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  1. The obvious future route for pirate silver will be across the border in Ireland. That's the primary barrier that is stopping Maybot's deal. A free trade deal with the USA means no tariffs or quotas but VAT is what our government inflicts on its loyal peasants and serfs.
  2. Pete


    Always add the costs of postage because that is what you paid for the coin. Look at the opposite - if you bought a coin from Atkinsons or BullionbyPost who include shipping in their price would you deduct the cost of postage ? I bet the answer is no, so always include. I do however keep a separate column for shipping on my spreadsheet so I know the cost of the coin and the cost of postage but what I paid is always the total. When I place a bulk order I allocate the shipping charge to each coin according to weight.
  3. I think this forum is great. Many members are well informed and prepared to do some research so when a coin or bar is listed, the more astute members know whether or not the price is fair, good or grossly inflated. There was a very valid point made by Chris that requested no-one comments on the seller's price. Having said that I have noted more newcomers simply using the forum to advertise their stuff. Since there is no cost to do so, perhaps the administrators should only permit new members to list their coins on the forum after having been registered for X - months with a suggested minimum of 3 months ? I agree when sellers list coins at over-inflated prices - i.e. "chancers" it dilutes the appeal of the forum. Most of us are not stupid so why would a fellow member pay a higher price than that advertised by our main dealers ? I've bought a lot of coins from the forum and there are some genuine super sellers on here so hopefully this will continue and those looking to rip-off fellow stackers may decide to give up.
  4. They only show a wall sized poster of the vault, allegedly underneath the building, filled with good delivery bars stacked to the ceiling. I am sure the vault is there but is there anything inside after Gordon Brown plundered the UK taxpayers piggy bank ?
  5. Yes but I think it is closed at weekends. Save me a bar and I won't tell !!
  6. Would set me back about £400k so would need to sell my house but I did get to hold it !
  7. Whilst visiting the Bank of England today I had my grubby hand on a 400 oz bar they call ‘good delivery’. It certainly was heavy but also well secured.
  8. I have spares that I might consider selling but I cannot decide a price to sell. Pricing seems all over the place and I am not in any hurry to part with them. Any feedback welcome.
  9. Spot = $15.38 so price is $17.87 At current commercial exchange rate = £13.45 Ignoring shipping from the USA which is high PLUS an import VAT handling fee you need to add 20% VAT This makes the buy price ( excluding shipping and other fees from the USA ) = £16.14 If you buy from GS.be the price is ( excluding EU shipping and no additional fees ) = €16.55 = £14.15 Looks as if GS.be would be a much better option to me.
  10. Pete

    Silver stack

    I included the Oriental Border Brit simply because it seems infinitely better quality than the regular Brit but only consider if there is a marginal difference in price. Seems as if you have started well. I just placed an order for the latest Queen's Beasts 'The Yale of Beaufort'. This series of 2 ounce coins is possibly amongst one of the best considering unit price and interest. Worked out at £13.96 per ounce. Little point in trying to build the series because the first 2 coins are already highly priced. Holding a 2 ounce compared to a one ounce is an experience then there are 5 oz, 10 oz and even kilo sized coins but having all of these sizes I do like the 2 oz Kooks & Libertads.
  11. Pete

    Silver stack

    Storage becomes a problem when your ounces are approaching body weight. A couple of ounces of gold takes up the space of a few 2 pence coins only. Personally I believe silver is too cheap compared to gold so accumulate silver if starting this addiction. Theoretically it has much more upside potential than gold today. Start with coins like Britannia Oriental Border, Queens Beasts ( 2 oz and 10 oz ), Libertads, American Eagles, Maples, Somali Elephants and anything from the Perth Mint. There are dozens of coins on the market so just look out for the best prices. Some better quality coins are supplied in capsules so they are protected but will take up more space. I like the Perth Mint Dragon bars myself and you can buy tubes of these and separate rectangular capsules if required. Price per ounce is very good for a lovely product. An excellent place to start is to buy from one of our sponsors @Arshimo as you will find it extremely difficult to beat his prices per ounce and his service is second to none. Watch out for shipping though so if you can buy silver try to beef up the size of orders and don't pay UK VAT charged by UK dealers.
  12. Delivery estimated as Saturday March 23 so contradicts the 20 day lead time.
  13. Today in my city centre due to various events, parking ( all Pay & Display ) was at a premium. It was amusing to watch motorists desperate for a space follow those heading back to their cars hoping to get their space. In one instance a car pulled out of a bay and when the waiting car pulled forward to reverse into the space, another motorist shot into the empty space from behind. I got a space purely by passing at the right time as a car pulled out, but opposite me there was an empty space with a young male standing in the middle of the bay on his phone. A large 4 x 4 pulled up and wanted the space but the standing male said he was calling his friends who were seeking a space which he was in effect reserving. Now in a frustrating situation knowing that there are no spaces available and maybe you have waited and circulated the car park for 20 minutes ( perhaps you have a time sensitive restaurant reservation or cinema tickets ) so do you - (a) pass on by ? (b) give the fellow on the phone 60 seconds to get his friends car to the space ? (c) tell the fellow to f*ck off and you are having the space ? (d) start to park and hope the fellow gets out of the way ? Looking at this gentleman I would reckon (c) and (d) might result in some keying of the paintwork.
  14. There are literally thousands of posts on the web about the dreaded silver milk spotting. This is like a disease on a plant - you either have it or you haven't when you buy it. Some mints are more prone to milking than others but the worst has to be the Canadian Mint. After the Royal Mint switched to pure silver rather than Britannia silver, more of their coins are showing spots. Surprisingly this is much rarer with Australian mint both Perth mint and Royal Australian Mint. Having read multiple articles my conclusion is that the milk spot problem lies at the door of the Mint and has little to do with storage, type of capsule etc etc. The milk is silver chloride and once present it cannot be removed without some surface damage - maybe you get lucky but under magnification there will be changes. The silver pox is created in the Mint most likely by not removing chemicals thoroughly in washing or reusing water that should have been changed earlier - a bit like running a car on old oil ignoring the time to change. The fact that some Mints have next to no spots whilst others have an alarming rate of spots percentage wise does suggest the problem is linked to a cleaning or cooling process which does show up in batches as opposed to the coin design.
  15. Forget the shipping charge - place a decent order with GS.be and the cost per ounce is minimal. As for VAT why don't you use the same differential VAT they use after all we are still in the EU and the rules permit it don't they ?