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  1. caloundracats

    Long time stacker, New member

    Welcome to the forum. Great place to be.
  2. Yep, lovely place. Even in winter it's a joy to dig a hole and dip your toes in 😁
  3. Did you go to Hot Water Beach whilst in The Coromandel @sovereignsteve ?
  4. Huge difference between holidays and travelling in imho. Holidays are just that, time constrained.Travel for me it to go independently, eat and drink where the locals do, take local transport, avoid 'tourist traps' like the plague and do your own thing. Always amuses me to look at travel brochures that show the hotel and swimming pool, mostly concrete jungles that all look the same - as if that is the most important part of the holiday. Guess for many it is. But the great British exodus to warm destinations for 2 weeks each year fill me with dread. Never been on one and no intention of starting. Travelling is getting to grips with the locals and their culture, when in Rome.... And getting by without speaking a word of their language or being able to read their written word. Smiles go a long way.
  5. Hi, No, just current legal tender. It's for spending, not collecting. Just thought if people had left over holiday money they don't want, I'd take it off their hands.
  6. caloundracats


    Yes, not so much work for sure, but not so much fun discovering the various items they come across. Can't believe anyone could allow things to get into such a state!
  7. caloundracats


    Great videos @AppleZippoandMetronome Thanks for sharing. Enjoying it so far.
  8. caloundracats

    Wealth Tax

    Yes, I agree Tax is used for all sorts of beneficial things for society as a whole. I was really referring to those who use ways to avoid paying their fair share, ways that are not open to alot of people, and in most peoples and often the tax authorities eyes, are illegal - and companies who find ways to operate in the UK but pay little tax - you all know who they are. But wealth tax is something else as you state so well. A tax on a tax. Like inheritance tax - hence so many stately homes are looking for income to sustain buildings by opening up to the public, or handing their estates over to the National Trust - great for us plebs who get to visit. But would we like it if we had to do it ourselves to our homes? Many of these people were left these houses which the family had owned for generations and are now crippled by inheritance tax. But I guess that's another topic. Sharing the wealth by way of taxation on wealth/business is often short-sighted. Some businesses go under - result in no tax paid and unemployed workers. That's a no win situation. We are a 'nation of shop-keepers' and the multitude of small businesses keep a large proportion of the UK employed. To tax them out of existence is just plain mad. I wonder why socialists don't see the ramifications of their thinking.
  9. caloundracats

    Today I Received.....

    British currency rules dictate that all legal tender show the current monarch on the coins. Our sovereigns are sovereigns for life. They are not voted in for a term of office. When the Queen has had her day, Charles will be the new monarch and will continue to do so until his day is up. Then it will be William, then George. It's called a monarchy. History is a subject worth understanding.
  10. caloundracats

    Outrageous train prices

    ok @FrozenMojito I might consult you next time I want to travel somewhere. 😀 Sounds so much more exciting that a direct train ride. Mind you not everyone has the time to travel in a roundabout way.
  11. caloundracats

    Best source for mintage figures

    Try going direct to the relevant mint. I know Perth mint release figures on their website although not always the current year.
  12. caloundracats

    Outrageous train prices

    Yes, understandable. Rail fares are astronomical. The secret is to plan ahead if possible, as far in advance as possible and take advantage of advance fares. Or buy a rail card.
  13. caloundracats

    Wealth Tax

    But do the rich and elite pay their fair share into society? How many BBC people have accounts in Panama? Quite a few it turns out. If you are wealthy you can afford to pay 'experts' to ensure you pay the least amount of tax. It's the middle and middle to high income earners who tend to get slogged. Oh, and you forgot about probate going up in April depending on your estate. The taxman has eyes everywhere.
  14. caloundracats

    Outrageous train prices

    Seems there are a whole host of things you can get for a discount, only the powers that be don't bother to tell you about their existence. How you find out is a mystery. I had this experience myself and when I challenged 'the powers' that be' was informed that if they advised of the discount, more people would take advantage of it! Begger's belief! But discount rail cards have been around for decades so I'm surprised BYB you hadn't heard about them before now.