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  1. https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/amp.cnn.com/cnn/2020/01/12/world/aboriginal-australia-fire-trnd/index.html Here is a hot take from CNN. I thought it was climate change that caused this? Now it’s came out that there have been over 200 people arrested for starting fires and the green policies have restricted the burning and clearing of old trees and burn breaks. Shouldn’t this be China’s problem to solve seeing as they own most of the land and infrastructure.
  2. Posting a picture of your coin next to a note with your user name on might go a long way in gaining trust from potential buyers. I’m not into numismatics but the forum members are pretty savvy and a knowledgeable bunch.
  3. Magnus is taking a well earned break before New Years. Sometimes you need to warm your bits on a hot water bottle.
  4. Thank you @JSILVER for my 1.5oz silver maple. That will go nicely in my stack, hopefully I’ll pick up some more. I’m on my 5th out of 6 night shifts serving the nation (making sure tv works for all) so you’re welcome 😂 Merry Christmas to all and a happy & healthy new year for you and your families.
  5. I read that story. Burning the US flag is free speech though. False hate crimes get nothing, defending yourself when getting attacked by Antifa is 3 years in prison.
  6. Sorry to hear that @sovereignsteve I didn't understand the connection between man and dog before we got ours a few years ago. They bring so much joy. I love that picture of him on the sofa, they always have to take up all the space. I bet he lived his best life.
  7. If this is the case, why are people/think tanks/politicians not saying India, China, Nigeria, Ghana, Pakistan needs more diversity? Why is it only white western nations? Could there be other factors at play?
  8. Young conservatives are calling out the republicans who want to gate keep the conservative movement. The Ben Shapiro, Charlie Kirk, Turning point USA types who answer to their donors. They are asked questions about the USS liberty, dancing Israelis, Lavern affair etc and call them anti Semitic. The powers that be then try and ruin them and run hit pieces to silence. The executive order Trump has put through has now made it impossible to be critical of Israel. America now has noahide laws in place. But the power and control is just a conspiracy.
  9. Magnus has fallen asleep waiting for Leicester to score so he can get his treat.
  10. It’s a shame that Zac has lost his seat in Richmond as he was a good local mp and he did a lot for animal welfare within the government. Looks like I’ll have to keep my no political leaflet sign up as last time they got in they would spam leaflets all the time.
  11. I work in TV, I‘ve just started my night shift till 7:30 so I’ll be watching all the results come in. I think I’ll be giving the sky news/buzzfeed election special coverage a miss.
  12. Have you got a picture of all three bars together that you have taken as the picture on ebay seems to be from mrscottsdales sale post.