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  1. Haha
    caloundracats got a reaction from bored in Sainsburys - Asda Merge ?   
    Hahaha, ok, so maybe I'll part the Bentley nearby then get the pilot to land and take me on a fly by round and around and around. Oh, I could 'visit' several stores all in one morning. What fun!
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    caloundracats reacted to RichmondStacker in Gold panning in Costa Rica   
    I went to Costa Rica last month, one of the areas we were staying in was famous for gold mining.  Large scale gold mining is banned in Costa Rica but panning in the rivers is still allowed for the locals.  The rivers are full of fine gold.  I went out a couple of times for a few hours with the father of the hotel owners we stayed at.  He had been mining gold in Dos Brazos for 50 years, it was amazing watching him pan.  
    Here is a video I made of the gold panning.  I didn't take as many shots as I would've liked as I was too busy enjoying being 5ft deep in water shovelling rocks to get to pay dirt.
    I also bought some gold from local miners for £28 a gram, I would’ve emptied my bank account if there was a cash machine but we were in a small village in the middle of no where.

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    caloundracats reacted to Abyss in GOLD DEALS - See a deal, post here :)   
    Spot gold has gone up almost $20 today. It is a shame limited to three per household instead of three per person. Limited to three per person then my wife get three, my two year son will have another three and then all my son's friends (teddy, lion, giraffe and all his cuddly toys (I will name them all first) will each have three as well).
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    caloundracats reacted to GoodAsGold in Resting bitch   
    The guy must be deaf as well as dumb.  @RegalStacker calls her the wicked WITCH (not Bitch).  She should give him a knighthood (sorry - not you Regal Stacker) and thrust the ceremonial sword straight through him. Arise from that if you can.
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    caloundracats reacted to KDave in Resting bitch   
    A bit mason/occult? Pyramid. Eye of providence. Bundle of arrows. Tudor rose. Who is Chris Duane?
    This coin is also treasonous and an insult to her majesties grace. Or face if you like. An insult to her majesties resting face. 
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    caloundracats reacted to Cking83 in goldsilver.be very dodgey   
    I ordered my last bits from them on Sunday 10th in the evening and had them by Thursday 14th. Hadn’t expected it until the following week due to some items not available yet based on their site when I ordered but all got shipped fine right away. 
    I had initial issues with TransferWise but now I know what to do it’s easy, especially since there is no need to convert to Euros.
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    caloundracats reacted to Nick1368 in My dog was attacked and it cost me 1 oz of Gold....   
    Hugo wishes him a speedy recovery and sorry you had to go through this

  8. Sad
    caloundracats reacted to BackyardBullion in My dog was attacked and it cost me 1 oz of Gold....   
    How was your Saturday night?
    I had a very eventful night on Saturday/early Sunday morning with the emergency vets after our dog was bitten.
    Was out for the evening constitutional and a little rottie comes running up to us. It was off lead, barking like mad and circling us like a shark. I tried to keep our dog out of the way as the owner (more on this idiot later) came over to try and control his dog.
    The rottie lunged at my dog, made contact and bit my dog taking a big chunk out of his side.
    @HelpingHands @ChrisSIlver I wasn't sure a fairly graphic photo of a dog bite and subsequent stitches was appropriate so I won't post it, but needless to say it was a hole about the size of a silver crown. If it is OK to post it then I can, otherwise if someone really wants to see they can message me.
    Continuing on...I shouted that he needs to get that dog on a lead, to which he replied he did not have one. It was then I noticed the huge gash on my dogs side. Needless to say I was furious and chased after this chap to make  sure he a) got a piece of my mind and b) find out his details  so I can report him. There was some shouting and commotion and some neighbors came out to help me. It was a horrible situation to be in.
    Now, more on this idiot. He was clearly drunk. Stumbling and slurring, trousers falling down and arse hanging out. Completely irresponsible and dangerous dog handling and dog ownership. Made me so angry. This chap slunk off to his house as I was tending to my dog but one of my neighbours followed him home. I went round and gave them a bollocking. Threatened reporting them to the police and local dog wardens. The problem is that with no witnesses to the actual attack, it's his word against mine and there is not much that can or will be done. Sad world we live in.
    We have also been lumped with a big emergency vets bill - no chance of getting money out of these people - they said they have no money and would try and help pay but that we would have to beat with them regarding payments. Then there is the hassle and stress of taking them through small claims or trying to squeeze money out of them - it just does not appeal to us at all. Not really a great idea to piss off the neighbors and we don't fancy a brick coming through our window in retribution for pursuing it (they seemed like those kind of people).
    The typical thing is we chose to discontinue the insurance about 6 months ago as we were paying £60/month and had not claimed for anything in 3 years. Typical that now we are lumped with just about 1 oz of gold's worth of vets bills 😉😉😉 that's the gamble you pay though!
    Money is not the object of this post though, we have safety net savings for these very types of  things (as I firmly believe anyone should) so no need to sell any PM's to cover the bill - but still it's a grand gone.
    The worst thing is that it even happened at all! It just really pisses me off that some people can be so irresponsible and allowed to own animals. Makes me sick actually. I firmly believe there should be thorough background checks and home checks for any and all people who own/plan to own dogs. It's a subject close to outlet hearts as we have rescued both our dogs who had previously had hard lives.
    The good news is that I am very happy to report that our doggie is well and on the mend, albeit with 5 stitches in his side and feeling a bit sore and sorry for himself.
    Hopefully very soon he will be back to his old ways like this:

  9. Haha
    caloundracats reacted to HelpingHands in Open Thread.   
    It's based of how dense the member is.
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    caloundracats reacted to Pete in Question about VAT in the UK and international travel   
    You can without question bring silver coins into the UK without declaring anything provided the value is within your personal allowance.
    No-one is going to question that but if you are a visitor and get stopped at random, a customs official might ask why you are bringing them into the UK.
    As you start to show nervous symptoms and sweat appears on your forehead, you might start to rabble on, get inconsistent and the trained customs official will see right through you.
    You might want to train yourself into an answer like - "these coins are for my friend XYZ who is a coin enthusiast, whom I will be meeting on ABC at FZY and are a gift for helping me out on a project I was working on .... blah blah. Provided you sound convincing and the explanation is plausible you will have nothing to fear.

