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    1oz Silver Privy Kookaburras and French 20 francs Guardian Angels.

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  1. Try emailing Boris Johnson and offer him £10,000 if he changes his name to Nigel Farage for a day!. Cash after collection of bet clearly!
  2. Just discovered this thread to find ‘I am not alone’ in my cultivation’s! and in my enjoyment of ‘The Good Life’! I was blanching runner beans yesterday...lots...but I combine mine with courgette plants to maximise space utilisation! Raspberries I pick most days and freeze straight away until I have enough to make jam! Plenty of rhubarb in patches around the garden and also loads of sweat peas! A nice addition to the house most days! All of the above are used for barter on my road...usually for cakes!
  3. There is one big worry for me here..the commercials are holding a massive short interest in gold at the moment, the complete opposite to the hedge funds, who hold 300,00+ long contracts....and the commercials nearly always end up on the winning side. Will look for the next COT report to see if this has changed! Either way...it’s getting interesting!
  4. Things could get interesting from here..the yield curves in both the USA and the UK have just inverted..and that includes the 2 to 10 in the USA...the business news channels should be all,over this one later today..
  5. Jammy dog you are! 😃 😃 😃!
  6. I remember TW hitting c12p in the last crash..wish I had bought then 😂 just checked...make that 7p!
  7. Just a sight for sore eyes..it’s been a long wait, but my contrarian portfolio has returned 40% in 2 months..long may this current scenario continue....just hope I manage to make for the ‘sell’ exit in good time.
  8. An 1889 20 French Francs. Thanks to @ilovesilverireallydo for parting with it. 👍 Still looking for an 1848, 1887,1892, 1894 and 1896 (Torch) If anyone has one to sell!
  9. A risky online gamble pays off nicely....for once! Spot +9%. My second Una Libra (Peru) this month ....and in stunning condition.
  10. Half a dozen sovereigns, plus other coins coming up for sale in Leeds. https://www.the-saleroom.com/en-gb/auction-catalogues/gary-don/catalogue-id-srgar10019/search-filter?archiveSearch=False&categoryCode=COI#lot-c54d796e-0fc5-4693-a9ba-aa9300e830dd
  11. Something a bit different to my usual purchases. Thanks to @Cornishfarmer for selling it to me.
  12. I cashed in a fair lump of gold last month to top up various tax efficient vehicles with gold / silver mining stocks (see screenshot below from 2 days ago- a rare sight - the % is daily move). Risky for the amateur, so wouldn’t advise it unless you really know what yours doing, but the rewards are great if you get it right. As a safer bet, if you want a general fund for the miners, I have been very pleased with Investec Global gold....but of course DYOR.
  13. Fake bidders are starting to irk me...just reported a very large seller of coins for using other accounts to bid up his prices...or am I just being a little too suspicious..what would you think looking at this persons bidding activity!
  14. If you ever see another 1896, and it has the Torch engravers mark (not fasces,axe) then buy it...it’s worth double!