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    caloundracats reacted to Oldun in Trump   
    Idiots read twitter. That’s why I like what Trump is doing. He treats the media like the biassed idiots they have become. Real politics and diplomacy is obviously done behind closed doors.....
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    caloundracats got a reaction from HighlandTiger in Trump   
    Strange, I don't remember anyone protesting when the Chinese leader had a state visit here.  Or at Putin's visit, or Mugabe's. I'm sure the leader of the opposition at the time, didn't refuse to attend the State dinners in their honour.
    Draw your own conclusions.
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    caloundracats reacted to HighlandTiger in A friend found this in his garden   
    I think he needs to stop digging now................................

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    caloundracats reacted to Stu in Trump   
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    caloundracats reacted to HighlandTiger in Trump   
    As soon as someone calls me a racist,  Nazi, homophobe or islamophobe. then I know I've got the moral high ground conversing with them, and they have the IQ of a gnat.
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    caloundracats reacted to Xander in Trump   
    This is the anti Trump moral high ground brigade attacking a Trump supporter screaming, Nazi scum. 
    You have to ask yourself, who really are the Nazis in this picture. 

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    caloundracats reacted to HighlandTiger in Brexit status ...   
    Personally, I don't have a issue with American firms being able to tender for NHS contracts. Which is actually what the issue is about, NOT as the left would have you believe of a dismantling of the NHS and going to a system they have in the US. No UK party will ever countenance that. But what is the problem with a US company supplying cheaper services and drugs to the NHS, providing they adhere to our standards and regulations.
    The NHS wastes a huge amount of money through in-house purchasing departments, anything that can reduce this waste is a benefit to everyone.
    But hey, the left prefer soundbites to facts. It's a bit like the chlorinated chicken scares. According to the left, chicken washed in chlorine is bad, forgetting of course that we drink chlorinated water, we wash in chlorinated water and we swim in chlorinated water. EU farmers even wash vegetables in chlorinated water. EU scientists have even claimed there are no health risks from the chlorine. But still, it's a good headline to trot out. 
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    caloundracats reacted to HighlandTiger in Trump   
    Spot on. But then the anti Trumpers do have a great selective memory. 
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    caloundracats got a reaction from MickB in Reading glasses or laser eye surgery?   
    Get your eyes checked - make that appointment, you cannot mess around with your sight.
    The examination doesn't hurt one iota. They can also pick up other illnesses such as diabetes, glaucoma, macular degeneration and the like and the earlier they are picked up the better the prognosis.
    Lucky for those of you who can get by on cheap magnifying glasses available in supermarkets for a couple of quid a pair. But they only suit those with long sight, not short sight (myopia), or if you have a curvature to your eyeball (astigmatism) which can and does change over time. 
    Many people also need intermediate glasses for computer work and such. 
    I think Specsavers start their prescription glasses with bog standard lenses at £25. Isn't that a small price to pay so you can see correctly? May not be the height of fashion, but who cares. You might be lucky and find a pair that suits.
    Get it DONE.
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    caloundracats reacted to Roy in Advice on £4k Diversification   
    A progressive tax forced upon the landlord will only lead to 'progressive' increases in the rent.
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    caloundracats reacted to vand in Advice on £4k Diversification   
    Thanks @Roy for the vote of confidence!
    Firstly, regardless of L-ISA/ISA, & PMs, if you are eligible for an employer pension contribution match then you must do whatever you need to get the most they are willing to contribute. This is by far the easiest investment decision that most people have to make.. and even then many are getting it wrong!
    Beyond that, there is no real right or wrong because it comes down to personal preference, much more than maths and economic clairvoyance.  Saving for a house deposit and buying stocks/PMs are not and indeed should not be mutually exclusive, and if you are unsure exactly what you want to do then my advice is to do all of them at the same time. You'll figure out which way you want to tilt as you gain more experience and knowledge.
    I would also strongly advise to tune out all the chatter about the economy and Trump and Brexit, because it is nothing you can control anyway. Focus on optimizing what you have direct control of; your budgeting, your spending, and your long term career learning and development and you will be fine.
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    caloundracats reacted to HighlandTiger in Climate Change - Fact, fiction or somewhere inbetween   
    As someone who has probably shifted through the climate change data more than most,  and as someone who works in conservation, and seen the effects first hand on wildlife I can assure you that climate change is 100% real.
    However.......the argument is how much is man made and how much is the natural cyclical warming and cooling the earth normally goes through.
    Now here I'm going to stray a little from previous posters and the eco protestors ends of the argument and come up right through the middle. The earth is currently in a warming stage, and has been since the younger dryas event about 12,000 years ago. With a few dips in temperature, since then caused in the main by huge volcanic eruptions that have lowered global temps for a few years here's are there. But in the main it's been steadily increasing. In the last few decades the temps have suddenly shot up, now this is not a natural phenomena, there have been no natural events to have caused this. This can be attributed 100% to an increase in co2 in the atmosphere. Now normally an increase in co2 wouldn't be an issue as co2 is the lifeblood of plants, and this would soon be mopped up by an increase in plant growth, but man is chopping down the forests. In other words man is hitting the earth on two fronts, increased co2 and destruction of plant life. This is what has caused the spike in temps. 
