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  1. Maybe it was the 4 year olds holding signs made by the socialist worker party that gave it away.
  2. Here is an article written by a founder of XR. He admits that it’s all about white man bad, capitalism bad., smash and replace the system. https://medium.com/@plaosmos/extinction-rebellion-isnt-about-the-climate-42a0a73d9d49 This is an interesting confession “So Extinction Rebellion isn’t about the climate. It’s not even about ‘climate justice’**, although that is also important. If we only talk about the climate, we’re missing the deeper problems plaguing our culture. And if we don’t excise the cause of the infection, we can never hope to heal from it.”
  3. I went back to Leicester to visit the family home this weekend and went to the only coin shop I could find. Picked up some US half dollars for the stack. My uncle had finished a book on our family tree, he traced us in England back to 1727. This has now made me want to collect British coins on key dates for the family members. I bought my first crown, one of many to come.
  4. He was taught by his Dad, Ralph Milliband who was a Marxist, let into the country when he needed help but had his own agenda. His grandad was a member of the the communist party in Belgium before he fled to the U.K. Subversion runs in the family.
  5. This happens when I use it on my iPad. It usually takes a minute if two for the drop down to open once pressed.
  6. I’ve started buying more silver over the last few months since becoming a paid member. I have bought several 1oz silver bars at better prices than eBay/online dealers. I would recommend trying for a month or two to see if you can pick up a deal.
  7. I’m happy with my stack, this year was a good experience regarding saving and spending less on consumer items. I had a big holiday at the start of the year so planned my gold buying towards the end but the rise in gold means I’ll have a half oz or so less than I planned. I’ve learnt that i’m better at just buying when I have the money rather than waiting for a price drop. I started buying US junk silver as a fun/hobby side of stacking while concentrating on gold. I’ll get a US gold buffalo by the end of the year to reach my target.
  8. I wonder how many people were killed for those coins and how many times they have been taken by governments and officials. Hundreds of years later the government are still trying to send people to prison over them.
  9. I believed everything that was written about him until I saw his Oxford Union talk. He records all the interviews he does because unless they are live they will edit them. Sky news did this last year, they asked the question as a voiceover but showed his answer on video. TR leaked the whole interview and the answer was from a different question.
  10. I just liked the eagle on the front and had the year I was born on it but this makes it way more interesting. I found this info on goldsilverbull The 10 oz 1981 U.S. Assay Office silver bars were part of a strategic move by the government to drive down the price of Silver after the Hunt brothers attempted to "corner" the market. Having over 165 million ounces of Silver the government decided to flood the market with their abundance of physical precious metal which in turn caused the price to fall significantly.
  11. Here is my haul for the month. The 1oz bars are from @arshimo2012 the 10oz from Bleyer Bullion and gold from Hatton Garden metals. I’m impressed with the 2 Rand as it’s proof like rather than a matte version. I have some more US 90% coming too.
  12. I didn’t notice any coin shops about. Mining is banned in Costa Rica but small scale is allowed for the locals in the more rural areas. They run tours and you can keep the gold. Corcovado was amazing, but to get to PJ area it’s either a long bus journey or a 45 min flight in a single engine plane. Arenal was really nice, lots of hot springs. In the small towns, rural areas dogs just roam free. They will be lying in the roads but are safe and move out of the way. It’s a strange feeling as a dog owner but then I was seeing it in a western perspective. If you want any tips I can drop you a PM.
  13. Yes, I pulled it out of the ground myself. I went gold mining with some local miners. What parts are you going to? In San Jose there is a gold and coin museum at the central bank. I went gold mining in Puerto Jimenez, in the River Tigre. If you drink coffee I would stock up as much as you can. If you find Don Ramon I would pay you to bring some back for me, i’ve never tasted coffee like it.
  14. Nice coins. I’ve been struggling go find any good deals lately, the prices on eBay are a rip off.
  15. I think they were for sale at the Labour Party conference.