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  1. Currently in the USA doing last minute shopping. Even with the lousy exchange rate I entered an “Under Armour” store and bought this belt for almost exactly half price. Such a difference suggests we are being screwed and how much of this is due to EU tariffs ?
  2. Different groups ??? Please share intel - thanks
  3. Gold has dropped and if it falls further then expect prices to continue to fall. Waiting in hope to add the latest Beast for under a grand - fingers crossed.
  4. Just be careful w.r.t. Brexit if delaying shipping as it isn't clear about VAT if we crash out overnight. I assume VAT would be payable immediately we are out of the EU. Would goods however, invoiced by the dealer but not shipped before this leaving date, still be VAT free ? Is there a 2 year period where everything essentially remains the same if parliament / government sign up to the withdrawal agreement ?
  5. Damage done - bought a shed load at over £30 per ounce but no point in heading to the woods to hang myself as I still want to see the conclusion of Brexit. 😎
  6. I travel a fair bit from Luton airport and have had to endure the misery of about a full year of overcrowded restricted departure space with no seats and no air-con last summer whilst the developers are "enhancing traveler experience". Just as soon as one project is finished another kicks off so Luton is permanently under construction. This also has to be one of the worst airports to drop-off and pick-up passengers without costing an arm and a leg. Anyhow back to "the experience". After the body scan and strip search you enter a new shopping zone that meanders to the main departure area. Everything looks nice and sparkling in the bright LED lighting. I stopped at the duty free booze counter with a promotion stating 20% off. When I picked up a litre of Bombay Sapphire gin ( remember VAT free folks as air-side ) it was priced at £40 !!!!! My most recent purchase of the same gin in the same sized bottle, with VAT included, at Tesco was £18 so I am glad I stocked up at the time. Do these retailers assume people are off-their-heads or haven't a clue to pricing ? I realise the cost per square inch for rent is probably extorniate but this is royal taking the p!ss.
  7. Only after I have purchased the latest one ounce Beast - I am confident of that !
  8. Just had a quick glance at the current prices of the Griffin one ounce in Platinum. Well known unidentified dealer - £787 Royal Mint £817 + 20% VAT = £980 CoinInvest £777 + 19% VAT across Europe ( or 20% to the UK ) = £925 approx Spot price for platinum = £696
  9. I too have experienced the same problem with this unnamed EU dealer but to be fair, their explanation is that this is the condition the coins are received directly from the Mint so the blame surely must lie 100% with the Royal Mint for lack of, or don't give a sh!t, quality control. The hassle of inspection and rejection isn't something this seller undertakes and I know of a UK coin dealer who also hasn't time to inspect coins ( takes all of 2 seconds to spot obvious damage ). An expensive coin like the one ounce platinum beast, or collectible beasts in silver and gold are not just cheap bullion, judging by their premiums, and the Royal Mint cannot be arsed to include a cheap capsule to protect their coins from scuffs & dings. Maybe the damage occurs in production so a capsule wouldn't make any difference so why not save 50 pence ? How about ordering a second coin but directly from the Mint ( paying their inflated price plus the 20% VAT ) then shipping back the marked coin for a full refund ? You might get another bad coin but return this for a replacement and repeat until happy.
  10. Having received an email from the Royal Mint proudly announcing an extension of their 25% discount ( on margin - read carefully ) they are still over-priced compared to Atkinsons.
  11. Best value 2019 gold sovereign today - Harrington Byrne - £229 Free delivery Supplied in coin capsule with black inner ring, wallet and certificate For comparison at the time of writing - Atkinsons £250.83 Bullion by Post £252.40 Chard £243.85 + delivery Cheapest used sovereign ( any date ) from HGM £240.94 + shipping The H&B seems unbeatable so how can they still have these in stock ?
  12. If you read the small print on bank deposit boxes you may find that their contents are uninsured. No-one ever breaks into and steals from bank vaults - haha .... Can you really trust big banks and financial institutions ? I lost one of my shirts when Northern Rock bank crashed and then another few shirts when Lehman Bros collapsed - all S&P etc super-star rated by the way. So can you really trust you stash with anyone but yourself ? This has been a problem even since Roman times as metal detector enthusiasts uncover buried hoards.
  13. If @goluckystayhappy has second thoughts then I will take them.
  14. The problem I see is that regardless of the description, the coin is a precise copy with no marking to state otherwise and shows 1oz 9999 silver AND the Queen's head with the $1 denomination. It is therefore a fake i.e. counterfeit item. Doesn't matter what the seller states as once the item has left his or her hands this could be resold incorrectly as a genuine coin. To me this is no different to photocopying a £20 bank note, stating it is a copy in the text, selling for 50 pence. How many of these would be sold before you are arrested ?