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  1. Pete


    Decent gesture but is there a reason for getting the highest number of likes ?
  2. Pete

    Silver is for collecting, Golds for stacking!

    Congrats ... you qualify for the stacker badge of honour. Just watched the video from fullstack - another badge earner, maybe with a star privy ! In a virtual scenario how does a stacker with say 200 kilos of one ounce coins store them ? I have a friend overseas who has a tall gun safe that would handle the volume but his safe is 5 feet tall and needs a forklift to move it.
  3. Pete

    Silver is for collecting, Golds for stacking!

    Is that a hyperbole ? They say a serious stacker has to have his / her body weight in silver. Wonder how many forum users can claim this badge ?
  4. Pete

    Silver is for collecting, Golds for stacking!

    Gold will fluctuate so check the charts. Don't overlook silver thought because some would say it is underpriced when compared to gold. The gold/ silver ratio is breaking highs so there could be considerably more upside on silver. What about Platinum ? Pt used to cost more than gold but looks good value right now if you can buy without the 20% VAT which is a deal breaker.
  5. Pete

    Bullion Dealer Bham?

    Would you really get sovereigns at a lower price than buying from Atkinsons or HGM ? Also would you be 100% sure that the sovereigns were 22ct and not fake ? If handed a dodgy coin you would never find the seller again, I guess, so back to my point - would it be worth it ? I certainly would stay clear.
  6. Pete

    Bullion Dealer Bham?

    I would imagine they keep a video record of everyone who enters. Used to see this when I bought foreign currency at a place that also dealt with cashing cheques - that little camera in the corner ..
  7. Pete

    Bullion Dealer Bham?

    Not forgetting CCTV at the counter
  8. Pete

    Bullion Dealer Bham?

    Why not walk into your nearest Metro bank and open an account in 15 minutes, get handed over a debit card which they produce on site and use this card to buy your gold ? All future transaction smooth as a baby's bottom. The big obstacle nowadays with all major financial transactions are the rigorous rules on money laundering and being able to produce on demand a paper trail of where you obtained this money, have you paid your council tax, do you fill in a tax return, have you paid your TV licence etc etc//. I think the only place that is more forgiving and handles large sums of cash is Las Vegas.
  9. I was in the USA during the 9/11 events and like everyone was shocked that this could have occurred. More recently I visited Ground Zero in NY city and that was truly a sombre moment.
  10. Pete

    for sale Silver one ounce coins for sale.

    Yes @Roy that's kind of what I've been doing but 100 Kooks wouldn't start to ease the pain. If I shared this info with my other half I would have my bits put into the pickling jar.
  11. Just received an email from BullionbyPost making their customers aware of the fantastic buying opportunity for gold right now but I wanted to share with fellow stackers their comment on silver just in case many of you aren't monitoring the Au/Ag ratio - " ... Silver's weak price means the ratio is at an astounding 84.52, with the record 85.20 having been set a week ago. Investors want the best deal possible, so any further drop in price could trigger a rush of demand to take advantage of silver...."
  12. Pete

    for sale Silver one ounce coins for sale.

    I wish I hadn't checked my spreadsheet to see if I already had these coins as I was interested due to the price. On June 12 2011 I bought a roll of Koalas from Coininvest ( best price anywhere in Europe ) and they cost me £30.78 each ......ouch !! In September 2011 I went all-in ( experts were advising buy - buy - price will climb further etc ) on Kooks and bought over 100 at around £34 each ...... further ouch !!!! New stackers - how lucky you are 😭
  13. There is tremendous hype and fear about Brexit. The EU political experiment is dying with other countries waiting in the wings to see how we end up before possibly leaving also. Let's not forget the vast sums of money we spend supporting the EU to the benefit mainly of other countries that are getting new roads and bridges built at our expense not to mention the French farmers. Trade doesn't stop and tariffs are what the EU or we decide to set - most under WT rules are zero anyhow. Once the German car manufacturers, Spanish fruit growers, Italian Prosecco producers and French Farmers realise we will not cave in to Brussels ( we hope ) things will rapidly change and we will definitely be much better once the dust settles. There is also the big question of who will fund the EU once the UK ( second largest net contributor ) leaves and the other countries have to make up the short fall. That never seems to get mentioned on the Brussels Broadcasting Corporation news. As for currencies, everything is down to the temporary and probably artificial strength of the US dollar under Trump. Like shiny metals I genuinely believe currencies are manipulated by the big banks who trade every second to squeeze as many billions out of the system as they can. Trades are done using fancy algorithms rather than serious economics and the changes are fitted by the media against some other event as if that event was a factor. Total BS in many instances but it sounds good at the time.
  14. Pete

    Perth Mint direct.

    Definitely not as you will have to pay about £8 fee to the Post Office plus a further 20% VAT on the coin declared value plus shipping. Even if you could convince HMRC that the coin(s) is numi / collectible and get the VAT refunded to the 5% level it is still generally cheaper to buy from our well known EU dealers or via a group buy on the SF
  15. Pete

    £1,000 to spend.

    You can today buy the new Falcon from Atkinsons for under £970 delivered or 4 selected sovereigns from HGM for £910 delivered if that gives you some ideas.