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  1. Arrived. Looks really nice in person. Thanks 👍
  2. OllieClem


    Depends how much comes out my credit card next month but brit bar is tempting if available
  3. OllieClem

    Lets talk Whiskey

    I got a couple white walkers, 1 to drink and 1 to save. From what ive seen its nothing special drink wise but then again not much of a price tag. Its a cool bottle to have so thats a bonus if doesnt sell. The others i have thought about in the past. There was one whisky i really wanted a while back, just looked up previous sales of it, wish i got it now. Johnnie walker blue label, korea sa shin do, the cask edition. Really nice bottle aswell.
  4. OllieClem

    Lets talk Whiskey

    Ive seen something like that and would consider it but saving for my 1st house so its a bit much for me. Maybe in the future when i have spare money
  5. OllieClem

    Lets talk Whiskey

    Auction sites are also a good place to look at. Like ebay, you can see previous sells of the item so you can see if a specific item has gone up in value over time.
  6. OllieClem

    Lets talk Whiskey

    Id recommend getting whisky that they have stopped making. Also get drinks you tjink youd like. Incase it doesnt sell, atleast you can drink it. Japanese aged whiskies are a good place. They stopped making aged due to the low supply to demand. I bought my hibiki 12 just over a year ago for £120. Auction, it goes for atleast double that, close to £300 To sell, i would say auction is best place althoug there are fees so always keep that in mind.
  7. OllieClem

    Lets talk Whiskey

    Some of my collection, need to make myself a cabinet for all of it soon as im running out of space. All are empty boxs (other than the yamazaki 12 and hibiki 12), i do have the bottles somewhere in my room. Either near empty or full.
  8. Have to admit, very nice coins. Love simpsons, tad jealous
  9. I really wasnt going to get anything this GO but its way too tempting with the 2019 ori brit and dragon. Also a good watch byb
  10. Spent the week in Edinburgh and come home to a nice little surprise. Thanks Eu mint and byb
  11. I actually won something 😃 thanks and a big thanks to EU mint
  12. Will the bottlenose dolphin still be in pre-sale for this GO? Says order will be delayed 4-5 weeks but unsure if they update that Prev
  13. Fair play to the TNT man and the BYB household. Looking forward to seeing the next batch
  14. OllieClem

    2019 oriental border

    Nice coin but prefer the 2018 one. Will still stack the silver ones and might get gold. Kinda wish they done somthing under an ounce though as its a bit much for me when im saving for a home.
  15. Got an updated sheet of what everyones getting? Really not sure what to get myself . Also we doing another GO in feb / march? Think i saw it mentioned somewhere but cant find the comment