    The problem is, that this temp increase would have happened anyway, through the natural cycles, what should have taken 100-200 years we've created in a decade or two. 
    But changing from fossil fuels and going vegan isn't going to solve the problems from temperature increases. With the world's population increasing by the day, we simply won't have enough space to house people, grow enough food for a world population of vegans, and build all the wind towers and solar farms. (and we still have to sort the electricity storage problems. We need the batteries storing electricity for when there is no wind or its cloudy)
    As the poorer nations get richer, energy consumption will increase, and we run into another batch of problems.
    Climate change is not the enemy but increase in world population is. 
    But in the long run, in a million years, a blink of the eye in the earth's existence, man will no longer be here, but the earth will still be teeming with life. And I have no problem with that.
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    caloundracats reacted to Scuzzle in Climate Change - Fact, fiction or somewhere inbetween   
    An hour of smartphone use every day for a year creates 1 .25 TONNES of CO2 .
    That's more that two return flights from London to Glasgow, which Viessmann calculates as producing 500kg of CO2 each.
    The report by UK-based manufacturer Viessmann lists the amount of CO2 produced by everyday tasks and items.
    All those protesting school children will need to realise, they are killing the planet as much as us old gits so I think I will do a video pleading with them not to take my future away from me and organise a march outside their local primary and secondary schools.
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    caloundracats reacted to Xander in Climate Change - Fact, fiction or somewhere inbetween   
    Flying from the US to the UK in order to take part in climate junkie parade Emma Thompson contributed one tonne of CO2 greenhouse gas into the atmosphere. One of the leaders of the protest drives a 4x4 Diesel Jeep. They reckon this is OK because they use wooden cutlery at home, seems to me that's where the hypocrisy begins with this crowd virtue signallers.
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    caloundracats reacted to FrozenMojito in Climate Change - Fact, fiction or somewhere inbetween   
    Piers Corbyn- who has no qualifications in climate science- threw a hissy fit when a journo wrote an article that was critical of his work and he forbade further publication of his work without his approval. That is not the action of a "real scientist".
    I wouldn't trust him with anything related to climate change any more than I'd trust his brother with a country's economy.
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    caloundracats reacted to Xander in Climate Change - Fact, fiction or somewhere inbetween   
    Looks like someone lost a contact lens.
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    caloundracats reacted to HighlandTiger in Brexit status ...   
    Trump's critics just done get it. They think the whole world hates him, when in fact 50% of the population, both here and in the US love him. Anything that winds up the left and sends them to their padded safe space is fine with me. The only violence and pure hatred seems to come from the left, not the right as they would have you believe.
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    caloundracats reacted to KDave in Brexit status ...   
    Is gove a brexit supporter or not?
    He campaigned with Boris for brexit but then stabbed him in the back for the leadership and brought both their chances low. It was a bit suspicious at the time. This time round Boris is being assassinated via the legal and media systems but by the by.
    Now gove is abstaining instead of voting in supporting of leaving. This parliamentary second referendum vote - If the majority was no, we would have increased chance to leave. If the majority is yes we have increased chance to stay. Abstaining is not what someone of conviction to either side would do. 
  19. Haha
    caloundracats reacted to Stu in Brexit status ...   
    No tangible power, this was a European "Parliament" election after all😀
    The salient points are it sent a strong signal to TPTB that there iremains a strong wish to leave the EU. This will be ignored again however I fear. People decided to vote on this issue as the only factor and many didn't vote along traditional party lines I.e perhaps voted for the Brexit party (Newly formed single issue party) rather than usual conservative/labour vote.
    As an aside is it just me or has any else noticed people in the media pronouncing the word
     issue like they are having a stroke? Drives me feckin mad. Also folk who start ever sentence with "so" , grow up. I'm a tolerant guy but capital ,punishment is worth reinstating for some things. 
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    caloundracats reacted to HighlandTiger in How do you open up coin capsules?   
    I find a big hammer usually works.
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    caloundracats reacted to KDave in Free security upgrade from the council!   
    If its bail condition at least the court have decided and it should be temporary and not repeated, hopefully this sorts them out for you.
    Can you imagine the police or council being allowed to just stick a camera up and watch peoples houses at will. Might as well put a camera in peoples living rooms 1984 style - you have nothing to worry about if you have nothing to hide 
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    caloundracats reacted to BackyardBullion in Free security upgrade from the council!   
    I would suspect it would be HMRC rather than MI5 😉
    It could very well be part of some bail conditions, the youth to rule all youths (leader of the pack so to speak) was arrested a few weeks ago in quite fun dramatic fashion. Great entertainment as I was walking home with the dogs!
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    caloundracats reacted to Seasider in Free security upgrade from the council!   
    It is probably MI5 monitoring some chap who gets suspiciously large boxes delivered from Eastern Europe on a regular basis. 
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    caloundracats got a reaction from Archie in Archie.....   
    Hi and welcome.
  25. Haha
    caloundracats reacted to MickB in Reading glasses or laser eye surgery?   
    No wonder my missus was eager to buy them for me 😄