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  1. Pete

    Britannia vs. Libertad (gold proof coins)

    Unfortunately the price is determined by the market and I am often surprised at the relatively low premiums on some low mintage Brit sets. I have a few myself but not looking to sell hoping that in another generation's time there might be a collector out there who must have that specific set !
  2. Pete


    Don't overlook GS.be as prices are looking very good. I nearly pressed the button to add a couple of Beasts as Pt was taking a hit recently and looks relatively cheap compared to gold.
  3. Pete

    Airsoft/air pistols

    I bought a cheap air pistol a few years ago that ended up being scrapped as total cra*p. At the time I understood such "toys" could not be coloured black as they were too close to looking like the real thing. I ended up purchasing a new rifle. Maybe add a picture here for general info and indicate a guide price. What condition ? Good working or tending to jam up ? Ammo easily avail ?
  4. Administrator - I would remove this response as totally incorrect and misleading When you actually buy this item there is 20% VAT to add so you will end up paying £176.85 to HGM
  5. Pete


    I don't think margins are always a simple multiplier over spot. If a dealer decides to make 40% over spot when spot is say £13 that means the coin will be priced at £18.20 That gives a profit of £5.20 If spot was £18 then the dealer might be happy with the original £5.20 so would sell at £23.20 However if their formula was spot + 40% then the price would be higher at £25.20 making a bigger profit of £7.20 There are fairly significant variations in prices between dealers and the best prices for a specific coin one day may not always be the best another day so it advisable to compare prior to purchasing.
  6. Pete

    Just a wee suggestion

    Click on home and go to the bottom of the page
  7. Pete

    Observations from a new’sh stacker

    Agree absolutely @sixgun having bought a shed load at the worst possible time I still add to my stack to lower ever so slightly the average price per tonne. Just pressed the button to order a tube of 2018 silver Krugs for late August delivery thinking - what the heck ! Fair to good price I reckon preordering as I don't see spot falling much with only longer term upside. Good time to build up your stack before we all loose the low differential VAT.
  8. Pete


    As I will be walking around Hyde Park Corner / Park Lane tomorrow afternoon will I need riot gear / protection since Trump's in town and I understand there may be lots of protestors with nothing better to do than cause mayhem ?
  9. What is the issue with nitric acid ? When I was a kid I had bottles of the stuff ( perhaps 500mL ) in my home chemistry set including the concentrated fuming acid in a ground-glass stoppered brown bottle. At school we had litres of concentrated nitric acid and discovered the reaction when we emptied a large quantity down the classroom sinks which had just been fitted with new copper pipes - who would think copper drain pipes in a chemistry lab was a good idea ? Hydrochloric acid will dissolve silver but only nitric acid will provide a water soluble salt which is what I assume you want. Oops - sorry for this error - must be the heat of summer !!
  10. Pete


    Does anyone have a clue to this post's content or has it been removed ?
  11. Pete

    Has APMEX Got Greedy ?

    Once upon a time I used to believe APMEX was the place to buy silver coins as very competitively priced. I refer to their website frequently for coin pictures and price comparisons but often I spot a coin that is grossly overpriced and I don't understand their logic as I am sure they do their homework. An example today is the Australian Kookaburra bullion coin 2008 APMEX price is $95 plus VAT whilst several EU dealers are asking €30 - 32. Pays to shop around.
  12. Many shares are centrally registered with Computershare so worth checking if you can. If shares are held with a broker then that broker would be able to check any other client share holdings. You would I assume require probate to access information. Some people however kept paper share certificates so it might be possible to write to the Company and see if the paper holding represents the total number of shares as in the past some Companies would issue new shares as dividends. BT was hammered by the dodgy accounting in Italy so a poor time to sell right now. Hold the shares and sell in the future hoping a substantial recovery in price.
  13. Pete

    Gold Bullion Clearance

    Absolutely - you need to be parting with 20 Grand to get this deal. I absolutely hate headline marketing practices - prices FROM ( and with silver and platinum you have to add the VAT, maybe shipping as well ! ) Bit like broadband speeds UP TO - it's all fake promotion
  14. Pete

    Ebayer Tosser - CMAPCHARTS

    If you sent this gold coin Special Delivery then surely if it hasn't been delivered it should have already been returned to you.
  15. FreshaTank anti-microbial disc, everlasting water cleaner I came across this product recently when purchasing a garden water butt. I didn't buy it so can only look at its description but it claims to keep stored water free from bacteria and nasty stagnant smells and it is claimed it is all down to the 99% silver of the unit that you drop into your barrel or tank. I suspect it is silver plated copper. Since it costs £10 and probably only contains a minute amount of silver, if it genuinely works then maybe we stackers could sacrifice a beat-up silver coin and keep our ponds and garden water clear ? As I have 2 water butts I was thinking about hammering a bullion ounce to increase surface area and cutting it in half, placing each half in a water butt. Wouldn't save much money but as I have some milky scrap coins why waste money. Anyone had any experience with these water cleaner discs or similar ?