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  1. Not entirely sure it matters if the seller doesn't take it back. If it is fake or not gold then the buyer has protection irrespective of the seller's conditions. However there is a clause in PP protection T's & C's that excludes gold so best avoid as a grey area indeed if it came to making a claim.
  2. If they have all your coins in stock, delivery can be very quick - 3 or 4 days on average. Package is very secure and can be a challenge in opening 😆
  3. Pete

    vat question

    Gold into the UK is free of VAT and import duty. Silver is subject to VAT only. Numismatic / collectible coins correctly declared as such using the harmonised tariff code for such "should" be charged 5% VAT but the buyer will likely have to pay 20% and make a claim for the difference giving sufficient evidence to support numi / collectible status. Other silver coins 20% VAT There is also a charge to the buyer which can vary depending on the shipping method so typically expect minimum £8 from our Royal Mail and maybe even up to £35 from FedEx, DHL or UPS if the shipper has not prepaid a door to door service meaning an import agent has taken their cut for telling them that you owe the VAT and nothing more. As for declaration this should be the price paid for the contents but for low value shipments, some people state a very low value say $2 for an ASE. VAT becomes due when the declared value exceeds around $20 unless it slips through the net. To the buyers here in the UK - what looks like a great price in then USA can cost you dear so be warned.
  4. It really sucks to see US folks able to purchase from bullion dealers, British manufactured silver coins for less than we pay domestically.
  5. Buying silver at melt in the UK ??? Not a chance. Maybe industrial waste but coins and bars - forget it. We have to work around avoiding paying 20% VAT ( sales tax ) by buying from outside the UK but still inside the EU where goods can freely trade. This however will come to an end in 3 weeks from now but due to political "extensions" we might get another year before we get shafted. Count yourself lucky but if we need heart surgery over here we don't need to sell our house.
  6. Pete

    Found Silver Coins

    HOLD ... HOLD ... silver is way too cheap right now. Take your time to find out about your hoard then when silver is double it's current spot price then consider selling some or all. Avoid the temptation to sell the lot for a silly "low" price.
  7. Where are you located in Bulgaria ? Are you a Brit living there or if you are a native then I commend the quality of your English. It is impossible to give financial advice because no-one knows what will happen with gold, silver and platinum prices or their ratios. Gold is certainly easier to trade with minimal buy / sell spreads but the price of gold can rise suddenly or collapse suddenly. Silver is relatively much cheaper according to the gold /silver ratio but what is the right ratio ? Platinum also used to cost more than gold but look at it now. Investing in PMs is considered quite high risk and there are as many winners as losers. Having myself seen parts of beautiful Bulgaria I would be more interested in buying ridiculously cheap houses in villages that are getting an influx of foreigners fed up with their own countries and getting an awful lot for very little money. Property prices are rising as more people realise what value there is - buy a farm with 3 large houses for what we pay for a kitchen refurbishment in the UK. Place an order on Hatton Garden Metals for your gold sovereigns and book a cheap flight to Luton on Wizz air to collect. I've seen flights from Sofia for about €5 if you do your research and book early.
  8. Are you able to list the years please ?
  9. Just thought I would share my personal experience with other forum members hoping this can be helpful to some. I recently switched broadband providers because a new super fast fibre service became available and my longterm well known supplier couldn't technically compete with speeds. I had the best my old provider could muster at 14Mbs download / 3.5Mb upload and paid a high price by comparison. Now I get 500Mb up and down for about half price. Now my old supplier advised me I would loose my discount to 2 SIM mobile contracts so put the monthly price up. I requested my PAC codes to switch and they offered me a much better deal to remain that I could ever imagine. Just shows that when you are out of contract, call to cancel and be amazed at what new deals they can offer.
  10. You're not buying Macs or Cokes merely seeing how many you could buy for your dollars. If today you can buy a big Mac & coke for $5 then in say 5 years from now this will cost $10 then your dollar has devalued 100% so seeing the price of gold double in $ terms simply means it hasn't risen at all.
  11. Better to predict prices in the purchasing number of Big Macs or cans of Coke values as some might reckon on the collapse of the dollar. 😁
  12. Here's another "expert" opinion but on silver - I was quite interested until he predicted with 50% probability that silver would rise significantly in 2021 or maybe that it could tank. Flip a coin and that'll work just the same. Better still - best of 3 What does seem more credible though is that silver is due to rise a bit during the first half of 2020 before dropping back to his trend line. Happy New Year
  13. This is a grey area indeed. When you buy postage and see there is a £50 cover for loss then surely sending a collectible item would be covered. The small print excludes cash and coins which I would interpret as 'spendable money' or money in circulation that would buy stuff. What would happen if you posted a rare copper coin of say £40 value or one of the Royal Mint commemorative £50 coins that are not accepted by banks and traders ? The copper coin is not made of valuable metal. What about a medal that is an alloy of silver and copper maybe 50% each ? I would challenge the interpretation of the terms on the basis that your lost "coin" was not a monetary coin spendable in the shops. However I feel you might be up against the mighty corporate force fields. As for using SD this is definitely the best way but it is rather expensive for low value shipments.
  14. Pete

    wanted 10 oz bar

    I've got a few PAMP Lady Fortuna 10oz bars ( serialised and with cert ) in original PAMP cassettes that I could let go. PM an offer if you think this style of bar would be of interest but PAMPs do retain a premium.
  15. Even with £1 selling fee promotion you still loose around 4% with PP fees so sometimes not worth it. Better selling for close to spot on this site with PP gift. If a buyer can get a 20% discount that's great for the buyer but the seller doesn't gain.