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  1. caloundracats

    New to The Siver Forum

    Welcome to the forum @SilverGodfray I see you are already in the clutches of Backyardbullion 😂 He's trying to make us all go poor🤣 But his stuff is nice, real nice
  2. caloundracats


    Member 41 21 posts Location: Germany Report post Posted September 2, 2017 Hi there. Thank you very much to everybody for participating and CONGRATULATIONS to the winner ! As Numistacker already mentioned, there are some more copies available for 10 GBP instead of 14 GBP. And if Numistacker's copies are sold, I am happy to provide anybody, who is interested in a book, with a copy for the reduced forum member price of 10 GBP including shipping from Germany. Best wishes and greetings from the author 🙂
  3. caloundracats


    Seems he is a German expert on coins and a member here on the Silver Forum. coinosseur Member 41 21 posts Posted August 21, 2017 As I am the author of the book, I won't put my entry number here 🙂 But I want to thank Numistacker to make this Member Free Draw happen and wish everybody the best of luck for the competition 🙂 Sebastian
  4. caloundracats


    That's quiet a collection you have there - well done🙂
  5. caloundracats


    Could it be Eunice Kennedy JFK's sister, I think she started the Special Olympic movement.
  6. caloundracats

    Hi from Spain

    Welcome and hello.
  7. caloundracats

    John Poletti

    Hello and welcome.
  8. Hahahaha, so have I ! @PansPurse
  9. Lots of idiots around. I don't do facebook, or selfies or any of that nonsense. I don't feel the need for 15 seconds of fame and tell the world all about myself. Same reason I hate listening to conversations on mobiles in public places, cos I don't give a care about who did what last night, or the ins and outs of someone's relationship woes, or the house contract falling through etc. But I don't have a big ego that needs feeding either unlike so many people these days.
  10. caloundracats


    Always amazes me that people find the forum and with their first post want information on buying/selling the most profitable coins or want items identified with unknown hallmarks, and then they disappear never to be heard from again. What about being polite and introducing yourself? Or reading the posts about your particular interest? Asking questions in the way that you have does not endear you to people.@Matthew
  11. caloundracats

    for exchange Swapping for Gorillas and more

    Nice collection of coins Atkinsons have the 2018 and also a collection of four different year coins. Just letting you know. Trades of course are more fun. https://atkinsonsbullion.com/silver/silver-coins/1oz-silver-coins/2015-2018-congo-silverback-gorilla-1oz-silver-co
  12. caloundracats

    Hello There, Silver Forum people

    Hi Jack, So glad you found us! It's a great forum, Welcome.
  13. caloundracats

    JP Morgan & Silver

    I think this debate has been going on for some time. At the end of the day, it's anybody's guess.
  14. caloundracats

    JP Morgan & Silver

    Interesting but boy, that man's voice almost sent me to sleep!
  15. Small beginnings on the road to treasure! I would say, 'don't spend it all at once' but those days are gone seeing as it's no longer legal tender