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  • What I am collecting / Investing in.
    1oz Privy Kookaburras, 20 francs roosters, American buffalos, Pamp silver bars

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  1. Kookaburracollector

    New Swan Coin incoming?

    LPM have them to pre order at $307 hkd which I think is about £28 Sterling I think. Postage is pricey but if you buy lots it may not be too bad. They used Fedex for me last time and were really fast..
  2. Kookaburracollector

    Massive price rally on gold and silver today

    JP Morgan have accumulated more physical silver ( Registered) than the Hunt brothers ever managed. This does not mean the price will be managed upwards unfortunately... They can continue to smash the commercial longs in the full knowledge that if they ever stand for delivery, they have the physical to back it up. The rigged market will determine the price, and when a rise suits the elites, a rise we will have..until that day comes I will keep stacking and remain hopeful.
  3. Kookaburracollector

    New Stacker

  4. Kookaburracollector


    In the interests of science, I have just took the hosepipe to my two kids playing football in the garden...they screamed and shouted way more than the kids seen on the TV - the alleged victims of a chemical attack. To me the whole event looked staged.. I can also remember a few years ago, MSM showed video footage of people covered in dust and blood on the ground, and the white helmets were there quickly on the scene to offer assistance.looked like they had been bombed. RT news cameras were also there, and when they panned back 50 metres or so you could see the whole film crew who staged the scene...all the actors (victims) then got up and walked away. After seeing that I rarely believe what I see on the news. Lets hope it wasn’t a real chemical attack for the people of Syria’s sake.
  5. Kookaburracollector

    oh dear this guy says down lower

    No fecker really knows...I have seen thousands of ‘expert’ videos in my life and most have their own agendas to promote. I like listening to Eric Sprott and Greg Mannarino, but remember ...the whole market is rigged..there is no honest price discovery at the moment. Until the COMEX fails to deliver gold will remain low in price for SO many reasons. Hopefully the COMEX will default one day soon, the COMEX so far this year have had to TFP (transfer for physical delivery) to London, a years global mine supply. My hope is that London runs dry and fails to deliver... we all than get very rich very quickly...but unfortunately means we will no longer be able to collect the coins we love because they have become so expensive....a higher price for gold is a double edged sword.
  6. Kookaburracollector

    Gold Short Term Investment?

    If it is for investment over a long period of time, do you want to own physical gold /silver (pm’s) or stocks and shares? Personally I do half and half. If you think precious metals will rise in price over this time period, you will get far more leverage and return on investment in shares / funds as opposed to owning the physical....your choice. The options available for both are huge...spend weeks reading and learning before you take the plunge. Most people on this forum will be more knowledgable on the physical side I reckon, and will be able to advise you well. If you want to own PM’s using investment vehicles then use an ISA... could do worse than Schroeder ISF global gold or Investec Global gold.. please DYOR and enjoy the journey.
  7. Kookaburracollector

    'Photo Only Topics' Discussion Thread

    I read exactly the same on the PAMP website....someone somewhere must have some helpful info...I will keep digging ..
  8. Kookaburracollector

    Bars Photo Thread...

    Could anyone tell me how to date these PAMP bars please . Drawn a blank using the usual channels..
  9. Kookaburracollector

    Milk Spots

    I have over 300 kooks and none with milk spots. I have 100 Royal Mint Year of the Monkey 1oz bullion coins and I reckon 8% have milk spots.. The worst Mint from my experience is the Canadian- I bought 25 Maple Leafs and 5 had milk spots so stopped buying them. I also have Pandas, and Eagles and none of those have milk spots. The Royal Mint should have sorted this out, after all, they have had 1100 years to practice !
  10. Kookaburracollector

    Where Do you buy your Bullion?

    Hi Beano and welcome. You need to decide what bullion you want to collect, coins, bars, a particular mint, or do you just want to stack as cheap as you can physical ounces..it makes a difference. i stack (1kilo Pamp bars of silver) but also collect and have numismatic interest in a fair few different coins. There are different markets for each of my indulgences and many places to go to... The good news for you is that you have found the right place for advice very early on...read, learn and ask, but also do you own research...the forum appreciates people that research for themselves before asking.. Above all, be patient...no decision is usually better than a hasty decision...if in doubt ask the forum members here... Wish You well..
  11. Big Pharma is bIg business in the USA, and accounts for over 20% of their dubious GDP figure. No doubt they exploit the sick and keep them alive, rather than cure them. So many articles are around on this subject by the likes of Kevin Shipp, Max Keiser, Dr Jim Willie and the like. Big pharma and big billionaires with foundations! own hundreds of patents to prevent the third world having access to cheap drugs. There was a time when patents on well known drugs expired, and then the drugs were made by others for a fraction of the price. This rarely happens now. The pharma companies, backed by their huge lobbyist support, ensure that some minor change to a drug ensures the patent is forever extended. The people who decide these decisions (senators etc) need hundreds of millions of dollars to maintain their seats in office, they are effectively puppets to big business. Hilary spent over $1billion on her failed election campaign- no one seems to ask where this money came from, which is surprising since her and Bill were nearly bankrupt when he was governor of Arkinsaw... Dont start me on Monsanto...
  12. Big gainers will be your beneficiaries (in a long long time hopefully) - There is no inheritance tax in Australia..
  13. Kookaburracollector

    The price of silver

    I completely concur with your statement...But unfortunately, new PM collectors, myself included, have to experience the learning curve, and they are unlikely to discover this forum and the knowledge contained within it in good time. It has taken me three years, to my detriment. But that is life... As to ebay and fools...one mans loss is another mans gain, keep selling to them. The knowledge you have accrued has taken time, and cost much, so you deserve to be rewarded in some way..
  14. Kookaburracollector

    The price of silver

    Bullion by post are not always bad....if you you know who to ask, and ask nicely, You can buy really good quality coins.. I bought this and lots more of similar quality last week for 5% less than what other ‘preferred’ dealers are charging. I admit they are really expensive on lots of things, but they do have a massive turnover of stock compared to most other dealers, so they do quite often have coins you might want..
  15. Kookaburracollector

    Silver China Panda 2000 coin - Fake or not?

    Don’t hold your breath...do you have to return the coin to the seller? Glad you nearly got it sorted..these issues are mentally draining..