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  1. Pete

    completed 18 Ounces of silver coins at spot price

    18 ounces for £225 with SD thrown in !! Works out at £12 per ounce which is below spot, even for scrap / melt material. Well done @BackyardBullionin getting in first - a real "fire" sale so to speak.
  2. Pete

    InvestorCrate Opinions

    Can you itemise the contents for us and are you in the USA ?
  3. Pete

    Pricing Gold Britannia's for sale

    Current spot price up 12 % in 3 months is the reason I am not looking for bargains in gold at the moment. If I paid over £1,000 per ounce I am certain it will drop 5 - 10% shortly thereafter and remain so for months to come. On the other hand I might regret not buying now 🤣
  4. Pete

    Fractional gold

    Time to relocate to the more prosperous parts of the UK with a rapidly ageing population !!
  5. I watched the video and as I have no background in either finance or economics I was left without any conclusion other than we are all getting screwed so hold on to your metals. I also suggest you don't watch the presentation after a heavy meal as this person; 2nd from the back on the left -
  6. Pete

    New Member - L. Matadar

    Welcome to the PM addiction. You are not alone in paying VAT for your first silver. Many of us have done this before discovering the alternatives, greatly assisted by articles and reviews on this forum so in a way you are lucky you have discovered us so soon. I have placed many orders through this forum for PMs and had 100% trouble-free great service and have no hesitation in recommending fellow members with a perfect feedback score.
  7. Pete

    Fractional gold

    The problem most of us face in buying fractional gold is 99% of the time the higher premiums plus a shipping cost that would usually cover much higher value. I would consider adding a fractional gold coin or bar to an order that is already covering the shipping cost or hold back and buy a coin that is heavier and lower premium over spot. As for the gold / silver mix that's a personal choice and there will be opposing advice from fellow stackers but if like me you believe the gold / silver ratio is trading too high, then that naively suggests silver has more upside potential in the shorter term. Again all depends on how much over the melt value you pay for either metal.
  8. Pete

    Sovereign or Quarter Britannia?

    Had these for many years purchased before I discovered HGM and well before the creation of the Silver Forum.
  9. Pete

    Where and how to sell stack?

    You will have no problem selling a large stack of 1,000 oz or more to a dealer but you may not be happy with the price offered compared to what individual coins are selling for elsewhere. If priced aggressively ( higher than a dealer offer of course ) I am sure you would find buyers here willing to take say 100 oz at a time, maybe even more as there are some serious stackers on this forum. It's not unknown for forum members to buy ( so I believe ) a monster box containing 500 ounces. It's all about the deal and nothing more.
  10. Pete

    Sovereign or Quarter Britannia?

    I agree. The older sovereigns look like gold should be and I've seen the Egyptian stuff in Cairo. The new sovereigns are far too glossy and to anyone new on the scene look fake - far too coppery in colour.
  11. Pete

    Sovereign or Quarter Britannia?

    Self explanatory
  12. Pete

    Sovereign or Quarter Britannia?

    If you are stacking gold to hold in hand and admire, show it to your friends & visitors when they pop in for a coffee, then you pick the sexiest looking coin and the Brit wins this contest especially if a proof. If however you shove it in a drawer, safe or Tupperware box then buy the cheaper gold like well used sovereigns. I prefer to shop for half sovereigns if they can be procured at exactly half the price of a full sovereign but avoid high premium issues.
  13. You've hit the nail on the head !
  14. Pete


    Always good to hear from a seasoned collector and I am sure your future inputs will be most welcome to our community of friendly stackers.
  15. The powers to be in the UK are too soft and we find it difficult to deport criminals back to their country of origin because they have expensive sympathetic lawyers funded by the taxpayer plus the EU court of human rights etc etc. If they claim to have a family or just a cat they can avoid deportation. I read a recent case of a real nasty bit of work from Albania or a neighbouring country that managed to avoid deportation because he claimed the standard prison cell in his home country didn't meet the minimum size dictated to by the EU and his claim was successful, so here he lives at our cost taking up a much needed space for our home grown criminals.