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  1. It won’t be a wristband, it will be nano tracker in the vaccine. Don’t have the vaccine you can’t leave your house, but you’re not sick, you can’t get benefits so you have to leave the house to work. Tin foil hat stuff but the gov do want us to sign up to virus tracking apps so they know if you’ve been to hot spots or spread it.
  2. I work in broadcasting and i’m no fan of the BBC but I doubt this would be a conspiracy to silence. I’m guessing it was on BBC One, they usually have fixed programming and have to cut to the weather at scheduled time slots. It would've been continuous on bbc news HD and i’d expect them to put a graphic on screen saying go switch channels. They also reported twice that building 7 had collapsed even though it was in the background. A top BBC journo addressed the conspiracies and then goes on to admit they have lost the tapes from the day 🧐 https://www.bbc.co.uk/blogs/theeditors/2007/02/part_of_the_conspiracy.html
  3. Before the Chinese flu hit the government were looking at capping the amount of money per spin on online gambling sites. You can do £100 a spin if you want to currently and they want it to be like the shops, £2 max stake, that hit William Hills share price.
  4. I would recommend joining a dedicated gold panning group on facebook. When you are panning have a pan underneath, any gold you wash out accidentally will sink to the bottom so you shouldn’t lose any. There are plenty of channels on youtube like Jeff Williams, Dan Herd, Vo gus prospecting, Pioneer Pauly. Mrdazp1 has videos prospecting in Wales.
  5. I bought some shares this morning for my ISA. Kier, Associated British Foods, Burberry, Barclays, JD Sports and Wetherspoons. I’d forgotten about IAG, I’m going to get some tomorrow as the price looks cheap. I have oil in my trading account, Shell, Tullow and Premier oil all bought cheap but only Shell in is profit at the moment. When oil gets back on track they should give me some nice profits. I’ve stayed away from BAE types mainly as when they do well some village in the Middle East isn’t. What alcohol companies do you recommend?
  6. Can I take a short position on that?
  7. Now I’m not sure if you’re trolling or not. You’ve created a couple of scenarios while ignoring what the government were actually doing. What agency do you work for?
  8. You called her a busy body to make what she was doing seem like an over reaction. Don’t pay attention to this nutter filming local council officers posting notes printed hours ago about a homeless man who has died from Coronavirus even though he walked out the door 10 mins ago. Her response was emotional and not the most cultured but she was correct.
  9. She may well be the local busy body but attacks on her character doesn’t deny that she was correct.
  10. I stopped drinking energy drinks at the start of the year. I think that has improved my immune system. I work 12 hour shifts sometimes 6/7 long with overtime and don’t feel run down or picking up colds after a run of shifts even when I don’t get much sleep. Our gym at work is now closed but I have weights at home. Just need to keep it up. Keep this updated with your progress as it will be motivating.
  11. I made a nice bit of profit this week from JD Sports and Wetherspoons. I have shares in Premier and Tullow oil, they have been smashed but I bought them low, only a few pence below my average. I’m happy to hold them to see if they rise.
  12. I still have to work as my work is part of the critical infrastructure. I work in a rough part and live in a nice area, I feel more vulnerable at night walking home and using the train due to less people around. It has the same feeling as when the London riots were on and I had to get back to Finsbury Park. The skies feel cleaner in Richmond due to less planes but there is a nervous feeling in the air. There are still too many elderly going about but maybe they haven’t got a support network. It must be rough for those not prepared, elderly or losing your income.
  13. I will only start to believe this level of scaremongering if the government makes watching The Notebook with your partner compulsory.
  14. I posted this a few pages back about a Harvard Professor arrested in January who was receiving funding from the Chinese without declaring it and kept hidden from the US gov that he was a strategic advisor to the Wuhan university of technology. One of his students was arrested trying to leave the country with stolen vials from a lab, another student who is now back in China is a lieutenant in the PLA. https://www.justice.gov/opa/pr/harvard-university-professor-and-two-chinese-nationals-charged-three-separate-china-related Also in Canada last year, Chinese Canadian scientist and Chinese students banned from the only high containment disease lab in Canada due to unnamed policy breach. https://www.sciencemag.org/news/2019/07/mystery-surrounds-ouster-chinese-researchers-canadian-laboratory Tin foil hat on. Look into the number of high level ceos that stepped down in Feb when their stocks were at the highest. Jeff Bezos sold 4billion dollars of shares in feb before they all tanked.
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