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  1. Putin visited in 2003 @savoyard Oh and EU leaders don't stick their nose in our affairs either I suppose.
  2. Strange, I don't remember anyone protesting when the Chinese leader had a state visit here. Or at Putin's visit, or Mugabe's. I'm sure the leader of the opposition at the time, didn't refuse to attend the State dinners in their honour. Draw your own conclusions.
  3. I think you are after the set put out by Westminster coins? I have a few, mainly Planteganets if you are interested.
  4. Get your eyes checked - make that appointment, you cannot mess around with your sight. The examination doesn't hurt one iota. They can also pick up other illnesses such as diabetes, glaucoma, macular degeneration and the like and the earlier they are picked up the better the prognosis. Lucky for those of you who can get by on cheap magnifying glasses available in supermarkets for a couple of quid a pair. But they only suit those with long sight, not short sight (myopia), or if you have a curvature to your eyeball (astigmatism) which can and does change over time. Many people also need intermediate glasses for computer work and such. I think Specsavers start their prescription glasses with bog standard lenses at £25. Isn't that a small price to pay so you can see correctly? May not be the height of fashion, but who cares. You might be lucky and find a pair that suits. Get it DONE.
  5. To celebrate the Lunar Landing and the vital part Australia played in it, the RAM are releasing some limited edition collector coins. https://www.news.com.au/finance/business/retail/royal-mint-releases-coin-celebrating-50-year-anniversary-of-moon-landing/news-story/c0a1bc763f41be140946cb68b4aa49b4 Three coins, proofs, very end of the article for content and prices.
  6. I've been following this debate with interest. Please do not cite Wikipedia as a reference. References to historical events should be based on the original documents. All else is speculation and opinion. In my opinion, communism will never work. It has been tried and found to be wanting. We as humans are not all equal. Not equal in our abilities, natural or learnt. I think it's called, 'Survival of the fittest'. Each to his own, of course.
  7. Another reason to leave the EU. @JunkBond I have returned my postal vote and am going to be interested in hearing the outcome of tomorrow's vote. I just read that Andrea Leadsom Quits Cabinet. Can you imagine studying politics in the future - students in days hence will be utterly amazed and confused about the last few years!
  8. Sorry to hear of your experience @TonyS but so very glad you got your stuff back. 'Nough said.
  9. Dreadful that anyone such be burgled and beaten up. But as others have said, if you are slack with security, then you tend to make yourself a target. For myself, only one family member knows about my meager holdings just in case I fall off my perch before my time.
  10. oh ear infections - yuk! Think you best get some medical attention as any ear infection can affect your balance as well.
  11. Well done Jon on achieving 500+ subs and all the hard work you have put in. Generous of you re the draw. Good luck all.