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  1. First one just arrived..coin showing as ‘open order’ in my RM account....it’s too late now...the deal is done!
  2. You won’t get shunned by me for saying what you have said....
  3. Now that is a fine group of coins...and an interesting display of the different colours gold can be...a story for another day I hope 😂..
  4. One silver proof and one piedfort proof...Benedict likes them!
  5. I thought that was illegal? Good spot sir, but the reserves are pretty low...If they bid above the reserve then I would be worried...
  6. The SOTD Victoria Sovereign will be my first EVER sovereign purchase....just worried about opening Pandora’s box now....what will this lead to?
  7. Anyone in Devon this weekend?..A few LMU coins for sale on Saturday..see lots 256+.... https://www.the-saleroom.com/en-gb/auction-catalogues/michael-j-bowman/catalogue-id-srmicha10047/lot-ecdb0fde-586d-444f-8c6d-aa4d00d5fd90?utm_source=auction-alert&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=auction-alert&utm_content=lot-image-link One of the lots..
  8. Hi @Murph..I know what you are saying..you can feel as though you are being a pest by asking for certain coins/dates, and in my case condition..but don’t forget, they are in the business to sell, so don’t let them put you off.. When I bought my first 20 francs coins (Feb 2018) they were certainly more plentiful, and cheeper. The dealers at that time were really helpful to me..but not always at first! I called Chards, and asked for photographs of all the roosters they had in stock (different years) and asked for the best ones to be picked out. Lizzie did this for me, and based on excellent photographs, I bought 11 coins from her ..that’s a £2100+ sale! My next stop was Bullion By Post.. I made the same request of them, and they refused to do it. This is where things got interesting..I had spent a lot of money with them the previous year, so I raised a complaint against the customer service agent. Give them credit, the General Manager called me back to discuss my complaint...as a result of that conversation, the General Manager searched all the coins personally, photographed them and I bought 3 of him the day after. He is someone I can now call directly, and is great to deal with, but I guess this is an exceptional circumstance..over the next 8 months he repeated the process four times, and I bought a further 13 coins from them. They now sell them by individual dates and are too expensive, but for a while it worked great! ATS Bullion - They do not have the 20 Francs coins in very often, but they are really helpful. They kept an email from me for over six months, then contacted me to advise they had two coins for me...what great service. Finally, Atkinsons...not great for 20 Francs coins, but they have always been helpful. Elizabeth has always been helpful, and I bought a date run of US Buffalos from them (over about a year) a while ago. I wouldn’t worry about asking a dealer for what you want, the worst thing that can happen is they say no. Hope that helps!
  9. Hi, just had a look round the main dealers this morning and prices do seem to be high for these. ATS are now at 10% (guess I got lucky, but it was cheeper for buying two). HGM always the cheapest (3% usually) but they don’t have any, and quality can be interesting!. BBP have them but over 20%..ouch! Chards still 25% over spot and sold out! If anyone sees these little critters at a good price please PM me...just need 1848, 1887,1889, 1892 and 1894 now! Cheers 🍻.
  10. Third time lucky...!!! The first 1879 20 francs coin I bought from France,was returned as it was junk grade! The second 1879.....................I bought from France, is still lost in West Africa!!! Congratulations 😃 here go to ATS Bullion, who have sourced me one, and an 1871, and they have arrived! (Anchor, not barred anchor) I think it’s worth giving ATS Bullion a bit of a special mention here.... I have used them in the past, and their customer service has been better than ANY other dealer I have used. The above two coins only cost about 6% over spot plus postage...for UK buyers that knocks seven bells out of the big dealers over here! The best bit..I emailed them a ‘coins wanted list’ last year, and they kept it...! I got an email out of the blue asking if I still wanted the coins on the list, as they now have some in stock..what fantastic customer service. I have now sent a revised list to them and a big thank you 😊. Its not often I give a free plug to a dealer but on this occasion they deserve it.. https://www.atsbullion.com/
  11. Huge selection of sovereigns 100+, this one is in Stafford. https://www.the-saleroom.com/en-gb/auction-catalogues/hansons/catalogue-id-hanson10181/search-filter?utm_source=auction-alert&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=auction-alert&utm_content=catlink&archiveSearch=False&categoryCode=COI
  12. It looks like it’s been at the bottom of an ashtray...who would buy that ! I remember when full sovereigns were £50 plus commission at auction...how things change. Auctions are places to buy not sell, I think most coins sold at auctions are from deceased estates..I hope my kids know not to sell my stash at auction..I think i will have words with them in the morning!..plus tell them where the loot is hidden😂
  13. The little red book Monnais Francaises has arrived (unlike my 20 Francs!) and is a very good reference guide. The engraver listing is not as detailed as the one I posted earlier though, so I suspect that page might be from a later edition. The format of the book after that, is a detailed list of all French coinage in denomination order from 1 centime upwards. The mintages of each coin by year is also provided..see example page below.. For £8.49 including postage from France 🇫🇷 it’s well worth it, if only to have lying around on a coffee table!! 😂
  14. A little bit of research and light reading for the evenings, with a fine bottle of Bordeaux maybe.. With my Del Boy command of French that shouldn’t be a problem!
  15. Nope, that would be a modern tenner...I wouldn’t want to think what you could get for £500 in Chesterfield on a night out!
  16. The picture above also looks a bit dodgy...not sure what @terakris will make of those three ladies...especially the one in the middle who looks especially pleased with herself😃!!
  17. OMG! 😮..How can a thread about Wedgewood descend into this....I am learning way too much about my fellow forum members proclivities..and it’s starting to get quite disturbing! For those who have never visited Chesterfield of an evening..you have not lived..You can still, In the UK..go out for several pints, have a curry, meet a nice young ‘lady’..or gent..often hard to tell 😂 get a taxi, and still have change from a £10 note!.. Viva Chesterfield ..we love 💖 you!
  18. That’s a normal night out in Chesterfield! @RudiTapper Hi, If you like the Piedfort (which I do) then buy it...but don’t expect to resell it for a profit any time soon..all depends on why you buy coins I guess ...for profit or for fun. Personally, I don’t think these will be selling like hot cakes, so no rush in making your decision. (And hello from the Steel City)
  19. Best of three ma’am ?? Thanks to @SilverStan
  20. Thanks@h103efa no idea why I couldn’t see it..perhaps it’s because I use the ‘avoid the dodgy buggers’ filter 😂 Ummm...postage at £3.95! 2nd Class, uninsured...just how I like it when I’ve got £3k whistling in the wind.. Since my last post, the same buyer I referred to has bought another proof and a piedfort...each to their own!
  21. Getting more interesting by the minute..when I search that item number nothing comes up...could you post a screen shot..I want to see how this one ends! Cheers
  22. Hi, has this sold ? because I can’t see it on eBay. Something else fishy...I have just watched 3 Silver Proofs sell in the last 10 minutes, and they were all bought by the same person!...someone is mopping them up for just under £90 each...(an ebayer with 750 transactions)..anyone here?
  23. My first, and definitely not going to be my last, purchase from @arshimo2012..Many thanks Sir!
  24. Now that is A BAR..I’m interested..... Oh no!..just checked..too heavy for Royal Mail Special Delivery...the deal is off 😂
  25. You found a good billet here sir, enjoy the forum.