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  1. SilverSnake

    wanted 2 Oz Silver Queen's Beasts Griffin

    Yes I believe RM is free delivery so looks like the RM is the place to go if you want Griffins. I think they have sold out of the Lions. Luckily I bought some of them early on as the price has gone up quite a lot now.
  2. SilverSnake

    wanted 2 Oz Silver Queen's Beasts Griffin

    Ok thanks, will take a look!
  3. I'm after about 11 QB's Griffin's. I can get these from the Royal Mint for about £38 each including VAT. Looking to pick some up a little cheaper if possible so if you have any for sale please get in touch, or let me know if there is a cheaper place to buy from other than RM. Thanks, SS
  4. SilverSnake

    for sale Queens Beasts box (Silver Bullion or Proof)

    I received my 2 oz silver QB's box today. It was very well packaged and the quality is great, very well made. Thanks, Alun. SS
  5. Can I say pounds and pence or will it be easier for you if I give a number instead?
  6. Half oz Roosters - now £12 each Now have 2 x 1 oz Roosters - still £23 each Only have 1 x 1.5 oz Multi Maple left - now £30 Also postage price dropped to £2 for 2nd Class Signed for.
  7. SilverSnake

    Today I Received

    Received my first ever silver bullion bar from @BackyardBullion today. It's awesome, thanks! Definitely tempted to get the 250g bar too...
  8. SilverSnake

    New to TSF

    No, just sticking with the silver QB's for now. The gold ones look really nice but I don't have the budget for them haha.
  9. SilverSnake

    New to TSF

    Thanks all, I am enjoying the forum so far!
  10. SilverSnake

    New to TSF

    Hello all, A bit of a late post and introduction. I have been stacking and collecting Silver for a couple of years now. I am mostly buying Queens Beasts at the moment. I joined here to buy and sell, and talk to like minded stackers/collectors. I currently have a few coins for sale on here, if you're interested take a look. Thanks for reading, SS
  11. Hi All, For sale are... 6 x half Oz Lunar II Year Of The Rooster By The Perth Mint - £12.50 each 3 x 1 Oz Lunar II Year Of The Rooster By The Perth Mint - £23 each 2 x 1.5 Oz Canadian Multi Maple Leafs (These have some milk spots) - £31 each I am selling these close to what I paid for them, not looking at making much on them. The Roosters all come in original capsules, the Maples will come in sealed bags. Postage will be £2.50 for 1st Class Signed for. Postage costs might be a little extra if you buy more than one item. Payment via Paypal F&F or Bank Transfer. Thanks for looking!
  12. SilverSnake

    250g Silver Forum Bars (2018) - Pre-orders open!

    Hi BYB, Could I have bar number 23 please? I might pay by BT if that's Ok?
  13. SilverSnake

    250g Silver Forum Bars (2018) - Pre-orders open!

    Hi BackyardBullion, What numbers do you have left please? What payment methods do you accept and would I get the lower price if I became a premium member? Thanks, SS