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  1. Trying to get a translation
  2. Someone already put one on ebay trying to sell it for £2500 lol
  3. @terakris Nope that's for the new packaging (picture above) ^
  4. TheMadKing

    The other sovereign

    Tristan da cunha Sovereign?
  5. You're welcome, hope it helped! also worth looking at the Bitcoin White Paper if you haven't already
  6. There are plenty of alternative copies (ALT coins / Sh*t coins) Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Bitcoin Satoshi's Vision (BSV) Craig Wright lying scumbag, Diamond, Gold etc, There is only 1 Bitcoin (BTC) with a limited supply of 21 million there can never be more and already quite a few have been lost from people loosing their wallets & keys. Your money would go to the person who sold you their bitcoin and the buying fee depending on the exchange you used.
  7. Bitcoin is like digital gold as it is a limited supply, there are 2 main ways of buying Bitcoin on an exchange and over the counter markets (OTC) most exchanges use know your customer (KYC) to be able to buy and sell, why would they sell? why would people sell 1 ounce of their gold for fiat? probably because they've made gains on it, that does not mean they are selling their whole stack, why do they use Bitcoin? because it is one of the only crypto currencies that is actually decentralized and not just claiming to be like most the others, giving people more control over their money.
  8. £900 now on the coin connection