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    1oz Silver Privy Kookaburras, French 20 francs Guardian Angels and Peruvian Una Libras!

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  1. He should emigrate to Australia and spend his last few days in the sunshine...plus NO INHERITANCE TAX!. Failing that, I recently had a dentist friend inherit a huge inheritance of coins from his doctor father...a very sympathetic probate valuation was obtained from a well respected dealer in Birmingham...saved him loads...PM me if you want details.. Best response so far I reckon ‘What Sovereigns’...well done @kimchi! People need to realise a bank deposit makes you effectively an unsecured creditor...the lowest of the low. Thank goodness I’m not rich enough to worry about these type of issues.
  2. Just wondering ...How many people who follow this gold monitoring thread, actually trade on the price of gold to earn / lose money? I.e. HAVE SKIN IN THE GAME..not just opinion! I trade gold ETF’s as a swing trader, as opposed to day, and have had a very ‘interesting’ quarter (+66%)...I use technicals, Elliot wave (sometimes), RSI, MACD, FIBS, BOLS etc ....but primarily am driven by fundamentals and sentiment...I find people I trust (Greg Mannarino, Eric Sprott, Hantec Markets) and act accordingly. Just curious, as I am always open to ideas that work / make me money. Who do you use that helps...? “The best thing a human being can do is to help another human being know more” Charlie Munger
  3. I would definitely remove it from the packaging, the fakes tend to be the correct weight, but are far thicker...the packaging prevents you from measuring the dimensions accurately. Hope it works out okay for you..
  4. I look forward to seeing it...just having a very British Martini..shaken, not stirred.
  5. I just enjoy the challenge of collecting a date run of a particular coin, be it a buffalo, maple or anything else. The Buffalos I sold at a profit, and used the proceeds to start other date runs. There is a big downside to doing this..you may end up paying a higher price for the last few you need, and there is no premium (probably the opposite) in selling a set....in the case of the Buffalos ..there are very few people out there that will a) want a full set and b) can afford to spend £18000 in one go. I paid about £1k each for the Buffalos, as I bought before the big rise in the price of gold...I got lucky. After the Buffalos came the French 20 Franc Roosters...a nice coin and more affordable.. What next???
  6. I need them all...no longer in my possession ☹️..sold them all to fund other ventures a while ago...
  7. @silvernewbie be very careful with the Buffalos...you may end up wanting a herd!😃
  8. Just had my first (lucky me) non payer! Three days and no response, opened a non-payer case on eBay, but not sure what happens next. What I do know is I can’t leave negative feedback on the TWxT. Definitely advantage to buyers. I would hate to have to rely on eBay for a living...must be very stressful.
  9. My second prize just arrived from @5huggy. I bought nearly 2 tonnes of silver!! By 5huggy, September 13 in Silver I can’t wait for your next competition....many thanks sir👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
  10. About to post my prize on ‘Today I Received’. Oh @5huggy..!!😍😍😍😍 you really should have! Many thanks.. When is the next competition??
  11. It does surprise me how many sellers have 100% feedback, when they are clearly not 100% trustworthy. It seems very difficult to actually leave negative feedback today. I did manage to leave negative feedback on a very large French coin dealer, after he sent me a coin with a hole in it...hardly FDC as described (got full refund). The credibility of EBay is slowly diminishing IMHO, and I now absolutely will not buy a coin unless the photographs are superb. DO NOT BUY off poor quality images / scanned images. Not sure if Data Protection Rules would allow it, but a thread listing dealers I would not buy from would certainly be of interest to me....maybe to avoid ‘issues’ we could call it “EBay sellers I don’t send Christmas cards to’..I am sure we have all had issues with 100% positive feedback sellers...but we seem to have no way of lowering their %...just seems unfair to me.
  12. The jigsaw 🧩 is so nearly complete...just posted this on ‘Today I Received’..but that doesn’t tell the whole story, Just completed a date run of these 20 Francs coins...but the collection is not complete... I have both 1879’s (Anchor and Barred Anchor) but I am missing an 1896 ‘Torch’ engravers mark (not axe). If anyone sees one for sale or has one to sell let me know ! (Already aware of one at Gadoury)
  13. An 1894 20 French Francs, not particularly rare but the last piece in a big jigsaw! Added to a slabbed 1888.. It completes a date run😃😃😃...18 Months to complete! Note. The Paris mint did not mint these coins every year...
  14. Nothing compared to what Bill Clinton got up to...! Allegedly of course!
  15. Don’t worry..that’s the local post office! If @5huggy is the man I think he is...my prize will be a signed photograph of Scarlett Johannson. I’m not the only one getting excited now!