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  1. I recently listened to the link below, and another reason why dealers are closing for orders may have been highlighted by Jim Rickards in his interview (8m 15secs in). If a Bullion dealer takes more than 28 days to deliver a gold order, then legally, the transaction is considered to be a futures contract? Just a thought..but may be relevant. https://youtu.be/mC3ag5G5cZg
  2. Another import from the US of A 🇺🇸, Miami this time...and no customs charge😃. I have an example of a 1968, but have never seen a ‘Proof Like’ Una Libra before... so ‘had to have it’👍 I can find the coin on the NGC verification page, but cannot find it listed on the census...any ideas as to where It might be recorded would be appreciated. Mintage 7,307
  3. It’s not just the silver coins that are fetching high premiums..I have just watched a CML kilo bar sell on ebay and bidding was fierce!
  4. A coin I never thought I would see, let alone own.! After a rather unpleasant bidding war in the early hours, an erroneous VAT bill from our friends at Border Force (claim for a refund already submitted), it has finally arrived from the good old US of A 🇺🇸! A 1961 Peruvian Una Libra (Sovereign of South America) - why so rare?. MINTAGE - 402 Its tricky to take good pictures today (really sunny), so these pics were taken putting the coin under water to stop the glare...a first attempt..comments welcomed on another thread maybe!
  5. I have a HL account, and use it frequently to buy gold related investment products. A straight play on gold mining ETF’s can be done using GDGB. This can be traded real-time like a share but beware😱. The spread on this used to be minimal (less than half a percent) but now has widened to over 4% making it too expensive to use day trading. I also got this horror message one day this week:- Basically, I couldn’t get a fixed price to sell! ..And I wasn’t going to use a fill or kill order either. A few hours later the situation was resolved and I was able to take profits..but that was a warning shot...if you don’t hold it, you don’t own it. The volatility in all markets at the moment make things very tricky. For a longer term play on gold (core investment) I find Investec Global Gold to be very good. BUT..if you want to sell it takes 24 hours for the trade to go through...sometimes longer for other funds. If you are off the spectrum when it comes to taking risk (like playing Russian Roulette) there is always the CFD market (I use Capital.com) where you can trade on the margin using leverage...but I really would leave that alone unless you are a very experienced trader. Hole that helps!
  6. Just got this from UK BULLION.
  7. At this moment in time cash is king. What we are witnessing in the financial markets now, is without a doubt, the biggest crime scene in history. People who have been prudent through their lives, and saved for retirement, have been sold down the river with negative ‘real’ interest rates. Where do you go to get a risk free return on your capital, and live on it. I consider myself to be pretty financially astute, but at this moment in time, I have no idea how this is going to end..for that reason I am sitting on mainly cash and physical gold and silver.
  8. At last...someone who really knows what they are talking about..a great post sir (I assume sir). I was day trading today, and at one point could not get a price to short the Dow30 using a CFD...even though we were not at -13% as you correctly pointed out in your excellent post...no late rally at the close either today... I wonder if the average Jo in the USA realises that the Repo window is also open to, and used by ‘Foreign Banks’..one particular Hong Kong based bank is one of its biggest customers I hear! George Gammon...on my subscribed list,👍
  9. I won the Christmas Raffle toilet roll prize..and it’s looking like a great prize...just not got room for it in the downstairs loo just yet though!
  10. Hi..when I said the bull market is over, I did not mean for gold..I meant for equities...as to what will happen to the POG who knows...If the playing field was level, gold would have rocketed today but it didn’t...it is a crooked market for sure...
  11. I have all the patience In the world....I have traded for 30 years...but we are in unchartered waters at the moment...a lot of people are about to lose an awful lot of money imho...just make sure you are not one of them...
  12. The bull market is over..I am now using CFD’s to short just about everything. Change the way you think people..make money as asset prices fall...that’s what the professionals do...join them...Use the profits to buy physical.
  13. Two pretty birds recently received from the guy above...thanks @CoinStruck!😃
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