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  1. The things that are being pushed on society today is why the Nazis gained power.
  2. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7345433/More-half-anti-terror-pupils-far-Right-extremists.html this is an interesting article in the sense that it's spun to show a rise in far right views being reported to Prevent. They fail to mention the over representation of Islamic referrals still. The article also says that most of the cases are false. No doubt the common purpose, marxist teachers are reporting anyone who likes Brexit or saying Tommy Robinson was correct about grooming gangs for the last 10 years.
  3. We both have big beards and our happy and grumpy faces are the same.
  4. Here are a few pictures of my dog Magnus, he’s a Brussels griffon. I never could understand the connection people had with dogs until we got him a few years back.
  5. If any of you are aware of Ryan Dawson, he does a deep dive into Epstein and the network/money around him.
  6. You missed the part about the supposed conspiracy theory of the Kalegri plan happening as we speak. Anyone who questions it is a racist, facist anti Semitic, straight from Marxist and Common Purpose training. It has been hiding in plain site since 2009 all they needed was a few wars to push it along. https://ec.europa.eu/home-affairs/sites/homeaffairs/files/e-library/docs/pdf/final_report_relocation_of_refugees_en.pdf Projected population based on density, Merkal opening the flood gates was a stress test and to smoke out who they need to apply pressure on.
  7. I really like the clean simple view, like a spreadsheet. I’ve bookmarked this to use and interested to see the development. Affiliate links would be good for you to make a little extra and an incentive for people to use the links knowing you get something back for taking the legwork from us. You could offer dealers space to put a deal of the day/week on the page.
  8. I had a big holiday at the start of the year so pushed my gold bullion purchases back, now the time has come in my budget for gold it spiked. I’ll hold off for a month or so and look out for some more US junk silver and 1oz bars.
  9. Some good prices on thegoldsovereign. Have you used them before? It shows paypal as payment so i’m guessing it will include 4% fee?
  10. A few more additions to my US coins this month. A $5 liberty head gold coin from @StackSellRepeat 40 more quarters from @DrDime and Franklin half’s and dimes plus a bonus quarter and bag from @Peacemaker very happy with this lot, we’ll packaged and quick delivery from all. This was my birthday treat for the month.
  11. You got that for a great price. I love this coin.
  12. I received some US 90% dimes & quarters from @DrDime and picked up a $5 Indian head, peace dollar and morgan dollar from the London coin fair.
  13. My order of 40 quarters and 30 dimes arrived this morning, very happy with them. Well packaged and quick delivery.