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  1. SoupDragon

    Australian Nugget vs Kangaroo

    They should have gone with a Wombat, they look like nuggets with legs.
  2. SoupDragon

    Australian Nugget vs Kangaroo

    Seems the kangaroo replaced the nugget : https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Australian_Gold_Nugget
  3. Order received, many thanks.
  4. SoupDragon

    Hi all.

    Thanks for that, I will take a poured bar off your hands if you like. I will PM you this weekend about the order and bar. If I use PayPal to pay you what are the charges?
  5. SoupDragon

    Hi all.

    Just joined after browsing the site for a week or so. I got into the PM thing in the early 2000's and have not been keeping an eye on it for a few years. Thanks for all the info. you all provide, it's helping me get up to speed with the market now. Must admit I was tempted to join for the group order thing but don't know if I'm eligible yet.