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  1. Rather tempting just to see what it is. Do you have any left? If so, got a cut off date or an amount left incase i do end up getting
  2. Can you add me to this please. Got some 1oz coins laying about, will have a look through to see what to give later.
  3. In person i think itll look nice, i wasnt 100% on the 1st one but when i got mine. Mind changed
  4. OllieClem


    Add p&p. Some people make the coin cheaper but postage higher which makes it look like a good deal. Add postage together and divide by the ounce to get an avg spending.
  5. I recon theyll keep the queen, not many left to go. Kings beast, series 2 would be an idea though
  6. One big chunk of gold . Ngl, thats a nice watch strap. Whats the face look like?
  7. Hopefully the yale of Beaufort is available. Was hoping the bottlenose dolphin coin was on the list but guess its one i wont have
  8. Can i reserve my 2 aswell. 97 and 34 but will check when i get home if it is definitely 34. Thanks
  9. Not for me, im still getting £229. Search the sov up and select a different one maybe? If you cant get them at 229 i may have to purchase again before they change
  10. The sov was my first gold purchase. A good deal comparing to other places so i think it was worth the buy. Side note though, makes you want to collect more sovs
  11. Thanks for sharing. Always love a good panning video.
  12. When does the deal end? I think 25th was mentioned but i cant seem to see anywhere that says that. Only the price being the same for 7 days, after that may changed due to the metal price.
  13. Special Delivery Guaranteed by 1pm is what the label says for me on the envelope . They should also get their logo sticker off the front as thats putting alot of faith in people to not google search and know whats inside.