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  1. Then you can buy it from GS.be for even less - In GBP approx £33.65 OK there is shipping to consider but with bulk purchases that's minimal per coin. Don't you just love being ripped off in Limeyland ??
  2. Depending on the service selected by the sender your delivery may or may not have required a signature. Check with GS.be to see if this shipment required a signature. If it did then their guaranteed delivery should put the problem back to them to sort out. However, on lower value shipments perhaps there was tracking only and no requirement for a signature. Packages are tracked by GPS so Fedex would have a record showing the delivery driver was on your property. Usually FedEx bombard you you will emails advising a delivery is imminent and requesting instructions in the event you are not at home to receive. Did you get any emails from Fedex ? Maybe not, again, on a lower value shipment. It is highly unlikely a driver would steal your package as this would be an instant dismissal with a record that would stop this person finding another courier job. The package would be light and the driver wouldn't have any idea of the contents or value so wouldn't, I assume take a chance. Normally the delivery driver would post a card through your letter box to advise the package location - did you get a card ? If not then it would be worth checking with FedEx on their policy of leaving notices. Unfortunately it is impossible to prove that you did not receive a notice if they say they did post a card. There is every chance that a passer-by might have spotted a package and helped themselves to it. A friend of mine left a birthday gift for a young niece very early one morning, not wishing to ring the doorbell, and in under an hour it had already disappeared. There are some sheisters out there that will steal anything and everything if they see an opportunity. Sorry to hear of your problem and hope there is a good outcome in the end.
  3. Like @Paul I broke my PM virginity on February 10, 2010 and became a serious addict during the dizzy heights of silver trading near £30 per ounce. I bought a mix of gold and silver then decided a couple of months ago when gold rose dramatically, to sell a significant portion of gold. The charts speak for themselves. After investing in gold, for a long period the value didn't rise, quite the opposite, so when gold broke through the £1,100 per Toz barrier I dumped a significant portion to realise some profits and to breakeven at least - i.e. no losses on my proofs which had a hefty premium at the time of purchase. I have experienced with these metals, as well as the stock market, that playing a waiting game for better returns can backfire. Once you have on paper made a reasonable return then get out and crystallise your profits ( or losses if the assets are collapsing to nil ). As for silver then that has been a bit of a disaster for me having paid historically high prices, even when purchased with low or no VAT, compared to spot today. I also did a bit of cost averaging by buying many more tubes of cheap bullion but I am far off breaking even if I attempted to sell so it's a waiting game or kids inheritance.
  4. Everyone should watch the addictive series ( UK film crew by the way ) shown on Discovery channel called Gold Rush. Repeats of series 9 are currently being screened but it helps if you have watched the earlier series but that's a lot of telly viewing now. Latest series 10 is due to screen in about a month from now. Watch them strip vast amounts of land in and around Alaska and wash rocks to find gold. Getting a few flecks from a metric tonne of "pay dirt" puts things into perspective when you hold that one ounce in your hand. Alternatively "Parkers Trail" in Papua New Guinea is an eyeopener in finding gold. See what the locals have to do to find a couple of grams per day to try to survive.
  5. Without wishing to open any background discussion, as I am sure there are many personal viewpoints on this matter ... Just for a second imagine you are young and fit and wanting to make a life ( illegally ) in the UK. Standing on the French coast on a clear day you can see the white cliffs of Dover and after dark the twinkling lights along the English coast. Someone approaches you and offers a seat on a rubber dingy for all your cash. You hesitate because you wonder if it will be hazardous as everyone seems to make out, then this person shows you this on his phone - https://www.bbc.co.uk/newsround/49719210 What would you do - for me I would take the risk bearing in mind that on the horizon there is likely to be a water taxi disguised as a Border Force patrol ship. No wonder so many people are risking their lives. A trafficker will have lots of material ( 5 star defacto rated no doubt ) showing successful crossings and if someone can cross non-stop 3 or 4 times by swimming, surely a small boat would be a piece of cake.
  6. Never seen a newish coin in such poor condition. It is bullion so my suggestion is to give it a 10 seconds dip in e-Zest which you are fortunate enough to be able to purchase very cheaply in the USA. The dip should restore the coin to mint condition BUT ensure you are ready to plunge the coin into water immediately after removing it from the dip. You might have to repeat if very badly stained. Be extremely careful using this stuff and avoid breathing any of the fumes. Use plastic tweezers.
  7. I have always owned Audis and I had an A6 quattro petrol for over 10 years and it was great. I replaced it with a 2 litre diesel and found the car grossly under powered even though it looked slick. It cruised beautifully and was inexpensive to run but acceleration was lousy. Having bought it new from Audi under one of their finance plans they tempted me into a trade which I gladly took to swap to an S5 petrol which goes like a bat out of hell but costs a small fortune in road tax and fuel. No more waiting behind tractors and trucks on narrow roads though. I think the diesel car had 3,000 miles on the clock when I traded it. Another problem I encountered with a diesel is I wasn't doing much mileage and short runs are not good for diesel. I also had to watch out for the blue urine that you need to add and if you ignore the warnings then the car will be disabled. If your typical journey is 20 miles or more then diesel is great and cheap to run. If however you tend to make shorter journeys and hate being stuck behind slow moving vehicles then stay clear.
  8. Pete

