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  1. I've got coins that are made from the recovered silver of the SS Gairsoppa if that counts, it was a merchant ship sunk by German U-boats during WW2
  2. I'm not too fussed about boxes to be honest, storage isn't too much of a problem for me (yet), but like RoughDog I only buy pure bullion now so the pre 2013 Britannias are off the cards for me due to them being .958. I used to buy a lot of mixed silver coinage, like .925 or half silver pre decimalised British coinage, or .800 Canadian coins but it became a bit too complicated for my strategy so I sold them all. As with the capsule size change, couldn't you just switch capsules?
  3. Yeah probably got mixed up, they made that many different weights it's hard seeing the right one, especially with my low attention span😂 Only going for the half ounces for the fun of it really, I've got a lot of 1 ounce coins so I thought it would make a nice addition to my stack having half ounces. Not too stressed about premiums
  4. Wouldn't pay more than £500 for 20 ounces myself, and plus I don't think it's worth putting that amount of money into a single coin, especially a modern production rated MS69
  5. Less than 800 minted for the 1/2 mouse, 1 oz more common but not what I need:/
  6. Having looked at the mintages for the half ounce Lunars, I think I have more chance of meeting Moses than finishing this series... P.S. If anyone has a 2008 year of the mouse half ounce silver coin they're willing to sell, let me know 🤣🤣
  7. Fantastic, thank you guys, this will help me out a lot
  8. I've decided to branch out a bit and try and complete collections as I believe it will add significant value if a coin set is completed, and will also quench my OCD. However I'm finding it incredibly difficult to actually find the information and work out where a series starts and finishes; surely the distributing mints would have that information on their website? I'm trying to figure out what the first coin of Austalian Lunar Series II is but I'm not having much luck. Does anyone else have this problem or is it just me being imcompetent?
  9. Silviam

    Being stung on eBay

    @Shinus73 @BackyardBullion Cheers for the info guys, will make sure I'm a lot more cautious with posting in the future
  10. Silviam

    Being stung on eBay

    Contact Royal Mail, see what they can do. If you badger them enough they might just send you the value of the item if you threaten their name over social media
  11. I think that when you start buying silver, it's good to have a good mix of coins and bars in varying weights and dates so you have an idea of what you're purchasing. No good if you're wondering why a 1994 Panda costs a lot more than a 2018 Brittania for example, so have a good mix in your stack and then you will begin a preference
  12. I feel like the Royal Canadian Mint churned them out as quick as they could to make a bit of money before the New Year personally
  13. Silviam

    Christmas Maples

    What do people think about the new Christmas Canadian maples that have recently been added to Silver Trader, I'm not too fond of them myself but do they provide any sort of long running premium?
  14. I'd love to take part in this, heard a lot from your videos @BackyardBullion , I'll have to get shopping?
  15. @BackyardBullion Bit late but thank you very much for my two bars, they are a very unique addition to my stack