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  1. caloundracats

    Brexit status ...

    Nothing much has changed since this first aired@Oldun This is one repeat programme I would happily watch on tv.
  2. caloundracats

    wanted 1 oz congo gorillas 16 and 17 & 2 oz Queens Beast

    Good idea. If for some reason the coins you are after are unavailable in the group order, I'm sure you will be able to pick them up either on here, or ebay. As a newbie please be careful and use all normal ways of checking coins purchased on ebay such as weighing them(jewellers scaes available for less than 8 quid on ebay) and the magnet test - you should have one if you have bought from Martin at The Silver Trader as he normally sends one out with a purchase, Lots of help and tons of experienced people on this forum.
  3. caloundracats

    wanted 1 oz congo gorillas 16 and 17 & 2 oz Queens Beast

    Depends how quickly you want the coins. Could always join in a group order that BackYardBullion organises every 8 weeks or so but the next one won't be until next year. Man deserves a medal for the work and organisation he puts in doing these to benefit SF members. Great for smaller orders as we all share the shipping costs. Something to bear in mind. Of course, if you are in a hurry then another dealer such as @Stuart7 mentioned would be a good choice..
  4. caloundracats

    wanted 1 oz congo gorillas 16 and 17 & 2 oz Queens Beast

    Check out Martin https://www.silvertrader.uk/ Might be cheaper in the long run - no shipping costs. Top bloke, many on here have purchased from him.
  5. caloundracats

    New career

    Hahahaha. Me too.
  6. caloundracats

    Ok who has no phone service

    so much for technology
  7. caloundracats

    Loupe recommendation

    I use a jewellers loupe 10 X. Can't remember the make.
  8. caloundracats

    Gold used in cancer detection

    I heard about this too. Wonder how much gold it would require. Easy enough to take in gold leaf form and as the body contains gold it would be easily assimilated.
  9. caloundracats

    Grand Solar Minimum

    People tell me there it was national news back in the 1970s about the forthcoming ice age and it was quite alarming. So who's right when all we hear in mainstream media these days is the opposite. I for one make up my own mind about things and am not swayed by 'popular' movements. Nature has a way of sorting things out, natural disasters cull populations, like it or not.
  10. caloundracats

    Brexit status ...

    I didn't see the performance as I don't watch tv but that man imho should have disappeared long ago. Egotistical! Seems he, like the young apparently, didn't have enough time to understand the issue! EU vs Hard Brexit.
  11. Wondering if anyone here has any publishing book contacts. If so, please PM me for further details. Many thanks folks.
  12. caloundracats

    Saffa in London

    You found the best place to be, welcome.
  13. caloundracats

    Brexit status ...

    Nothing wrong with that @Madstacks It goes, it serves its purpose, what is not to like? Added 0 minutes later... oh, the colour - lol🤣
  14. caloundracats

    Brexit status ...

    Exactly @Pete . I am so depressed over this Brexit issue. I for one want OUT, NOW, HARD BREXIT. I believe in we should control our own laws over everything - or is the 4th Reich inevitable?