    Solid gold toilet stolen

    Our next king in waiting has his staff take & fit his personalised plush seat with him wherever he goes.
  9. Pete

    Solid gold toilet stolen

    If this toilet was fabricated out of solid 18ct gold I would have thought the seat alone would have been worth this amount. Kind of cold in winter as gold is an excellent thermal conductor. Is there a possibility that the toilet was gold plated ? If so the media should be ashamed for fake news. Anyone know for sure ?
  10. I’ve plenty of Griffins. Not looking to sell but I can part with one at a fair price so PM me if you want to.
  11. Some years I have multiples so feel free to enquire any time.
  12. If a coin is going to milk spot there is absolutely nothing you can do to prevent this. To avoid tarnish you have to try and exclude surrounding air that contains traces of smoke ( sulphur is the primary culprit ) so no smoking, open fires, BBQs garden bonfires etc. Unfortunately this is sometimes impossible if in summer weather your neighbour's BBQ blows indoors. Good tight caps are best and maybe store in a ziplock bag or tupperware box with a sachet of silica gel. NOTE - I am concerned about some black inner rings that you find in some capsules. Some of my coins in these caps are rapidly tarnishing around their rims whereas the same coins in non-ringed caps are not. I've also noted in my early dated Britannia proof sets, tarnish appearing mainly on the smallest sized coins and these have the black rings inside their caps from the Royal Mint so I guess there is some chemical agent causing tarnishing.
  13. Health tourism gets under my skin and I have a lot of good information from several friends of mine who are GPs and consultants. It genuinely makes me cringe at how soft our nanny state has become and the hundreds of millions wasted by not charging health tourists or following up. By comparison, whilst skiing, on more than one occasion a friend has broken a limb and needed urgent medical attention in France. Even though we all carry the EU health card and have winter sports insurance BEFORE anyone touches you it is essential to provide a credit card. I've handed over a card to a friend and the idea is that you only get charged if the alternative methods of payment fail. You might see an authorisation of €5,000 appear on your card. Why our NHS doesn't do this I don't know. I also have a good friend who works in a medical centre reception. So many people turning up fortnightly wanting a free prescription for items that cost about 80 pence in the pharmacy but they are mostly people from overseas who don't speak any English but they still have painted nails and iPhones. This clogs the appointments system and makes a mockery of healthcare. I was recently prescribed paracetamol and I immediately refused the prescription - not a joke.
  14. My advice is don't bother as not worth the hassle. Silver prices in some parts of Europe are not any different to the USA. Who are you selling to ? If you find a dealer you may not even achieve spot price.