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  1. I’ve not used the European mint yet but their prices in £s are the same as Euro. I’m guessing you can pay in Euros via transferwise even though we are in the UK, just like goldsilver.be?
  2. I received 5 sunshine minting bars from @StackSellRepeat really well packaged and very good quality bars.
  3. The UK sites that have free shipping have already added that into the overall cost. It’s annoying if you want to buy several items as the costs are more than a flat postage fee.
  4. Could I get 5 Sunshine minting bars please?
  5. I’m interested in stacking sond US junk silver, do you mind me asking what you pay for it?
  6. This is my main concern when Corbyn & McDonnell take charge. They will achieve their aim for equality of poverty and fulfil the UN’s (Kalergi) replacement migration plan. I just hope I can remember where I’ve hidden it all once I’ve finished my re-education in the gulag.
  7. Just some bullion this month for the stack, another 25oz and I’ll concentrate on gold for the rest of the year. Loving the 5oz bar from @MrScottsdale the only problem is I need to get the bigger sizes now. I got the 1/2oz coins and dragon bar to go in a prepping wallet I’ve put together in case the commies get in power. It contains some cash, silver, gold nuggets & bar as well as some bitcoin & litecoin paper wallets. My girlfriend was taking the mick but worst case scenario is they are savings.
  8. Nothing beats dpd who do upto the minute driver tracking.
  9. Sounds like you handled that better than I would have. I had no issue with my last GS.be order which was delivered by fedex. My previous order was when they were using yodel. The driver had his kid helping him, he came to the flat while the driver stayed in his van. The kid was about 8 and spoke no English, he ran off as soon as I started inspecting the package, no signature taken too which means the driver was forging them. Luckily it was all ok.
  10. RichmondStacker


    I placed an order with Goldsilver.be on the 1st march and recieved it on wednesday. I am mainly stacking gold bullion but as silver is so low i’ll add 50/60oz to my target for the year. I don’t enjoy paying the 20% tax but will as I would rather have metals than not.
  11. I don't think it's brexit prep, more like praying on people that believe the government created scare stories and think there will be money/benefit issues in the next few months.
  12. I got a dispatched email too. I bought two which I will flip to add more funds to the next gold purchase (1oz US Buffalo). I didnt feel right putting them up on ebay until I had them in my hand, even if it has missed out on the higher hype price.
  13. From what I was told and have found online its around 22k/95% purity but I might be wrong. The miners sell to the local pulperia(store) who buy the gold for around $30/g or for store credit for food. I paid a higher price directly from a miner so they got more money rather than the middle man. Spot price doesn't mean anything to the people digging it out of the ground. The location we were working would pull at least 2g a day in fine gold. It was hard graft in the heat but they are working for themselves.
  14. I went to Costa Rica last month, one of the areas we were staying in was famous for gold mining. Large scale gold mining is banned in Costa Rica but panning in the rivers is still allowed for the locals. The rivers are full of fine gold. I went out a couple of times for a few hours with the father of the hotel owners we stayed at. He had been mining gold in Dos Brazos for 50 years, it was amazing watching him pan. Here is a video I made of the gold panning. I didn't take as many shots as I would've liked as I was too busy enjoying being 5ft deep in water shovelling rocks to get to pay dirt. I also bought some gold from local miners for £28 a gram, I would’ve emptied my bank account if there was a cash machine but we were in a small village in the middle of no where. https://youtu.be/Ol5HIC53eSI
  15. Usual Royal Mint shambles. Website not loading, only seemed to link to the sale page from facebook. I placed an order and the money has gone from my account but nothing in my open order page or no email. Not holding my breath. I'm more annoyed as i’m off to Costa Rica in a few days so the money could go towards buying gold nuggets when I try gold panning.