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  1. caloundracats

    Coin Rings

    Watched the videos, great work and an inspiration. Well done.
  2. caloundracats

    This is nice

    Wine, just one of my favourites🙂
  3. caloundracats

    100g Bar - does not get much better than this!

    Can I have 008 reserved for me please. You should open a pre-order as not everyone is always around and might miss the announcement, especially those taking holidays. It's also a question of reputation. As others have said, better to give away a little and be over than under to keep you good name. I'm sure if you or Mrs BYB were to buy an item and it didn't come up to standard or felt short-changed you would say something, get a refund, be a bit miffed. I'm sure you wouldn't have a problem with forum members but you should consider the wider public. If you say it is 100g, it must weigh no less than 100g on averaging - see government website for details. Not worth risking your reputation for a gram or so, is it? And if you were unlucky to encounter a 'difficult' customer, it could harm your business in the long run thanks to social media. Just my thoughts.
  4. caloundracats

    100g Bar - does not get much better than this!

    You may find that you do indeed need a Trading Standards set of scales as you are selling a product to the public. They need to be 'approved' and calibrated to your location. The cheapest ones, if you have to get them are made for the retail trade by Adam. https://www.gov.uk/product-labelling-the-law https://www.gov.uk/government/organisations/british-hallmarking-council/about The ripples are fabulous - you are tempting me yet again!
  5. caloundracats

    Bought my first Sovereign

    Fantastic, well done. The first of many🙂
  6. caloundracats

    Today I Received

    hahahha, This is why I love the forum - the wit makes me laugh.
  7. caloundracats

    Today I Received

    Although I might add, two of them nearly hit a car I was in and that would have been the end of me. Frightening!
  8. caloundracats

    Today I Received

    What a lovely coin😊
  9. caloundracats

    Mint in Rarotonga?

    The Cook Islands have their own currency and use it in tandem with the New Zealand dollar. I don't think the Cook Island $ is recognised outside the Cook Islands so be careful leaving the islands with any as you may not be able to exchange it. I believe their coins are produced by either the Royal Australian Mint or the NZ Mint.
  10. caloundracats


    I'm not collecting 50p but have a few that may be of interest. Let me know what anyone is after.
  11. caloundracats

    Why no love for Landmarks of Britain?

    Hahaha, I would say @Thelonerangershorse made a deliberate pun😊
  12. caloundracats

    Anyone Used Direct Bullion in London ?

    I see they make quite a few claims: https://www.directbullion.com/about-us/ Give them a call and have a chat so you can get the feel of the organisation.
  13. caloundracats

    Hi from London

    Hi and welcome. Great people here.
  14. caloundracats

    Why no love for Landmarks of Britain?

    I agree with you all, the series could and should have been so much greater. Would have a great year to do a series on the UK (Royal Weddings etc.) displaying the best of the best. London centric, well what do you expect? Typical in my opinion. So many more fabulous places they could have show-cased. The quality certainly leaves a lot to be desired. Hopefully they will up their game in future and take note of what other producers and doing. Not sure how well a 'Bra and Undies' series would do, but for you men, it could be popular😁
  15. caloundracats


    Hahahaha😀 Alas, still no laptop😞 Not from Chard's though.