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  1. Thanks for the welcome and advice.I do try to buy silver vat free which is why i use mintbuilder in the states or Coininvest in Germany.The only company in the UK i find competitive on small orders is Silvertrader in Newcastle
  2. I agree precious metals are not about short term gains however i bought 1oz silver eagles,maples and britannias from Mintbuilder in the states for £15 each inc shipping to the U.K and they are selling on Ebay for £22 however the bigger profits on coins in particular are the graded limited edition ones that are bound to increase in value over time
  3. What do most people think is the best investment when exchanging fiat currency into precious metals?Notice i do not use the word buy as all we are doing is exchanging one form of money into another that hopefully will increase in value over time rather than decrease with inflation. My personal opinion is silver coins starting with the cheaper end such as Eagles,Britannias and Maples before moving on to the Lunar coins and Krugerrands .Once you have stocks of these i would suggest looking at M.S.70 limited edition coins as longer term investments. I much prefer coins to bars because of the collector value and silver to gold because of the cheapness of silver at the moment when you consider the historical price ratio.Also one has to consider when purchasing bars they have to be bought at near spot price as possible and with the current manipulation of spot by governments and banks there is no possibility of short term gains.
  4. Howard

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    Hi Guys,Thanks for the welcome My Youtube channel is on the attached link regarding gold and silver https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTPnl1IxI1Q-rIRCSby2RFg
  5. Howard

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    Hello,I am a new member based in the Brighton area of the U.K. i buy and sell bullion and coins as investment against inflation and as a business opportunity I work as an affiliate with Mintbuilder and have my own retail and wholesale website where bullion and graded coins can be obtained at very competitive prices. Also im always eager to hear from other members regarding their strategies on the gold,silver and bullion industry