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  1. Hi..I don’t mind a bit of teasing by the way..but that’s another story 😂 You are quite correct, I probably should have bought it. I think if I hadn’t already got one I would have, subject to condition of course. Another dealer I talked too thought I would be lucky to get my money back if selling!!.. I know this..if I come across one in perfect condition I will find a way to buy it.. I think an MS70 grade of this coin will be a rarity..happy hunting! BTW I didn’t inspect the coin, it was all boxed up so can’t comment on its condition unfortunately.
  2. Ok muppets listen up.. I was offered one for £600 at the Midland Coin Fair..and that’s without haggling..and that’s a fact. I’m not telling you who was selling at that price, as I’m hoping to buy of him next month if he still has the coins and, it’s in good condition.. To be honest I can’t remember the dealers name, else I would have contacted him already...to give you all a sporting chance (I like a good game) he was about 3+stalls down from Michael Veissid, straight down from the entrance. Happy hunting @richatthecroft and @fehk2001 ..the chase is on.
  3. I don’t sell much on eBay but when I do, I put the starting bid as the lowest price I am prepared to sell at. So for a 10oz coin the starting bid may be £160...if it sells it sells, if it doesn’t I dont have reserve fees to pay for...not as attractive a proposition for buyers (starting from a higher base) but you can’t have it both ways I guess!.
  4. @Shinus73 is quite correct...be careful..but you are probably right in your assumption. I will save you some time here..don’t bother going to the trouble of reporting it to eBay..they really don’t care!
  5. @goldmember44 Hi, ..I have no experience of grading cois to date..I am only just coming round to the idea, and am not convinced that in the near future there won’t be a better method than the ones being used at the moment (human beings!).. That said..I have not seen much evidence to suggest that a modern coin graded 69, provides sufficient uplift in value to warrant the expense of the grading. A 70 on the other hand does command a premium..to me it’s therefore a gamble on whether one’s judgement of perfection, reconciles with that of the experts who grade. For me, lacking the knowledge to make that determination, means I will probably not grade my coin. If I didn’t own one of these coins but wanted one for my collection, I would personally wait, and then try and buy a 70 for less than £1k...these people too are gambling though..If a 70 proves to be as rare as I think they might be, then the market may determine a higher .price..bottom line is... nobody knows! Interestingly, at the Midland Coin Fair last week there were a few of these for sale, and the dealers were trying to offload them fast which I think was a mistake. I could have bought one for £600. If I can buy one at this price next month, I might buy another if the condition warrants it, as I think at that price the risk / reward is favourable.
  6. I’m the same...I have no dots but do have issues elsewhere..(see pics) This is under massive magnification and not 8X which is what I think is used for grading, but the imperfections are sufficient to deter me from getting it graded...
  7. Below the dragon?..i have seen several with a spot there. So far, I have not seen a single one of these coins without a fault, including my own..an MS70 one of these will be rare indeed in the future.
  8. I’m confused on these too..some are selling without good enough quality photographs to make an educated guess as to condition. The one selling tonight (16th June) has some ‘issues’ I would not be happy with..(see pic) I think a lot of sovereign collectors will be waiting to buy a graded one, and pay a higher premium for it.
  9. What’s in the blue box?..looks like an open packet of prophylactics!!
  10. Let me tell you something about the BBC..and this is FACT. In 1989 I was on an industrial placement as part of my degree course, and I worked for Central Television In Portman Square. Six of my fellow students went to work for the BBC. On Day 1, the girls were all warned NOT to get into a lift, or be in a situation where they are on there own with JIMMY SAVILLE!!..The feckers at the BEEB all knew what he was up to and did nothing about it...they absolutely disgust me ...make your own mind up, and I’m sure the culture has changed etc etc..but for me their failure to act on what they knew is unforgivable...I would do away with the license fee and make them enter the real world.. Another little story from the past and the BBC...they liked to look after their favourites...apparently when filming outside London, to ensure they all got home on time, they used to get the taxis to wait from drop off in the morning to when filming ended, to ensure they got home on time..with the meter running all day..they just charged it to the BBC’s taxis account..which we all paid for..NICE! As I said..a long time ago and I hope those idiots from the past have long since departed...
  11. Just checked out the website you bought the coin from and looks okay..got some nice coins for sale!.
  12. Does anyone still have a dealer list (and can post it) from the above mentioned coin Fair??..I have forgotten the names of a couple of people....old age sucks!! ☹️
  13. I also went to the Coin Fair in Birmingham today...if you wanted a bit more excitement from your visit, you should have checked out the CTA convention next door (Cannabis Trades Association) it was very busy in there man 🚬 😃