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  1. Thanks! Do you when will you want payment? I can't read most of this thread on my phone.
  2. Please can I order number 125 please? I can't wait to see it. Thanks.
  3. BoredGit

    1/4 oz QB Question

    Thank you! I really appreciate your info on this. They look great!
  4. I'm some what of an oddity. I buy for long term and only buy bullion. I don't buy proofs (and don't think I ever will). I have just started to collect the Queens Beast 1/4oz's. Even though its a long term investment/wealth preservation, I like it as nice as possible. As I want it to look as good as possible in the future when I eventually do sell.
  5. BoredGit

    1/4 oz QB Question

    @Andy I've just ordered those some of those square capsules. How do you store/display them? Again for my 1/4oz QB's and Brits. Thanks.
  6. With more solar panels being made each year then every year previous, that should* make a steady increase in its value. *It would if it wasn't so heavily manipulated.
  7. BoredGit

    End Game

    I think I understand where you are going with this, but as there is only between 0.001 & 0.004 parts per million of gold in the earths crust and over 3/4 of that has already been mined/extracted/retrieved and the mining companies have stepped up their mining over the past 10 years, I do believe it will get to a point where gold mining companies will close. There have already been quite a few close in north America in the past 2 years. It's just to expensive to retrieve and refine the gold. I'm sure there will still be small operations running, but I think most of the large ones will go (or divulge in to something else). Comparing it to flower doesn't really work and plant can be re-grown where as the element gold cant be re made.
  8. Wow! I'm going to take all my future photos of coins in bright sun light! My first QB. And look at it. It's immaculate! ?
  9. BoredGit

    End Game

    Honestly, I don't think that would ever be 'aloud'. Something is needed to judge gold against. Also because it's needed in so much technology and industry, it might go up, but not above inflation.
  10. BoredGit

    End Game

    I agree. I think there will be a bump in price lasting a couple of years, then another 10-15 years later. I'm not a dooms day person. I'm not thinking its going to go mad, I'm just hoping that it will. But any increase over the next 30-50 years is good for me!
  11. BoredGit

    End Game

    To be completely honest, I'm 50/50 if its going to up that high. On one hand I think it will stick with inflation. But then again, the accessible gold reserves are projected to run out by 2030 - 2035, so I think at that point it might go up quite a way above inflation. I might be completely daft, but I can dream cant I!?
  12. I just ordered a Griffin last night. I looked through them all and without paying £100 over spot it was the best looking with my eyes. I think the Bull and Unicorn look to similar. It looks like they have used the same designs for both and just made slight changes. If you look at the hooves, legs and hind quarters, they are almost identical.
  13. I used Atkinson's once, that will be the last time. They sent a dirty 1/4oz gold Brit with almost no protection. it was only in a flip with some tissue paper to protect it. I have never received a new coin in such bad condition. I then spoke to them on the phone and over email but their excuse was its bullion not a proof so it doesn't loose its value. Only after I had got the coin clean and I had told them I was going to review them did they say they would swap it. In short, very bad quality control, almost no protection for postage, and even worse customer service. 2 stars is being very generous I think! Good luck to anyone who uses them and has a problem. I can guess what their response will be!