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  1. That’s about the only date run I will get on these rare creatures.... I realised from day 1, that I would never complete a date run on these rare coins...for several reasons. Firstly, when you look on numista, there are 49 different Una Libras identified...so far so good 😊 When you then cross reference against Una Libras graded by NGC and PCGS ..’Houston, we have a problem’! 7 year dates do not exist! In that, both companies have never seen seven of the year dates..ever..!..that doesn’t mean they don’t exist ..just that they are rare and have not been graded. Furthermore, of all the Una Libras graded by these two companies...there are 22 year dates where only three or less have been graded for that particular year...these are rare coins, and hard to track down....and that’s the fun of it all..the chase!🦙.
  2. Coins of the LMU would be fine (but a lot of people will have no idea what LMU means). Let’s ask @augur...he’s usually got his finger on the pulse of public opinion!
  3. A bit of everything...they run from 1898 to 1969. As Peru adopted the gold standard, the coins were originally used as currency up until 1931. Then there was a long pause until 1959. After which, Peru used these coins principally as a method of international trade payment. I am not aware of any re-strikes, although I am pretty new to these myself, so by no means an expert.
  4. No problem from me, it’s not the first time this thread has been renamed, a gradual evolution is a good thing me thinks. 👍. However, out of courtesy, it might be worth asking the original thread creator to agree to the change...I’m sure he won’t mind.
  5. Not all received today, but are being ‘shown today’ for the first time. A few months ago, I fell for these ‘Sovereigns of South America’ (same size, weight etc as the British Sovereign), and started to hoover up as many as I could! The more observant might have noticed a couple of them appearing on Numi videos recently (1917 and 1966). Lots more heading to NGC soon I hope😃! Some of these ‘South American Sovereigns’ can have ridiculously low mintages (see numista) https://en.numista.com/catalogue/pieces46644.html but sell for reasonable prices 🤑...just got to love them 😀. More information on this coin, and others from South America can be found here on the forum. Gold Coins of South America - Gold - The Silver Forum
  6. Peru Una Libra (1898-1969) A bit more about them... Graded ones obtained so far:- (Picture from Today I Received) The libra, also known as the libra peruana de oro ("Peruvian gold pound"), was a unit of currency issued in Peru between 1898 and 1931. It was equivalent to 10 soles and was issued in the form of gold coins and banknotes, which circulated alongside coins denominated in centavos and soles. Other smaller denominations have also been produced:- 1/5 libra: 15 mm diameter, 0.0471 troy ounces of gold 1/2 libra: 19 mm diameter, 0.118 ounces gold 1 libra: 22 mm diameter, 0.235 ounces gold The first libra coins were minted in 1898, to the same standard as the British sovereign (113 grains of pure gold). In 1901, Peru adopted a gold standard based on the libra worth 10 soles. The gold standard was maintained until 1932 (see Peruvian sol for more details). Coins were issued until 1930, banknotes until 1933. No Libras were minted between 1930 and 1959. Obverse: On the obverse in the center there is the national emblem of Peru, supported on each side by two different branches: palm and laurel. The sun shines over the heraldic shield. The inscription “REPUBLICA PERUANA-LIMA” extends almost along the entire length of the rim, leaving room for the year of issue (the date is indicated along the lowest rim). Reverse: The reverse side of 1 libra is decorated with a bust of an Indian (Inca warrior - Manco Capac), turned to the right, crowned with his mascaypacha 🤔? The reverse inscription is “VERDAD I-JUSTICIA”. The letters are bent around the top half of the rim. At the bottom edge under the image there is the denomination of the coin “UNA LIBRA”.
  7. In 2015, the Kookaburra celebrated 25 years since first being released, so all the ones issued in 2015 should have the P25 Privy Mark on them...I think this also applies to the larger coins in the same series....but I might be wrong!😃
  8. The French have done the same with one of their gold coins of old...The Lucky Angel 😇! A nice read from Coinweek:- https://coinweek.com/bullion-report/the-extraordinary-legend-of-the-french-angel-coin/
  9. Thanks, but I don’t move a muscle for £16 a coin😂
  10. Just realised that whilst opening this package, I wasn’t trembling with fear as to what the quality was going to be like..one thing about the Perth Mint..they do get it right most of the time. Two Kooks to keep my collection up to date.
  11. At £1400 it will be staying in the-saleroom😂...
  12. What started out as a joke about a llama (Vicuña) with another forum member back in July 2019, has led me to start collecting one particular gold coin from South America.... The Peruvian Una Libra (One Pound) KM#207 Weight : 7.9881 gms Fineness : 0.917 Obverse : Shield within springs with radiant sun above Reverse : Head with headband facing right (Manco Capac) Edge Description : Reeded Initially, I thought I would just get the one, and managed to buy one off the forum (thanks to @Cornishfarmer) and recently had it graded. Basically, this coin is the Peruvian equivalent of the British Sovereign...but much rarer in some cases, and way cheaper to buy😃👍! The second Una Libra I bought (1968) came from Ebay, (for under £300!😃). A quick trip to NGC via Numi, and it comes back a great grade...MS64. To be continued... Looking forward to see what you all have tucked away from South America...there must be lots of interesting gold coins to be revealed!