expensive shipping from Belgium for a single coin ? - I assume for low value, regular ( tracked or signed for ? ) postage. I cannot see the scratch so do you have another picture or could you describe it please.
  9. Quite the optimist looking for bargain basement prices guaranteed to be free of spots etc. 😁😁 Mint condition from our Royal Mint means "diddly squat" in terms of scuffs, scratches, reeded dings, milk spots etc. All they promise is that the coin is a chunk of 999 silver weighting 1 Troy ounce. GS.be will provide exactly what's in the box and nothing better, so if you want the best condition coins then ASEs would be a good bet as a high percentage of these seem to get MS70 and MS69 when graded. If you are looking for a higher percentage of near perfect coins then you will have to look towards the Australian Mints who seem to ensure excellent quality and the coins are encapsulated in the mint before they get wrecked. However my Britannia silver oriental border coins came in capsules and were all stunning so it can be done in Wales.
  10. I think the raw spirit - pure ethanol with a small amount of water - that Bombay Sapphire uses to make it's famous gin costs a fraction of the price of petrol per litre. Not that is costs the consumer such a low amount but somehow I think commercial ( and industrial ) ethanol is cheap - really cheap ! It also burns as a fuel quite cleanly and doesn't require relatively expensive processing used in converting oil into petrol. We need to move to hydrogen and get the price of platinum up 😁 ( high affinity to store hydrogen ).
  11. Pete

    Checking sealed tubes?

    @RoslandGold - interesting to see the results in grading first issue Britannia gold coins but the topic I believe is about sealed tubes of bullion silver.
  12. One of the key benefits of being part of an open and honest forum like the Silver Forum is sharing good and bad experiences. The problem we all know in politics is the governing elite lie through their teeth to get elected, deflect answering direct questions and hide the truths believing it's not in the public interest to know stuff. By sharing experiences on the Silver Forum people can be better informed and if thinking about purchasing know some ( if any ) of the pitfalls and things to look out for. Because this forum is not censored, people can literally say whatever they like. Pretty much all are honest and trustworthy thankfully - so a great resource indeed. There had been a long thread about GS.be with some contributors chastising them when actually some of the faults were more local with the courier. Again some people faulted the responses from GS as very customer unfriendly whereas some other praised them. All good information to take into consideration especially if placing sizeable orders. I praised the European Mint for service but was sadly let down, very badly, by the sh!t condition of 20 Britannia coins purchased as uncirculated. I have no hesitation to report this and despite otherwise having had a good experience ( ignore the 7-8 days road delivery by UPS ) this batch of sh!t coins means I will most likely never purchase anything further from them again. How can they be trusted ? By comparison I have placed a lot of business with GS. be and never had coins sent in this condition. I did once however receive a new Koala with a large thumb print which means it had been handled outside its mint issued capsule. Anyhow, thanks to everyone who has commented and good luck with your future purchases.
  13. What caused the last ice age ? Imagine you were born just before the ice age ended and your town was built on ice a kilometre thick. As it started to melt would you have been concerned about global warming and rising sea levels ? Maybe we will have another ice age so what will all the Xtreme Rebellion hippies say then ? Global weather is complex but the single biggest contributor is varying outputs of solar energy.
  14. I decided to send a message to the European Mint expressing my views on the poor condition of these new coins and the added fingerprints. I doubt I will receive a satisfactory response but I'll wait and see. Since there was no facility to attach any pictures I gave them a hyperlink to this page so they can see for themselves this junk is on the worldwide web. I also noted many comments about their prices being the lowest but this isn't always the case. My order was split between a number of these Britannias and other coins ( in capsules ) and half of my order would have been cheaper ordering from GS.be
  15. Pete

    Checking sealed tubes?

    I always open every tube of bullion coins. You may find many suppliers break the seal and insert a piece of padding to fill the gap and to minimise rattling during shipping. I very much doubt the value of a sealed tube would be increased unopened. As for modern Britannias expect every coin, if not most, to have some minor scuff marks on the highly polished queen's face. I'm not sure if these scuffs are in minting or in rubbing when in the tube. Having purchased in the past sheets of Britannias from the Royal Mint, each coin inside a plastic blister which I very much doubt would create abrasions, every coin was badly marked. Perhaps they churn them out like normal currency coins into a large hopper where they rub against each other before being packed in sheets or tubes ? Milk spots were notorious with Royal Canadian Mint bullion coins like Maples and themed wildlife. I am seeing more bad from our Royal Mint nowadays than from any other mint, even on the Queens Beasts seeing lots of tiny spots. Spotting and milk staining has absolutely nothing to do with handling, moisture, air quality etc - it is down to processes in the mint itself by not cleaning residues from the blanks properly, leaving chemical agents in the water which are then baked into the surface through a chemical reaction on the coin and create the stains. It is impossible to remove milk spots and stains without surface abrasion i.e. polishing. No acids, solvents etc will remove these marks. Any mechanical means of erasing will most likely introduce hairline scratches but as these are bullion with inevitable deeper scratches and dings, at least they might be made to look pretty. Here is an example of 2 Royal Mint Britannia silver coins purchased a few days ago from the European Mint ( showing the packer's greasy fingerprints ) taken from a tube of 20, described as uncirculated. The finger marks would not have been extra had I bought a full tube ( 25 ) but the coins themselves would still have been total bad, so how will you know if you don't open the tube ? Over the next few days I will be using a Dremel drill and polishing pads with 3 grades of jeweller's rouge to remove all the stains. I've dipped a coin in eZest which strips everything in seconds, tried acetone, methanol, ethanol and isopropyl alcohol with no avail . Expert mechanical polishing only will restore these coins.