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    1oz Privy Kookaburras, 20 francs roosters Guardian Angels and Pamp silver bars

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  1. Kookaburracollector

    Taking bars out of sealed packaging?

    I like to put a cube of ice on a silver bar..it melts like nothing else!..easily done at home but not whilst out and about!
  2. Kookaburracollector

    Bars Photo Thread...

    Thank you to JunkBond and Bullionbilly....why?? I’m not too old to take advice and act upon it...and a big thank you to StackSellRepeat as well. A rare bar indeed..
  3. Kookaburracollector

    Midlands coin fair

    Hi, I attend this fair every few months and you never know what might turn up. If you are into sovereigns it’s paradise! You might not be spoiled for choice on what you are looking for, but on the plus side it is free to park and only £2 entry fee! I think it opens about 0930.
  4. Kookaburracollector

    Bars Photo Thread...

    Okay okay..I take the hint. In the next day or so I will cough up and pay for premium membership. (Thus enabling deals to be done) I will now post a photo, so as not to land us all in the doghouse!!
  5. Kookaburracollector

    Bars Photo Thread...

    Thanks JunkBond for the heads up..pity it’s just a little bit rich compared to what I have been paying in the past. Hopefully a collector will snap it up quickly, so I don’t have to keep looking at it when I search every day....
  6. Kookaburracollector

    2018 India Gold Sovereign

    Agreed. No-one has a gun to their head, but each to their own.
  7. Kookaburracollector

    Bars Photo Thread...

    Nearly all from Bullion By Post via eBay. They are pricey to buy from when new, but the stuff they sell on Ebay for a while has been really cheap. The last minted bar I bought in September was £485 inc postage, and it is as good as new! I also used nectar points to bring the price down further. If anyone sees any Pamp kilo bars and doesn’t want to buy them themselves, please let me know...I just love these bars for some reason!
  8. Kookaburracollector

    2018 India Gold Sovereign

    Now for sale at UK Bullion for £343!
  9. Kookaburracollector

    Lets talk watches!

    Just watched the video of the fake Rolex..frightening how good they are getting. Some fake coins are even better..The reason why I hate fakes so much (especially coins), is that the vast majority of collectors are not experts, they are enthusiasts. It’s alright for the expert to say I could tell, but for most people, a fake is the cause of great disappointment, stress and embarrassment. This is why I prefer to buy from reputable sources, and don’t mind paying a premium for the peace of mind that comes with it. Anyway, I will be wearing my happy watch in the morning, a £99 Garmin S2 which tells me how far I am away from the green for my next golf shot..happy days to all.
  10. Kookaburracollector

    Lets talk watches!

    Caveat emptor when buying a nice watch off all online auction sites. I have seen a perfect looking TAG watch sold online, only for the new owner to later discover the movement inside had been replaced!! Crafty buggers...is there no length to which scumbags won’t stoop to rob honest folk! Plenty of fakes out there I guess just like with coins...due diligence has to be exceptional these days,
  11. Kookaburracollector

    Lets talk watches!

    20 years old and still keeping great time, and has never broken down. The only downside of having a nice watch is the servicing costs which for a Tag are ridiculous. I now just replace the battery at a local jewellers every few years and he does it there and then for £5...yes five pounds. The only downside is it is no longer waterproof but that really is not a problem.. Nearly pulled the trigger a year or two ago on a Seamaster black dial, but couldnt do it...watching Michael Mcintyre getting attacked in his Range Rover for his Rolex sort of put me off... If i ever change my mind I think the seamaster will be the one!
  12. Kookaburracollector

    UK Gun Ownership

    In the mid 1980’s, being a member of a gun club, I legally owned a Smith and Wesson 9mm semi automatic. Do I miss it ..YES Do I think, as a member of the public I should be able to own that type of firearm again ...NO Times change, and there are way too many loons around. That said, it is not difficult for the criminally inclined to buy / rent a firearm these days. I still shoot .177 pistols, and should anyone attempt to gain unlawful entry to my property ....it would hurt! Dont forget, should you ever disturb an intruder, to shout very loudly HE’S GOT A KNIFE! (Even if you can’t see one) Everyone will remember hearing that (neighbours etc) and it gives you better standing should you end up in front of the magistrate/ judge! (Regards to self defence) Let’s hope it never comes to that!
  13. Kookaburracollector

    eBay is it worth it?

    I completely agree with the above. i once bought two coins from the USA, and the seller used Ebay’s own shipping service. The coins never arrived, and I contacted the buyer to advise. She immediately raised a case against me, as she had a signature proving the coins had been delivered...which they had been ..just not to me. I contacted Ebay and advised them I had not received the coins and they were absolutely useless, case closed against me...PayPal on the other hand were great!! I talked to PayPal and explained I have CCTV on my property which covers both doors, and records 24/7. Having reviewed the footage I could prove the coins had not been delivered to me. I asked that the driver be interviewed or I would see them in court!! The driver was duly interviewed and admitted he had delivered the parcel to the wrong address!! Paypal refunded me and I also got the coins a few days later!! So...I always now use Special delivery for any items of significant value, under £25 I just don’t bother. As for BBP.. I do use them for 2nd hand silver bars and they have always used Special Delivery for these items.. ebay isn’t perfect, I just accept that 1 in 40 transactions on average will give me hassle..
  14. Let’s hope China dumps a $trillion in treasuries, and then uses the proceeds to buy gold on the CONEX (non-typo) and holds for delivery! If only...a part of me thinks the Chinese are liking the rigging of the gold price lower, it is helping them build up their gold reserves at a lower price...until the day comes they can buy no more.. Time will tell ...just hope I live long enough to see it happen lol!
  15. If China offloads its holdings of US treasuries quickly, the dollar will be undermined and 10 year rate rises above 3.5% = USA screwed! ...and if America falls ...