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  1. In person i think itll look nice, i wasnt 100% on the 1st one but when i got mine. Mind changed
  2. OllieClem


    Add p&p. Some people make the coin cheaper but postage higher which makes it look like a good deal. Add postage together and divide by the ounce to get an avg spending.
  3. I recon theyll keep the queen, not many left to go. Kings beast, series 2 would be an idea though
  4. One big chunk of gold . Ngl, thats a nice watch strap. Whats the face look like?
  5. Hopefully the yale of Beaufort is available. Was hoping the bottlenose dolphin coin was on the list but guess its one i wont have
  6. Can i reserve my 2 aswell. 97 and 34 but will check when i get home if it is definitely 34. Thanks
  7. Not for me, im still getting £229. Search the sov up and select a different one maybe? If you cant get them at 229 i may have to purchase again before they change
  8. The sov was my first gold purchase. A good deal comparing to other places so i think it was worth the buy. Side note though, makes you want to collect more sovs
  9. Thanks for sharing. Always love a good panning video.
  10. When does the deal end? I think 25th was mentioned but i cant seem to see anywhere that says that. Only the price being the same for 7 days, after that may changed due to the metal price.
  11. Special Delivery Guaranteed by 1pm is what the label says for me on the envelope . They should also get their logo sticker off the front as thats putting alot of faith in people to not google search and know whats inside.
  12. Just received mine this morning. Tempting to get a couple more to flip now.
  13. Took an age for me to add them to my basket. Had to search the sovs up, select the sov then add. Took a couple attempts but worked