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    1oz Silver Privy Kookaburras. Peruvian Una Libras

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  1. Fantastic band, terrible looking coin IMO....Another opportunity lost by The Royal Mint...’Another one bites the dust’!
  2. I was looking at one of these not so long ago thinking the same! Unfortunately, the Una Libras are a higher priority at the moment...maybe once my collection of those is larger, I can move on to these!
  3. Atkinson's have been good to me in the past (2019) I sold some Bullion coins for 98% of spot, and some for 98.75%...but I do haggle well!
  4. Sheffield this time 😃😃😃 https://sheffieldauctiongallery.com/Catalogues/2020/ss230120/index.html Someone must have got carried away when England won the World Cup...there are 100 1966 Sovereigns for sale individually!
  5. I no longer buy from The Royal Mint directly for all the above reasons. My last few purchases of Royal Mint products (including an Albert Sovereign)I have bought from The Coin Connection where they QC all coins before sending out..and a proper QC as well. ALL have since been graded as MS70 so far..they are also cheeper by at least £50 on the gold 50p’s and c£10 on sovereigns..you can use Numistackers 2% promo code as well. Bottom line is I now collect coins from other Mints...opening a parcel from The RM is no longer a pleasurable experience..you are filled with dread that the coin you have bought is going to be a dud...and who wants that!
  6. Try numista..this link is one I use, but you can find just about all countries and coins on this site. https://en.numista.com/catalogue/pieces46644.html
  7. Two Peruvian Una Libras for under £600!😃👍
  8. A couple more coins (Perú Una Libras) to add to the collection. I hadn’t intended getting ‘spares’, but at spot +6% how could I refuse. Both look to be MS, and will be heading over the pond for grading some time later this year. Bought from an emporium in Oxfordshire...
  9. Nord Stream 2 has been a thorn in the side of America for some time..it’s all about the balance of power shifting from west to east..and they don’t like it. For Germany and Europe, it’s about cheeper natural gas, so who can blame them. Plus...who do you trust the most (or distrust the least) Putin Or Trump! When it comes to commerce!
  10. Three out of three from NGC (via Numi)...Huge relief! Nicely aligned in their slabs unlike another recent acquisition... This beautiful coin arrived from America not long ago, It will have to go to NGC as I can’t live with the annoying alignment! It was encapsulated several years ago apparently, so I am guessing this doesn’t / shouldn’t happen now! If it cross grades the same, it will be the second highest in the NGC registry, so well worth the effort and cost.
  11. This would make me a nice Christmas present!
  12. A very nice stamp to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Peruvian Libra coin, Peru Mint background.
  13. Not a coin I have any knowledge of I’m afraid.