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  1. caloundracats

    Local Elections

    Well @Gordon you have a choice from those people who stand for office. Of course no one will fit each and everyone's perfect ideal so we all have to work with what is available and make the best choice we can. Of course it is up to you whether or not you exercise your right to vote. But by not voting, you are among the masses who either don't care, can't be bothered, think all parties are the same or one of many other reasons. I vote because I can and despite all nay sayers, feel I am doing something active towards choosing which party gets in and what is best for the country. I think one of the main reasons alot of people don't vote is the age old problem of people only voting for 'what's in it for me' syndrome' rather than look at the bigger picture. I'm sure many students have woken up to the error of their ways. Wallowing in debt is no good for anyone unless you believe in never never land. People also have short memories and often blame current problems on the government of the day without realising that often the government of the day is sorting out the mess the previous lot created.
  2. caloundracats

    Local Elections

    Yes, let's hope the students of today remember misleading promises when they graduate and start living in the real world. As the famous quote says, If You Are Not a Liberal at 25, You Have No Heart. If You Are Not a Conservative at 35 You Have No Brain I always vote. It is a privilege and my civic duty. Complacency won't get you anywhere. For example, in the last lot of local elections, it was a sure bet that the incumbent councillor who was also tipped to be mayor of the city, would walk in after 15 years in the position. What a surprise it was when she was beaten by the opposition because too many people couldn't be bothered voting. I'm very happy with the result😁
  3. caloundracats

    Local Elections

    @Blockhead Yes, it is a legal requirement to vote in Australia. That's probably why so many 'parties' spring up. No joke, one year there was a 'I don't like Monday's' party, 'Let's go Fishing' party and many other weird and loony parties. Some actually get votes! Once, there was something in the region of 20 parties on the ballot paper, it literally had to be folded in three left to right and still measured about 14" (35.5 cm to those of us who work in both measurements) when folded! It's stark raving stupidity. To be forced to vote creates people, not necessarily interested but who are obliged to turn up at the voting station and be hounded by campaigners right up to the entrance of the building with leaflets etc. It's no wonder the looney parties spring up. Most people don't really take a close interest and often have no idea who to vote for until they have pen and paper in hand. No wonder the result are what they are. If you don't vote, you are threatened with a fine and or imprisonment, unless you have a valid excuse like you are under anesthetic in hospital, or dying. In the UK, I always believed to vote was a privilege, hence if you are in prison you are barred from voting. If you choose not to vote, so be it, but don't complain if your interests and party of choice don't make it to Westminster. Seems last election there were many many cases of double voting, namely students having two addresses, and various sections of society. Also, I have been told that various segments of society instruct their wives and female relatives how to vote! No system is perfect. We have what we have until it can be improved.
  4. caloundracats

    Back door delivery

    I think if it is legal tender in any country, you should be ok. It's when you get into 'collectables' that your gift allowance may kick in. You could always look the issue up on the Gov. website.
  5. caloundracats

    Can anyone tell me more about these items

    I'd try doing a bit of research on google yourself. The items give a hint of what they are by the design on the spoon. Lots of information available if you look.
  6. caloundracats

    for sale EJP Bullion

    Some nice coins I'm interested in.
  7. caloundracats

    Bullion Book: Silver Coins for Collectors and Investors,

    Hi, Yes, lucky last. I'm not at home at the moment so won't be able to post until early next week. The cost is 15 Euros for European SF members. Message me to arrange.
  8. caloundracats

    completed 2012 Australian proof Sovereign

  9. caloundracats


    Looks like a stand for another object to me.
  10. caloundracats

    Hello Everyone

    HI and welcome.
  11. caloundracats

    ENGLAND silver

    Looks like London but difficult to see at the angle presented. You could do a google search on the letter which should bring up the year.
  12. caloundracats

    Best Places to Live

    hahaha think you need to ask @Lowlow He may well know!
  13. caloundracats

    Best Places to Live

    Interesting! Especially the third post 🤣 Is there one for 'does size matter'. Now sizing countries may alter my travel plans 🤣
  14. Ok folks. I have the last two English versions of the Bullion Book: Silver Coins for Collectors and Investors. Lucky last ones. Posting Monday. £10 or 15 Euro - other currencies, please ask. Please message in interested.