    If you exceed this allowance you are running a small risk of getting caught and charged.
    Every time I pass through a manned customs hall, even though I am not carrying anything, I do admit to feeling guilty as these people gauge your body language.
    You also need to ask yourself if it is worth the hassle as many of us can buy silver coins at good prices from our current EU suppliers avoiding the full 20% VAT.
    Just post on this site what you have, how much you want and which pub to find you 😎
  11. Haha
    caloundracats reacted to FFkook in Yale of Beaufort - Queen's Beasts   
    Daaaamn that is one ugly coin, I NEED to have it!!!!
  12. Haha
  13. Haha
    caloundracats reacted to Fivepoundfred in Outrageous train prices   
    Yes booking in advance is the key to getting decent prices, i normally get Staffordshire to London for £16 return but normally you can only travel on the specific trains that you have booked for that price. As previously said there are many tricks to get cheaper tickets, i recently went to a coin auction in Sheffield and purchased a Derbyshire Wayfarer ticket which is a type of day rover ticket, the trip cost me £20 instead of the best other fare available on that day of £45. And before anyone comments i know that Sheffield is in Yorkshire and not Derbyshire but the ticket allows travel to Sheffield 
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    caloundracats reacted to Goldhooked in BASHING on the forum   
    If the odd one or two overly sensitive newbies get put off and don't return, then I don't think that's a bad thing.  If they stick around people will always be wondering when they are going to kick off next at something minor.  This forum is so laid back and tame that the vast majority of visitors are not going to fall in that category.
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    caloundracats reacted to Oldun in Wealth Tax   
    Indeed, I believe they took that idea from the Greek City States
    I studied classics as a younger man and it is great to see others have heard of the real origins of democracy 👍
  16. Haha
    caloundracats reacted to KevinFlynn in Open Thread.   
    Wasn't grammarly that tool that helps you not to learn how to use your language properly?
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    caloundracats reacted to HelpingHands in Open Thread.   
    If I see one more advert on youtube for Grammarly !!!!!!!!!!!!!   😠
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    caloundracats reacted to AppleZippoandMetronome in Is Travel all its cracked up to be?   
    I love travelling though not quite as much as I used to. I love to be somewhere I've not been before and see something different. The times I've been able to travel the most I feel I've also grown the most. I do certainly agree that the actual moving to the destination area or country can be a pain and it has put me off some trips in recent years. Another thing which has very much put me off is the increase in the Instagram tourists. I am someone that seeks out quiet, serene and beautiful places where I can just be there enjoying a moment. So many places are being ruined now though in the pursuit of the perfect selfie and its hard to watch.
    I have lived in the UK now for 10 years and I am still enjoying travelling around here. When I first moved over I made a list of places I wanted to visit and as the years have gone by other place names have been added to that list. I love nothing more than taking a couple weeks off work in summer, throwing the panniers on the motorbike, taking out the old school map, planning a route with various stops and just exploring. It is so freeing and even here within this relatively small island there is such diversity and so many amazing things to see and do. I love it.
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    caloundracats reacted to sovereignsteve in Is Travel all its cracked up to be?   
    Went to Cathedral Cove on the Coromandel, used in one of the Narnia films and that wasn't crowded, pretty much empty actually. Although I suppose nothing can compete with de Caprio😀
    Beautiful place.
    I want to go back to Venice but the stories of the overcrowding now are putting me off.
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    caloundracats reacted to Cornishfarmer in Is Travel all its cracked up to be?   
    Big difference between traveling and holidays 
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    caloundracats reacted to RoughDog in Is Travel all its cracked up to be?   
    I hear what you saying.  Not been travelling much myself but the same things can be said for most things. 
    People say the same enthusiastic things about Christmas parties, birthday parties, Glastonbury, sky diving, cruises.  It only means they enjoyed it, unless they were lying, in which case ….. 😏
    My motto is, do what you enjoy not what other people enjoy.  The two are not equal.
  22. Haha
    caloundracats reacted to Oldun in Royal Mint 50p's   
    What on god’s earth is a Gruffalo ? I definitely missed that kids’ show.....must be getting old.....😂
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    caloundracats reacted to KDave in Brexit status ...   
    Politicians are arguably just a reflection of the voters. Maybe not the case with ours as most appear to be remainers of some degree. But if politicians are lying, it's because people don't want to hear truth (or they vote out people who give them the bad news). If politicians are cowards, it because the majority of voters are cowards. Comes back to who has the right to vote, if you had to earn a vote you would get a different caliber reflected in the politicians elected, different values, strengths, ect. 
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    caloundracats reacted to KDave in Brexit status ...   
    An example of the principle - why the left want 16 year olds to vote. The young hold majority left values and views, because they have been looked after for their entire lives up to that point. For the most part. Not all of course, but the majority. 
    Also why remainers want the young to have a say. No coincidences. The left understand this concept very well. 
  25. Thanks
    caloundracats reacted to HelpingHands in Left over Australian holiday money   
    @caloundracats I've moved this here