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  1. Could try good old fashioned washing in dish wash and hot /boiling water and maybe an old toothbrush. Might be surprised, or not, how it cleans up!
  2. The Chinese are known to visit Australia and hoover up whatever they deem essential in times of crisis as with previous epidemics such as Swine Flu. Happened before with Baby Formula and dried milk so is quite believable that they would do so with available medical supplies. In the past it got so bad that their were shortages of baby formula and dried milk for the home market and if there was availability, it was rationed at point of purchase. The Chinese like Australian products because of the high quality and standards of manufacturing whereas at the time, they believed dried milk was being 'cut' with other substances in China to make it go further. Same applies to New Zealand with their dairy products. There were hoards of Chinese flying into the Australia, buying up big, then returning home.
  3. Meanwhile, in Australia, in the State of Queensland, they held local elections today and it is compulsory to vote. So much for telling the population to stay at home! Couldn't make it up!
  4. Don't be daft, they wouldn't dream of giving something away for nothing. Might charge them as if they were made of precious metals though.
  5. Engineers at the Royal Mint have started to make visors for NHS staff. A first batch is already in use at the Royal Glamorgan Hospital in south Wales. From next week it hopes to produce thousands of the plastic shields every day from its nearby Llantrisant base in South Wales. Leighton John, the Mint's director of operations, said he was motivated to act because his sister works for the NHS. He said: "We set our engineers the task of developing essential medical equipment that could be easily made on-site. "Within seven hours they'd created a medical visor, and within 48 hours it was approved for mass manufacture."
  6. Ignore it. Everyone has their beliefs and opinions on things. Don't assume that people on this forum are against you. They may or may not agree with your views but that is the nature of this forum. I certainly don't agree with many of the posts on here but understand that each of us has viewpoints - as I like to say, each to their own.
  7. Who's calling you racist? What are you on about?
  8. I think there would have to be a 'divorce' settlement so all debts to other home nations were accounted for, much like the EU/Brexit so called divorce settlement. How are the NHS, Armed Forces, Post Office, Passports, Border Control and the like going to work? In the past there was huge national investment in North Sea Oil infrastructure, how is that going to be carved up and repaid for Scotland to own the assets outright? Has Scotland got enough investment of it''s own, or will it require 'foreign' investment. Will foreign investment be forthcoming for industries? I have read that there are a lot of companies who located to Scotland to create employment but will relocate south of the border if independence is gained. I agree, a new currency could be implemented and people would get used to it quickly but I think trading with other nations would be difficult to say the least, at least initially. It is interesting to hear people's comments on this issue. As an aside, do not assume that people who have not put their location as Scotland don't have a vested interest in the country. Many Scots live in other parts of the UK.
  9. You appear to be one angry person. The government has stated publicly in the past that should Scotland gain independence, then as a 'foreign' nation, Scotland will not be able to use the £Sterling. As previous stated, I just asked a simple question. And by the way, the forum is for all members to contribute to any post whether you like it or not. I am at least respectful of others.
  10. Just asked a simple question. If Scotland is independent, what regional fiat currencies are you talking about? You won't be able to use the £Sterling, that has been made clear by the UK government. My understanding and of course I'm no expert, is that Scotland won't be able to use the Euro unless part of the EU which I understood took at least 6 months from application to membership, and in the meantime????
  11. Tell me @Minimalist what is Scotland going to use for money. If independent Scotland can't use the £Sterling, can't use the Euro as they will not be part of the EU, so what will they use. Doubt many countries will trade with a country that hasn't got a recognisable currency. Do enlighten me please.
  12. G'day mate. Welcome to the forum.
  13. Love the asterisk! Bin men it is ūü§£
  14. If I were you @Kman I would do some in-depth research if you are not seeing your GP over your concerns. Mind you, most GPs are not well versed in the area of supplements. Rather than Google, I would read up on some of the information pages of two well respected vitamin and supplement companies, and ring them to discuss any issues you have. They have experience in these areas. Bear in mind you should get professional advice of your own. I would recommend a consultation with your GP as their may be other things going on that only tests via the GP can identify. I would recommend checking out these two well respected companies who produce quality supplements.
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