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  1. RichmondStacker

    50 years of 50p sets

    Usual Royal Mint shambles. Website not loading, only seemed to link to the sale page from facebook. I placed an order and the money has gone from my account but nothing in my open order page or no email. Not holding my breath. I'm more annoyed as i’m off to Costa Rica in a few days so the money could go towards buying gold nuggets when I try gold panning.
  2. RichmondStacker

    Today I Received.....

    I picked up a few silver coins from Silver Trader that I was wanted across the year but never took the plunge. I also bought a few items from the Royal Mint. I think I prefer Royal Mint coins for collecting and Gold bullion and old US coins as my stacking. I’m currently editing a video of the Royal Mint coins.
  3. RichmondStacker

    Sold all my gold, got stung

    Very good advice. I would also add clear your debts first too.
  4. RichmondStacker

    Germania joins Britannia and friends. New silver bullion coin

    Ordered one of these today from Silvertrader.
  5. RichmondStacker

    Sold all my gold, got stung

    Also the way Taqiyya May has derailed the process from the beginning for her paymasters, she is putting the communist party closer to power. I’ll be hiding my gold in Richmond Park before they get a chance to confiscate it once they have cleaned our pensions and savings out.
  6. Here is a video of my purchases for November. I love the old American coins, the Snowman silver 50p is a really nice coin. I don’t think i’ll be buying anymore till feb but I will be gold panning in Costa Rica in January which i’ll be making a video about. https://youtu.be/xzkIfYmRS4g
  7. RichmondStacker

    Today I Received.....

    Royal Mint The Gold Standard 1/4 oz coin. Does anyone know the mintage for this coin?
  8. RichmondStacker

    Snowman 50p Proof 2018

    Just ordered a silver proof. I’m guessing they have noticed that the previous mintages of coloured 50ps were too high as this is 20k max.
  9. RichmondStacker

    Is London all that great?

    I agree, that’s why I moved out from North London to Richmond. Also I would never had gotten a dog if me and my girlfriend were still in London.
  10. RichmondStacker

    Today I Received.....

    Picked up a couple more coins for the stack from Hatton Garden metals. The $10 eagle liberty head was 3% over spot.
  11. RichmondStacker

    Today I bought.....

    I treated myself to a $10 eagle liberty head and a half sov from Hatton garden metals. I was just at work on overtime and noticed bullionbypost had one 2018 1/4oz gold standard left so I nabbed it.
  12. RichmondStacker

    Gold Bullion for the stack

    Gold stacking has taken a back seat for the last several months due to holidays, buying a drone and camera equipment. I’m back at it with a few gold coins again a month, these are from October and I have some more arriving in a few days which i’ll make a video of. I hope my style of videos are interesting to watch? I prefer to make short clips with music in the background rather than me voicing over as I don't feel there is anything for me to add that stackers don’t already know.
  13. RichmondStacker

    Newbie buying fractional gold....

    If you are getting bullion and don't mind it not being the current year/brand new then I would recommend https://www.hattongardenmetals.com/ The service from Atkinsons has been great so far but their premiums are a little high and they charge a delivery fee for every item not the overall order. This is fine for one item but not for several fractional coins. Hatton garden is a flat rate.
  14. RichmondStacker

    1.74 million gold piece! WOW!

    That’s pretty close to Atkinsons price over spot.
  15. RichmondStacker

    Today I Received.....

    I love these coins. Can I ask what price you got them for? I’ve got a gold buffalo planned from my bonus in sept but these and the indian heads are tempting me.