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  1. A few more additions to my US coins this month. A $5 liberty head gold coin from @StackSellRepeat 40 more quarters from @DrDime and Franklin half’s and dimes plus a bonus quarter and bag from @Peacemaker very happy with this lot, we’ll packaged and quick delivery from all. This was my birthday treat for the month.
  2. You got that for a great price. I love this coin.
  3. I received some US 90% dimes & quarters from @DrDime and picked up a $5 Indian head, peace dollar and morgan dollar from the London coin fair.
  4. My order of 40 quarters and 30 dimes arrived this morning, very happy with them. Well packaged and quick delivery.
  5. I only started stacking a couple of years ago but stopped for a year to clear all my debts and stopped gambling and cut down on craft beers at home. I have a minimum target I budget for every year along with cash/ISA/crypto amounts from my salary monthly. I’m lucky enough to get overtime at work as well as a very nice callout fee if I go in with less than 24hrs notice, that usually goes towards a bonus soverign and a treat for the missus. I’m less wasteful with money now but not tight as I allow an amount for treats/trips every month but I see things in terms of silver. Two pints of beer, that’s an oz of silver.
  6. I’m tempted with this but for half the month I work nights so any cold calling and the extra post would be annoying as my dog barks at the door.
  7. Thanks for the info, i’m looking forward to this. Hopefully i’ll be able to pick up some pre 33 US gold at decent prices, maybe even some US junk silver but i’m not holding my breath on that.
  8. This is the first time I can attend so I was wondering if anyone could help me out with a few queries. Is there a chance of better deals if paying with cash? From past experience is there haggling to be done or are dealers firm on prices? Do most venders have card machines? I’m after a $5 US indian head gold coin, what price would I expect to pay for this? The US prices online are so much cheaper than Euro/UK.m Thanks
  9. RichmondStacker

    Pricing help

    I personally would avoid these types of coins, to me it’s just Bullion that someone has coloured in and printed a made up COA with a low number and tripled the price. The queens beast looks like some tourist tat if i’m being truthful. Your tastes will change over time as a stacker/collector, when they do you may want to move on some coins. These might be harder to sell unless targeted to a newcomer. You could buy 10 silver eagles for £14 each in the sales section of the forum.
  10. I’ve not used the European mint yet but their prices in £s are the same as Euro. I’m guessing you can pay in Euros via transferwise even though we are in the UK, just like goldsilver.be?
  11. I received 5 sunshine minting bars from @StackSellRepeat really well packaged and very good quality bars.
  12. The UK sites that have free shipping have already added that into the overall cost. It’s annoying if you want to buy several items as the costs are more than a flat postage fee.
  13. Could I get 5 Sunshine minting bars please?
  14. I’m interested in stacking sond US junk silver, do you mind me asking what you pay for it?