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  1. Maybe that just shows you the quality of person asked onto QT - lol
  2. According to Wiki, she has Asperger's , OCD and selective mutism. People with Asperger's tend to be very one-dimensional, have little or no understanding of social interactions or feelings/emotions of others. Usually very blunt in their speech, they can't comprehend other people's opinions. Add that to the OCD she suffers, and selective mutism ..... Draw your own conclusions.
  3. Why didn't we realise the maker's mark may be upside down. A lesson for the future!
  4. The markers mark on the box looks like it is completely different from the makers mark on the silverware. The box looks like it might be the work of Matthew Lofthouse but he was a much earlier period. Quite common for items to be put into boxes that fit the piece despite being mismatched.
  5. Video says this offer is only for people who live outside Australia. The offer is 2% below spot as they will not have to pay GST(VAT) on it so will also ship for free as a thank you for all those international people who subscribed to their channel. As@Abyss says, they have GBP/USD/Euro accounts. View the video.
  6. Not exactly but as my initials, I'm sure they must be mine!
  7. Great haul and keep you out of mischief for a while
  8. No doubt the next thing will be telling children that they are 'non-binary' and can choose their gender. Is this a new trend, to be 'non-binary' whatever that means? I thought eyes down in the shower gave you the answer. If you're bi-sexual, trans-sexual, gay, lesbian, straight I don't have a problem, but non-binary? That I don't understand.
  9. I understood the Prime Minister had a PRIVATE audience with the Queen (as in the vein of the Prime Minister's weekly audience with Her Majesty) so this decision is based on supposition.
  10. Oldest travel business in the world goes bust. Another field of endeavour that Britain led the world. Shame management weren't keeping up! Bonuses should be recalled toward the debt.
  11. @AgD PM'd you. All will be well with treatment.
  12. @motorbikez I read that article too. Just goes to show how so out of touch the BBC are with the ordinary folk. Same with the politicians. A great many things need shaking up imho. The BBC is not fit for purpose and needs a total revamp from the top down. Currently reading, ALL OUT WAR: The Full Story of Brexit by Tim Shipman. An eye opener and well worth reading. Will be purchasing, Fall Out, Tim Shipman's second book.
  13. LOL, yes, says alot doesn't it, offer £1 max sale offer then has technical issues re photos! Say no more! Still can't upload pics 🥺